Grail Saviours: Grail Premium Care Services
Monday, 18, February 2019

It takes special attention and care when it comes to sneaker and bag maintenance. Yes, we know it’s a chore so Grail Premium Care Services is a gift from heaven. We’ve met up with owner, Henrik Lim and hung out at his shop to get the lowdown and know them better. Read on!

How did you guys start out? Can you give us a background on your beginnings?

It started when I got into the shoe game being a basketball/NBA fan the shoe/sneakers game just comes with it. I never bought shoes just for display, I always rock my kicks.

I started cleaning my own shoes before using the available sneaker cleaning products in the market but it gets really tiring and sometimes you just really do not have time for it because we all have a lot of things to do another option is to let my maid clean my shoes but maids like using DIY cleaning products and without proper knowledge on different materials of shoes and chemicals on the cleaning products they can damage your expensive kicks permanently. Being in the sneaker community for a long time now I know that there is a big market for this type of service.

Was it a decision to start out as a business or was it more of a hobby?

It’s more of a business decision. I have always wanted to have my own business and what other better way to start my first business with my hobby and passion which is sneakers.
Are you collectors yourselves? Can you share with us your top 3 favorite kicks in your rotation or collection?

Nike React Element 87 sail light bone

Common Projects Achilles low white

Common Projects Achilles low grey

Do you think there’s a rising need for restoration and cleaning now that there’s a growing vintage market?

Yes, we do actually have a few customers who want to have their vintage shoes to be restored just for display purposes.

If there’s a dream project that you can be given? What do you have in mind?

It would be cleaning or restoring any of Lebron James’ personal shoes.

What’s the most challenging project you did? Do share with us!

It’s a complete restoration of this Y3 high cut shoes. First we had to remove the sole and all the adhesive from the old glue then after cleaning it we started applying the new glue, since the shoes is very old the soles are very crispy and there is no guarantee if it can hold the new glue that is why we had to stitch the soles also for assurance. After the reglue & stitching process we repainted the midsole, sole and toe cap with its original color white. It took us a week to finish this project. This is so far the most challenging project for us because of its condition when they were dropped off to us but I’m sure that there would be more challenging projects for us soon.

If there’s a celebrity you want to be in contact with for your services? Who would it be?

Lebron James.

Got a word for your followers or tips for those starting out in this business?

Believe in your idea, trust the process and make it happen.

What for you is “shoephoric?”

Shoephoric is like hypebeastmag, your go to streetwear news/blog here in Ph. Shoephoric is not only about news or blog because they have auctions and the stuffs up there are worth checking out.

Visit their pages at https://www.facebook.com/grailpremiumcareph/ on Facebook and @grail_ph on instagram.