The Manila Sneaker Expo 7 Experience
Thursday, December 6, 2018

Last Sunday was another experience that cements MSE as one of the best in the scene right now.

As we arrived, the vibe was infectious! Everyone was there to check out the goods, show off their fits and overall just have a good time!

There was no dull moment from the minute the SMX opened. We were there not only as observers but we had our own booth as well! We dropped the WooHooligan X shoephoric tee and boy, did we make a killing!

One thing that’s really awesome about this event is the diversity and we ain’t talking about sneakers yet. Of course that is to be expected, but it’s the wide age group that now ranges from too young to the young at heart. Truly the scene will be alive and well at the hands of these future leaders. The best thing is that the OG’s are also there to drop some knowledge when and if needed.

Hosted by Mike Swift, music, contests and the traditional product tosses were present to keep everyone excited!

Of course a lot of merchant friends was there and we cannot stop looking around and copping stuff! Like we said, events like these bring out a certain type of energy that keeps the scene alive and the Philippines on the map!

Thank you to Ron and Aram for having us over! Now check out this week’s #SHOUTFIT for some style inspo!