Six Key Things To Consider When Sneaker Shopping
Friday, 20, July, 2018

In today’s frugal times, sneaker buying is something you should take to heart. It costs time, money and a lot of street cred... Use your resources wisely and make the right shoe choices.

Tinker Hatfield NSS Magazine


Do you really like the design, or are you just buying it for the hype? Sometimes, we should consider the design of the shoe since there are some weird ones that just look like a toddler glued multiple items onto the shoe. Though if that suits your personality, go for it!


Does the pair look like it won’t last you long? Are the materials made of cheap things? You should be on the lookout for the quality of the shoe as it becomes an investment because you’re bound to wear them for a long time. You don’t buy shoes to make them disposable – wear once then it breaks.


Is the price worth it? Maybe you’re paying too much for an item that you can purchase elsewhere for cheaper. The price, in our opinion, should match the quality of the shoe, as we mentioned above. 


Budget should be considered when buying a pair. As the saying goes, “Don’t go broke just to look rich.” Make sure you allot a budget for your pairs. Don’t even think about using up all your savings just to be able to buy a pair you like, or even the most hyped pair around.


Can you easily purchase the shoe somewhere? Do you have resources who can purchase the shoe for you? If it’s hard to find, but it’s still available somewhere, then buy it! If you have to pay twice as much for something you can purchase somewhere for less, that should make you think twice.


Consider buying pairs that suit most of your outfits, not just those that you can wear for only one occasion. Be it your daily wear or your every-now-and-then outfit, the shoe should be wearable on a daily basis. Otherwise, you’d just be wasting your money by stocking your shoes at home!

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