What is #Shoephoric?
These are all the latest shoes shared by your fellow Shoephorics. Do follow them and say HI!
I want to share on #Shoephoric, how do I do it?
  1. Click on the Shoephoric Logo, your name or 'YOU' to view your dashboard.
  2. You'll find #Shoephoric on the center panel of your dashboard. Type or upload anything that makes you Shoephoric
Can I add comments and ratings on other members' shoes?
Share your thoughts in the comment box found under each image. You can also upload images and videos! Just 'enter' to post.
How can I add shoes to my account?
  1. Create an album where you can save your shoes in. Click on 'Album' then 'Create New Album' found on the top left panel of your page
  2. To add shoes, click your album and 'Add Photo' found on the top left.
Where can I find my saved shoes?
You may view your different shoe albums together with your shoes by clicking on your name or 'You' then view 'Albums'.
What is Shoe Fantasies?
A place to save the shoes that you desire most.
Can I sell Shoes on Shoephoric?
YES! You can either register as a Shoephoric Merchant and have your very own Shoephoric Store, or youcan post your shoes under FINDS
What is FINDS?
An awesome place to sell or trade your shoes.
How do I post the shoes I'm selling in FINDS?
  1. Click on the Shoephoric Logo, 'YOU' or your name to view your dashboard.
  2. Then click 'Finds Listing'
  3. Click 'Add Shoes' to upload shoes
How do I look for a specific shoe in Shoephoric Finds?
  1. Click 'Finds'
  2. Under Sole Search, you can choose from the drop down menus your preferred shoe category, size, seller or brand. Shoes displayed on the page will reflect your Search Result.
  3. Click 'Reset Fields' to clear the Sole Search.
How do I buy or contact seller in Shoephoric Finds?
In Shoephoric Finds, click on the shoe you would like to buy or swap. You can post your message in the comment box below the shoe image or you send a private message. To send a private message, click the seller's name found right below the image then click 'Message' found on the upper right side of the seller's dashboard.
Where can I see and manage my Posts to Shoephoric Finds?
All the shoes you posted to the Shoephoric Finds may be viewed in 'Finds Listing', found on your dashboard. From there, you may edit or remove shoes.
How can I join and win contests in Shoephoric?
Visit 'Contest' found on the top menu bar. Choose which contest you would like to join and follow the mechanics! Good luck!
I forgot my Username! What do I do?
You may still log in using your email address. You may also check the registration confirmation email which indicates your log in details.
I forgot my password! How do I retrieve it?
You may retrieve your Shoephoric password here. You may also access this password retrieval page from the Shoephoric log in page. Simply click 'forgot password?' found beneath the email login field box.
Why did I get my password emailed to me when I did not request for it?
If you received a password request e-mail but never asked for it, it is probably nothing to worry about. Someone most likely typed the wrong username into the 'forgot password' box. In order to use this tool to gain access to your account, someone would also need to be able to access your email account, so that they could retrieve the password reminder email that was sent to you. Provided your email account is secure, no one will be able to retrieve your password.
What is Shoephoric's position on privacy?
Since part of Shoephoric's features is being able to share your shoe collection to your friends, we are very serious when it comes to the privacy of our members. Shoephoric members have complete control over the information they provide and how it is shared with other members. All information that Shoephoric collects will adhere to our privacy policy, and will be used for the sole purpose of providing members a highly personalized and interactive experience with our site.
What information do I have to provide to register for the site?
Upon registration, we'll ask for the following:
  • First and Last name - this will be displayed on your shoe database home page to identify your site.
  • Email address - we will need this in order to contact you if you have any concerns regarding the site.
  • Password - this will be used for your security so that no one will be able to enter your site except you.
You may customize your account further by editing your Profile and providing other information such as:
  • Birthdate
  • Mobile
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Website
You can choose which information you want to share and which you want to keep private.