A shoephoric Street Party: The ASD ON 63RD ST Recap Part 2
Thursday, 08, November, 2018

... and the party never ends!

Come night time, the ecstatic vibes at ASD ON 63RD ST only escalated more and more as we approached the later parts of the celebration.

Who would have thought our first ever full event would boast of not only one... but two full setups? One that would be for the daytime to hold the shopping and entertainment, the second one of gargantuan proportions in the form of our very own ASD ON 63RD ST. fashion show?

Of course drinks were on the house courtesy of our friends from Andy Cola and Smirnoff Mule. Total refreshments for all the heat everyone were to witness that night.

And we've got the best lounge setup in the house as provided by our great friends from Six Inch PH care of fellow shoephoric and one of the best collectors here... Mr. Bigboy Cheng!

The ASD ON 63RD ST Fashion Show

In our unending quest to bring you the best, we have collaborated with the country's top designers and had them mix their distinct styles with shoephoric's urban vibes... the creations were amazing! The SOFA Alumni 2018 featuring the works of Nino Gonzales, Kaye Morales and Mark Tamayo turned heads and kept us all in awe. Their creations matched the shoephoric concept of ASD ON 63RD ST. It was fashion mixed with the disciplines of sneaker fanatcism.

Exclusively dressed from the feet up in FILA gear, it was a celebration of high fashion meeting its unlikely ally - streetwear and sneakers!

Citing an influence from her grandmother, Jhaira Gonzales totally made a statement that seamlessly combined her design to the shoephoric street concept. Classy and wild!

Jail Jeans provided a touch of toughness to our street aesthetic. Chris Jasler provided an almost goth-y rock vibe to the usually streetwise feels of shoephoric!

Getting it on, Jail Jeans and PONY made for an avant garde streetwear statement like no other. 

To cap off the fashion show, the shoephoric founder herself Ann Jacobe made it onstage to show off her #SHOUTFIT, the grand finale. She rocked Jail Jeans, a FILA x shoephoric shirt capped off with FILA x Fendi boots. she looked amazing much to the rousing reaction of the crowd! In a celebratory shoephoric manner, she offered a toast much to the enthusiasm of everyone in attendance. It was one night to remember! We all made history!

... and so the fashion show came to a deafening and climactic close.

The Night Performers

Part rap collective, part hiphop supergroup, Bawal Clan came up onstage much to the excitement of everyone. Dishing out hit after hit after hit, everyone was having a killer of a time! It was totally lit and that was an understatement!

As the drinks were flowing on with the tastiest burgers and sidings, on came DJ Hannah Ichiko who provided the most fitting musical backdrop amidst the shoephoric merry making! It was fun and definitely a teaser for bigger, better and more shoephoric things to come.

See you next year!

Also, keep it right here! We've got the best #SHOUTFITs for that night! It was almost an event in itself with all the lit outfits and grail kicks to die for! Keep it locked!


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