shoephoric Pick Of The Year 2018
Thursday, 24, January, 2019

Fresh from his win from this edition of Pick Of The Year with the Sean Wotherspoon Air Max shot, we’ve taken the opportunity to know the man behind the lenses.

Live and direct from Singapore off his busy sked, we talked with Mr. Sherwin Baclig on his lifestyle, his shoe choices and of course his winning shot with fellow shoephoric Sherwin Patdo... Read on!

1. Can you share with us what you do aside from photography and shoes?

Shoes and photography are my hobbies but i am a Physical Therapist and a Personal trainer. I work in Singapore as a Pilates teacher and manual therapist.

2. Before all this craziness, what hobbies were you into? When did you start?

Before shoes i was mainly into cars. Back when i was in college i was staying with my uncle who was into car buy and sell business and i was helping out a bit. I like tinkering with cars and it just grew from there.

When i moved to Singapore in 2012 i shifted to photography to keep me busy and started getting into shoes more.


3. Give us a little backgrounder about your winning shot. How did it come about?

So we normally shoot together when there is a new pair that recently came out. Me and Sherwin Patdo collaborated to shoot the Sean Wotherspoon after work. He always has them dope fits to go with the pair and i said i know this spot that might work with the colors of the Air Max 1/97.

We wanted to have a different take on shoe photography apart from the normal bokeh shots which is always good but i prefer to shoot wider to include most of the spot we are shooting at. Always liked lookup shots and symmetry so we just used that to have a more interesting perspective.

4. Do share with us your Top 3 most favorite pairs from your rotation.

My top 3 most fave pairs in my rotation would be

1 2013 Jordan 1 Royal Blue - it took me a year of convincing my friend to sell his pair as sz 11.5US is very hard to get

2 2007 Air Max 1 Elephants - again this took almost 6 most of negotiating till he let go at a decent price, my first international seller from Hawaii

3 Air Max 1/97 Sean Wotherspoon- Thanks to Sherwin Patdo for the hookup before prices got really crazy.

5. Drop your most dope sneaker story

I’m very lucky i guess cause i got to be friends with a lot people in our community i think all my pairs have a story but the best i think is my Air Max 97 Independence Day red pair.

I was not lucky to get it the time it released so i started looking at FB groups but no one was selling my size. Then a friend from Indonesia who i got to meet because of shoes also, said he has 10.5. I decided to try it but it was a bit tight so i sold it to another friend instead. Then that friend said he will sell it cause he wants a different pair so i bought it off him thinking i might look for a size swap. Luckily when i posted loooking for swap another friend who i dealt with before said he has my size and he does not mind going down half a size so i can get my size. All this i think i was blessed to have had good dealings with fellow sneakerheads.
A long story and sorry if it was boring but i just wanted to share because it’s something that we don’t see now so often because of everything can be had online.

6. Tips for those getting into the hobby...
Shoes and photography.

It’s actually not so hard to start, just know what you like and do it. Let things marinate and your own style will come, be it in shoes or style of photography. Dont rush into buying the most hype pair or the most expensive gear! Enjoy the journey and appreciate what you have. Invest wisely!

7. In your own words, what is a shoephoric?

Shoephoric for me is the passion of appreciating not only shoes but the whole lifestyle! Not only shoes and photography but the people we meet and build relationship with and how we all come together as a community. It’s a bit hard to explain but when you are one then you know.

8. Shoutouts?

Rogel Africa, [24.01.19 10:02]
Thanks to all the Sneaker groups here in Singapore and other countries! It’s always good to be apart of something that you find joy in. Thanks to Sherwin Patdo @spatdo in IG, Joseph Edward Ferrera @100mm_prime in IG, the lodi Dexter Suerte Alimagno for all the creative collabs, all the friends that i made in this community and thank you SHOEPHORIC for keeping the game alive.

Follow him at @sherwin.baclig

*Photos by Joseph Edward Ferrera and Sherwin Baclig