Pick Of The Week (02-10-19)
Monday, 11, February 2019

Here in shoephoric, there are no limits to what you can flex. The rarest to the GR’s...
anything goes. There is only one rule, there are no rules! As long as they
fall under the footwear category and they look good, they fall under the #POTW tag!

We encourage everyone to be a part of this healthy creative exchange. Shoes aren’t just meant to be worn, they are
meant to be seen by the most hardcore fans- the shoephoric community! Much love to the following:

KAZUMA (@Kazumaaaaa1299)

FKD.ConstantlyLit (@feekeed)

Blackbi1rd (@blackbi1rd)

Amiel Dimaranan Marquez (@amielmarquez_)

Benedict Chua (@benc.04)

Rogel Simon (@rogelsimon)

Kevin Russele Malabanan  (@snackssneaks)

Anthony Labrador Mendiola

Bry Madiam Limon (@bryan0512)

Keep on tagging #POTW and keeping the tradition alive and kickin’!

For this coming request for #POTW submissions, post away your best black sneakers and kicks... simple, elegant... noir!