A True shoephoric Story: Ann Jacobe
Wednesday, 08, August, 2018

Generally, my youth has been wrapped around shoes- I grew up with them. My dad had an electronic shop beside shoe stores and I would hang around his shop to watch him work.

Near his shop were all these shoe stores where I would stare at all the displays. Mom also got me slippers and sandals often to match my #SHOUTFIT even back then.

This shoe obsession went on til high school and college with more classic sneaker brands.

Shoes bring back some of my most memorable highlights in life. From the pairs I wore from my first teaching job to my first business and throughout my different life transitions.

From wearing Ballerinas as a young hands-on mom, to Superstars and Sambas working on my first IT venture, to black patent red sole heels because I wanted to be recognized as a female head of a company in a male dominated industry. Almost every turning point in my life had a corresponding shoe to remind me of them.

More than trends, shoes have been a significant representation of my life. The most treasured pairs I own brought about unexpected connections and friendships through shoephoric.

shoephoric is the social network I founded from this obsession. I firmly believe that it’s not just about the pairs you own, it’s also the people you meet.

Through shoes, I made a lot of friends of different ages and different places that otherwise would not have been possible if I never got into it.

The unexpected connection and bond brought about by our common passion make shoephoric worth nurturing.

Through it, we are living each moment to the fullest and building a community that everyone can call their own. #weareshoephoric