Jodjo Araña and Collective Drop: Simplicity with a Purpose
Wednesday, 10, April 2019
In streetwear and sneakers, there will always be the loud and over the top. Although they are integral to the scene, there are those who choose to go low key on us. With well placed logos and strategic visuals, the message is delivered well. Proud but not loud, strong but not overbearing, from SG to PH and vice versa, please welcome Jodjo Araña and Collective Drop...

So first off, can you share with us how Collective Drop began? We heard it was a way for you to gather brands in one retail setting?
Collective Drop was initially thought of as a platform where local (emerging/stablished) brands could showcase their merchandise, consignment shop to make it simpler. This is to help those starting local merch brands to have their own shop without spending much on rental and space. But since this concept had been taken up and there are a lot of pop up stores who offer the same concept, eventually Collective Drop turned out to be a merch brand.

We see simple branding on your garments, do you see this as a great way for your brand identity?
Simplicity would be very well suited in all trends, occasions and any walks of life. Timeless designs that would never go out of style or out of place without compromising the quality and price. The brand might have intricate designs in the future, but it would never replace having a simple merch that would represent the name and aim of the brand. A Merch of all.

Can you share with us the story behind the brand’s name?
Collective Drop - from the word 'Collective' which means combined/collection, which was supposed to be a collection of local merch in one location/store. 'Drop' on the other hand, is act of placing an item or merch. Thus, having the name Collective Drop.

As a sneakerhead, how would you describe the definitive sneaker? What is your criteria?
For me, sneaker is a subjective matter. It will really depend on how much the person like or love the sneakers. It may be precious to some that might not be the same case with other people. Buy the sneakers that you want and really like, taking consideration your expenses. Sneakers may be, for some, a commodity but shouldn’t be a priority. If you have your parents or people to buy it for you, well then and good. But for those earning and taking sneakers as a hobby, remember that hype won’t make you successful in life and it will just make your façade more appealing. Enjoy without overspending to what you can afford.

Differentiate the PH and SG scenes. Is there a difference?
In terms of Sneakers and Streetwear scene, there’s a lot of difference between Philippines and Singapore. It might be due to the purchasing power that Sg has compared to Ph. As well as the number of enthusiasts. Singapore had been known as one of the Art/Fashion hubs in Asia. I noticed that most of the young generations here in Singapore are keeping up with the fashion trends that’s currently hitting the scene. But Philippines is not far back, sneakers and streetwear is making a lot of noise in the scene and I think that someday will be at par with the latest trends and fashion.

Can you tell us a shoephoric story? Based from experience.
I started my love for Sneakers when I was still young. I remember I had only one sneaker back then. It was the Nike Air Flightposite KG. After that I never really had the chance to buy another sneaker again, I guess the hype died down for me. Then I started buying shoes again back in 2017. As weird as it seems, sneakers back then serves as a therapy. I only buy shoes that are appealing to me, hype or not. My style, my money, my choice.

In terms or brand direction where are you headed?
I see the brand as something that would be very visible in years to come. Since the brand is very adoptable and easy to style.

People will start to know and spread throughout the country, then hopefully, international.

Who is Jodjo outside the sneaker and streetwear hobby?
I’m a System Engineer by profession, but I’m also a rapper as well as a band member. Music became a huge part of my life and it’s been helping me a lot by listening to different types of music and performing them, it gives me a certain feeling of peace and creativity. Being overseas is tough especially when you’re far from home, your comfort zone. Singapore eventually became my second home and it taught a me lot of things and introduced a lot of new friends and opportunities. It helped me mould to a better version of me.

Care to share with us your brand’s mission statement?
The Brand’s Mission is – Simple Aesthetic Style for Everyone.

Words or greetings to our shoephoric community?

I would like to thank the community specially to the people who helped make Collective Drop to where it is right now. From the sneakerheads to the models, to the photographers to our customers. Specially to Shoephoric for giving the opportunity to be featured in such a wonderful platform.
As for those aspiring Brand Owner/s and Merch Start Ups, always be positive in everything that you do, there might be some struggles along the way but never forget to focus on your goal and always keep your feet on the ground.

Follow them on IG: @collective.drop