Airwalk Random
Thursday, 13, September, 2018

The 90s marked a solid era in skate shoes. Just before the chunky craze started way back, it all boiled down to simplicity. A basic shape and look with functionality taking a huge chunk of the cake. The One Random shoe by Airwalk defined everything. From heavy music, to skateboarding, to BMX, everything was on point with this shoe. 

Decked out in its OG Black with the gray stripe, the shoe boasts of the same appeal it had years ago. It's so old that it's new. The simple shape, the semi fat tongue, that sexy "A" logo all define 90's culture in one awesome package. Hell, it even fits the same way it did. Overall, a faitfhul rendition of a classic that brings back so much memories- it may even appeal to the younger ones who are looking to diversify their sneaker portfolio. 

Frankly, this shoe may not resonate with the newer generation of sneakerheads but for those who came from this era, then it's a hit. It used to be, why can't it be now? 

No bells and whistles for this release except the fact that its a solid one. If you're the type that's reliving the 90's with every shoe you find, let this be a worthy addition to your collection.