Displaying Your Pairs: Six shoephoric Reasons Why
Friday, 11, January 2019

Shoes are essentially eye candy and you shouldn’t take them for granted. Now is 2019 and you should do without the clutter and go for the butter! Get them on display and start appreciating what you got!

They are so nice to look at- Not only on feet but these things are artworks, sculptures if you will. Treat them as you would sculptures and action figures. They are historic pop culture trophies.

Maintenance- Keeping them within your reach can hype you up into keeping them in fresh condition. Dust on, dust off!

They are your investments, so they deserve some TLC - Have you checked how much some of your pairs go for lately on eBay and StockX? Do so, you might be surprised that a pair of yours is already fetching crazy money!

They are great conversation pieces - Get some guests in and watch them look at your collection in awe! School them on the history, the value and the overall culture aspect of the shoes you love! Impressive!

They relax the heart and soul - After a hectic day, we bet you will love coming home to a view of well organized and stacked shoes on your wall.

It’s instagrammable- Enough said, your sneaker room will look so good in a photo and who knows? You just may get more followers from it!