The Implicit X OWFUCK Collection
Thursday, 16, May 2019

It pays to think out of the box. It’s a must if you want to grow and make a name for yourself.

Implicit is one of those local brands that push the envelope. The irony of it all is that they go for a more minimal approach to things. They’ve got designs that choose to be open for interpretation like you would with an abstract painting.

They recently teamed up with OWFUCK, a well-revered hiphop/rap group that minces no words and tells everything like it is. From worldly pursuits to daily hustles. The way they connect with their fans is amazing.

This collection had to happen as both have shown an immense amount of support for each other. No BS just pure love. Recently dropped at Calle Con it was an instant must cop.

We got Jean Laderas in for today’s Featured section to give us a lowdown on the collab / collection. An SB head and collector, it’s awesome to see fellow collectors from the scene coming up with their own pursuits to forward something bigger-this time music and streetwear.

Can you tell more about Implicit?

Starting out 2015, We started as a brand who focuses on minimalist designs in the scene.

Why the minimalist approach?

In our scene heavy graphic designs are big. We chose to diversify our designs a bit.

Why the brand name? It really rings a bell.

Our designs are made with messages you wouldn’t figure out unless you get deep into it, for this reason we chose the name Implicit.

Tell us more about the OWFUCK collab collection

The hip-hop trio of OWFUCK. With this sudden rise of many hip-hop artists, choosing them was not as hard as it seems. Thanks to their hard-hitting and uncompromising lyrics that persuades to see and feel life in a different way; implementing integrity.

Unlike our recent release that’s composed of 6 shirt designs, Implicit will only the “Logo Loco” tee in multiple colorways to accompany this collab release; a move to highlight our achievement of collaborating with an artist we genuinely like and support.

What is shoephoric for you?

We see shoephoric as an inspiring platform for people, starting off small directed to a certain group of community, sneakerheads, and further evolving into a growing community, now featuring different trends and fashion.

Words to your friends and followers?

We would like to express our deepest gratitude to Shoephoric, for giving us this opportunity to be able to showcase what our brand has to offer, OWFUCK, for trusting to team up with us, and to Aly Manaquil, our photographer, for artistically showing beautiful outputs through her photos.

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