How the Jordan 11 Rose to Iconic Status
Friday, December 7, 2018

Fresh from this week’s release, The Air Jordan 11 Concords dropped once again and today we will count the ways on why it has become one of the most iconic shoes of all time...

It’s Jordan’s Comeback Sneaker

It’s the pair he wore after a 17 month retirement. When he came out, he was rocking them with the #45, his baseball game number. That night he returned everyone was reppin black shoes, except him with the legendary pair.

It became a Fashion Shoe

After he wore them, everyone was wearing them. From rap duo Kriss Kross to the 19 year old, Kevin Garnett, everyone was rocking them. Even Post Malone cosigned them with “You know how I do it,
Concords on my toes.”

It’s Tinker Hatfield’s Favorite

Straight from Jordan Designer Tinker Hatfield: “This shoe I think is my all time favorite... it was a big leap in basketball design.”

It has Patent Leather

One of the first pairs to have patent leather, the Concord 11’s own this shiny look by way of the unique material. It’s so lux that it’s being used with suits and rocked for awards nights.

It’s Timeless

The Concord 11 will forever be sought after. It crosses generations, binds age groups and brings people together. This kind of sneaker is rare and definitely hard to come by these days.