Six Awesome Things You Missed Out From the Season Pass Grand Opening
Friday, 15, March 2019

Growth is something inevitable in our shores especially the local scene. Here are 6 reasons why the Season Pass + Anino Grand Opening last March was worth the time....

Panel Talks

Talk about a lot of ‘em happened with A O G I R I エスコンデリョ, Wednesday, The Twelfth House, Freedom Print Lab, Thank You by Thank You Gift Shop, Nobody, and Tenement. All for the culture right? Right! Creativity and forward thinking was at an all time high.

A Diverse Musical Landscape

Live performances were enjoyed by everyone in attendance. Featured performers were VINCED, Heaven feat. Who’s Gab, DOZE (Argie Alcantara), and Just Washington. Ranging from good ol hiphop to instrumental, everyone had their musical fill.

A Visual Treat

Everyone in attendance were treated to a From Within Documentary Film Viewing from KLTRD and TRUTH. The film was all about what makes the local scene ever passionate and absolutely burning. Films like this should be created and shown more often as they are totally inspiring.

A Showcase of Talent

Exhibits by Camila Sunn, villain.wave, Boris John Garcia, Matias Caluma, and Don Quintos were there for everyone’s viewing pleasure. Creativity overload!

A LOT of Stuff

Season Pass carries a variety of products from local brands, vintage items, and heat brands that people love to resell. (Last line is a joke!)

Friendship and Coffee

Still located at Magiting Street, the guys from Season Pass also has a cafe along with the store called ANINO where they serve specialty coffee. Now you can hang out and meet new peeps right after you cop some neat things.

Once again congratulations to Season Pass and crew. They are located at 51 Magiting, Diliman Quezon City.