Gavin Marcial
When it comes to content, how do you make it more engaging for your audience? Is it a challenge or you just treat it spontaneously?
I engage my audience and gain followers through my love for Sneakers and Streetwear, both have always been my passion. These are the best mediums to express myself through sense of style, which I believe goes for the most of us. Collecting shoes, dressing up and accessorizing are just a few of the things I love. It's definitely not a challenge, this keen interest draws engagement and brings us together.

Sharing one common interest which leads to meeting new people, building friendships and establishing brands. There's nothing more exciting than that!
Adi Zakbah
Tell us about your #shoutfit. Do you make it a point to be always on trend?
My name is Adi Zakbah from Singapore, My love and passion for streetwear and Sneakers started when i was in high school.

I love listening to hip-hop and used to break dance as well.

Back in the early 2000's, my love for streetwear started from Stussy, Tribal, A Bathing Ape and Supreme etc.

I love collecting vintage tees as well.

The evolution of streewear now is huge. Even the high fashion brands collaborate with streetwear labels now.

The game have changed and most of new generation now love to follow the hype.

Everyone has their little hypebeast inside but it's not necessary to always follow the trends.

Rock what sneakers you love and wear whatever suits your style!
Mike Morales
If there was a shoe you'd want to own for 100 times, what pair would that be?
My real name is Michael but most of my friends call me Mike. Originally from the Philippines, I moved to Sydney Australia in 2001.

Growing up in basketball crazy country, I fell in love with the sport at a very young age and lucky enough to still play the game socially. Playing basketball is where my love for sneakers started. As most of Gen X, we all want to be like Mike (Michael Jordan).

My passion for sneakers started with collecting Air Jordans (OG Colourways from 1 to 14). Now, I'm more into runners and lifestyle kicks. I don't get into too much hype, as long as I like the looks of it even if it's GR and especially if it reaches the outlet store.

My style is mostly casual, Polos/Tees, Chinos/Jeans, Baseball cap and Sneakers (especially on weekends) I make sure my sneakers matches every fit.

Pretty much, I'm a down to earth guy who just loves sneakers and fashion. I'm also a professional who works Monday to Friday to provide for the family.

A proud father to 2 girls who also love sports: swimming and tennis to be specific. I so love spending time with them.

As for the shoe to own 100 times, that is the Air Jordan IV White Cement – it's my first Air Jordan when I was growing up.
Misha Salud
How would you define your personal style?
I wear what empowers me. I arm myself with my signature piece, like my beret, to make me feel like the best version of myself. When I'm empowered, I am confident, comfortable, and creative.

I incorporate pieces that vibe with my mood, personality, location, my advocacy (supporting local brands), and the weather.
Justin Bedonia
Why do we collect shoes? Defend it to a non fan.
Its both a vice and an investment that blooms over time.The Culture speaks for itself, it didn't become "Mainstream" for no reason at all. Entrepreneurs wouldn't innovate businesses based on sneakers for no purpose. It's a Universal Language.
Bryan Arguelles
Your top 3 go to IG feeds for shoutfit inspo. Let us know why as well.
The top 3 Instagram accounts that I usually get ideas from and mix with my personal style is from either of the three which are @HighsnobietyStyle, @derangedpoet, and @fitsnipabs.

The reason behind that is because not only do I get inspiration from each of these accounts but also I get to be more creative yet stay simple when it comes to styling myself.

When I really wanna go all out with the fit and wear something crazy, I go check out what @HighsnobietyStyle's got on their feed because they got a whole lot of stuff going on from different people around the world.

But when I wanna wear what I usually wear, @derangedpoet's profile is what I be looking through mainly because I know that we have the same style when it comes to dressing up.
And last but definitely not the least is @fitsnipabs just because when I wanna wear something simple. He got it on lock and I could easily check and get ideas on what to wear and stay cozy at the same time.

Honestly my style is really just simple, anyone could pull it off if they wanted to. I'll be just wearing Carhartt most days and if not, Im probably wearing local brands, either of the two because one I love Carhartt in general and could wear them for a lifetime if I wanted to. Second is that as much as possible, I try to support local brands because of the movement and the story behind their brands.

So shout outs to all the local brands, keep doing your thing and ya'll gonna get exactly where ya'll wanna be eventually.
Felix Chen
Can you share with us the most insane amount or a clue on how much money you threw down on a shoe?
I recently paid 770USD on a pair of Visvim FBT Folk.
Christian Paul Julian
Is streetwear synonymous with luxury? Why?
From my point of view i think streetwear and luxury are still 2 different things, but when you combine them it becomes a higher end of streetwear or highstreet.
Its like 2 diverse elements, but when combined, it becomes another new abstract concept.

For me as a Fashion Photographer who gets invited to such VIP or exclusive only invites pop-ups/events, I see different kinds of elements on how people dress up. I'm definitely here for the coalition of both streetwear and luxury because it makes people get into the higher end of fashion. Thus, i dont think the community, including me could generalize everything into streetwear and luxury, because there are other belts or areas of it too.

I just feel that high-street does help the fashion community of the youth/everyone to be more accessible to these things so there isnt a big bump into it.

Therefore i do think that both streetwear and luxury are not synonymous.
Andrew Baler
Would you sacrifice practicality sometimes for a lit fit?
Yeah, sometimes it's the most satisfying way to dress up rather than wearing hype brands and end up feeling uncomfortable with it. For me, looking lit or good doesn't necessarily mean you have to wear branded or expensive stuff- it's all about good taste and common sense.
Kiwi John Genesis
Why are you deep into this culture? What keeps you coming back?
For me, it's a purpose. I love shooting photos, and I love rockin' streetwear. I grew up in the streets, been with the street people and in my circle, thats the most convenient type of photography.

Its easy for me to work on my photos coz i’m surrounded by streetwear resellers and sneaker business men. As long as designers create fire pieces, streetwear photography will remain in my DNA.
David Matriano
Knowing that your love for sneaker has turned into your full time grind, what insights have you gained so far?
When your passion overflows for "that thing you do", the possibilities are endless.

My love for shoes and selling stuff finally paved the way for my freedom - doing what i want and expresssing myself.

It opened new doors of opportunities not just in the sneaker community but also the business world.

As we grow bigger on this field, we are able to help the sneaker community grow by opening windows for people who don't know how to start their sneaker journey and guide them as well.

We gained loyal customers who always ask us to hunt for sneakers that they love.
We are able to bridge sneaker collectors and other resellers to sell their extras to new groups of people who don't have access (or the time) to join sneaker groups and the marketplaces on Facebook.

We are able to create jobs for people who are already in the sneaker community and get paid for doing what they love.

Once your roots grow deep in this community, you begin to think of ideas on how to give back and help other people that will eventually help you back even when you don't ask for it.

The sneaker community is growing and you can either choose to stay unnoticed or step up and make a difference.
Froilan Jacinto
If you miss out, do you move on? Or you make an effort?
I was born and raised in the city of Pines, Baguio City.

I was influenced by my favorite artist Pharell Williams and I started being hooked to streetwear when I was in high school.

From then on, I've became so interested in sneakers.

In addition, I have also been going to different thrift shops around my city to look for merch.

I moved to Dubai and stayed there for six years and continued visiting several thrift shops. Then I also got involved in different streetwear and sneaker groups and events.

I created my account on Instagram for selling different streetwear merchs which was originally created as ""Thrifty DXB"" and now is named as ""From the Crates.""

Most of my comrades in Dubai have seen my passion in streetwear and sneakers.
Being in the world of streetwear and sneakers also helped me develop camaraderie. I've met people who have the same interest as me and we get along in different events and occassions in Dubai.

Right now, I am currently back to my hometown where everything has all started.
I am currently teamed up with Pine 74 and Local Sneaker Dispensary and will be opening our own business here in Baguio City which is named Vol. 1 and is planned to be opened this coming April.

In case I missed out on a release, I will definitely move on.
But If I really like the pair I will find a way to buy it even if it's on re-sell.

On the other hand, I only buy the pairs that I would really like to wear.
Jay Bermudez
Among your collection, what would be non reflective of your style or unexpected?
I'm Jay, from Quezon City. I'm based in Singapore as a RN and I'm a sneaker enthusiast. From my collection, I would say that none of them are non reflective of my style nor unexpected. In my journey of collecting sneakers, a huge part of it is to find style and comfort. In other words, I only buy the pairs that I really want. At this point, getting sneakers at retail prices is challenging. Knowing that I need to throw extra cash for the pair that i want, I need to make sure that I'm not going to get rid of those shoes easily.
Marc dela Rea
Can you share with us your Top 3 travel sneakers?
1. Nike ACG Terra Antarktik
When I travel, I like to hike and see the beautiful countryside. And these babies have all bases covered. From the Waterproof materials, comfortable zoom Air unit and the neck breaking details, especially the white version. These go with Urban environments as well. ACG ""All conditions and they're perfect for places like Japan, where different styling is commonly acceptable and the views are almost second to none.

2. Nike Air Max 1/97 - Sean Wotherspoons
When I go to different locations, I like to bring sneakers that translate through different cultures not just the mainstream. And this sneaker has penetrated the different levels of sneaker diversity and I do believe it will continue to do so in the future. They're comfortable, super colourful and it's easy to identify another sneakerhead when you see them glancing.

3. Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2
These are weirdly my ""Go To's"" when I am travelling. These have a huge stigma in relation to their quantity of colourways and production numbers. But I personally love them especially the Cream version. They're great to assemble outfits with, they're easy to pack in your luggage, super convenient to clean and the Boost never fails you. Great for going to the Gym in the hotel and then going out with them right after.
Aeron Brian Salvador
Can you tell us about why you got deep into this hobby and community?
"I started collecting shoes when I was in junior high school, I was amazed at the design, effort and most especially the stories behind the shoe.

Then whenever I would buy a sneaker, I would take a picture of it using my phone and directly upload it to my facebook.

Few weeks later, this is where I discovered instagram wherein the sneaker and photography is insane. At that time I didn’t know about photography but my parents bought me a camera back then. I started learning photography for a year. I was inspired and that gave me the motivation to put more effort into photography. Photography isn’t hard especially when you are passionate and love what you do. Nowadays, everyone can be a photographer, it doesn’t matter what gear you have whether it’s an iPhone or a $3000 camera.

Going back, one of my archived photos was liked on instagram by Crep Protect and I didn’t accept it at all because of all instagram users tagging them everyday. After that, I decided to take photography seriously. I said to myself, “ I want my pictures to be featured on different instagram accounts. “ it took my photos for a while to be featured and I started changing my mentality, I want to focus on what I do and what I create. What matters is the final result of the photo. I don't care if no one reacts or shares it. The important thing is to love what you do, continue and what you’re passionate about. Here I am grinding for what pleases me and I’m so thankful for all the support. I won’t let you guys down. Let’s strive for greatness."
Enrico Louis Lagaya
Do you think the most critiqued trends can come back anytime soon?
Why does it matter? It’s fashion! Fashion is a catch-all term that provides an answer to everything! And one forgets that imagination, of which fashion is the expression of all external details of life. It derives from beauty and we should not lose sight of its origins.
Aaron Chua
Aesthetics or function on shoes and clothing.
For clothing, I'll definitely lean towards function since I’m not the most fashionable person. I’d like to have multiple pieces that match each other.

With regards to my sneakers, it’s definitely a mix of both. I love wearing sneakers like the ZX10,000C and Ozweego from adidas which are very comfortable but I also like wearing the Sacai Waffles, which aren’t as comfortable as most sneakers.
Above The Ankle
Can you share with us an experience that made you totally inspired on continuing Rabi's legacy and vision for ATA?
Rab always said, 'Small things turn into big pieces' He has always believed that there are no shortcuts to success.

'Baby steps' is his favorite thing to say.

Rabi and I has started ATA from scratch. He started ATA by making 1 pair of pants supposedly for his own only, to hundreds of pairs per design now being sold worldwide.

This will not be possible without our loyal supporters, friends, family and our creator.

Our supporters and the people who love us are the reason why we continue Rab's legacy and vision.

The ATA crew believes that he is still guiding us to strive to be the best local brand in the philippines even he's now ABOVE THE CLOUDS.
Reymar Causing
Any words for those starting out in the sneaker/streetwear game? Got words of wisdom to guide them?
Honestly, i don't think I'm the right person to answer these questions hahah. I don't have the largest or dopest sneakers & streetwear collection, but if I have an advice for the people who are new to the game is that 'buy and wear what you like' don't let the the hype or the community decide what you are going to wear because at the end of the day we have our own preferences, and know how to balance your collection. It's not all about the hype, you should have your everyday shoes- the sneakers you'll use till they tear apart, then your grails (the hype sneakers)

Well, the great thing about them is most of them appreciate their value as time goes by so you'll have a 'return of investment' if you decide to sell them or trade them.

Lastly for all of you who are starting in the game, 'rock them don't stock them.'
Rachelle Ruth C Capalungan
How would you define your #SHOUTFIT style? Your photos are always lit. Do you feel any pressure?
I would define my SHOUTFIT style by wearing what I'm most comfortable in.

I always have the motto:

"Comfort over style, but never forget style."

Your style will never stand out if you ain't comfortable or confident with what you are wearing.

Talking about pressure, I feel it because you have to always bring something new since a lot of people are into the streetwear and sneaker scene right now. I just always remind myself to stay updated on today's trends while remaining true to classic styles.
Alfred Shinobi
Is there that one elusive pair that has avoided you for the long time? Tell us about it.
That One Elusive pair:

The Air Force 1 Craig Sager is a tribute pair for the Legendary NBA courtside reporter Craig Sager.

With a loud and eye catching design and just 100 pairs of the pair made and auctioned off, I still can't find a pair in my size.
MC Velo
Tell us about the best shoe moment you treasure?
Well my real name is Michael C Velo hence I got my nickname MC Velo but my friends call me Mike. I work as a Chief Accountant for a French Construction Firm for more than a decade.

I started loving shoes when I was still a kid. I remember having a Mighty Kid that day to adidas to FILA kicks.

I also have an online reselling shop (more likely I can say, that I am a personal shopper) named #wearfromhk in iG and in FB as most of the products was purchased in HK with the help of my friend, Lloyd Paz.

I started to collect shoes before I realized that there's extra income to be made which got me the income to buy my own personal collection of shoes 😁

Always go for legit pairs.

Not into hype, I follow what I like to wear. 

I love photography, doing some video editing, and filming including drone shots. 

Several of them I have. As mentioned above my first basketball shoes out of my pocket when I was in High School is FILA Jerry Stackhouse. I have several Jordan numbered shoes collection also. My fave are J1 Bred (featured on your page 2 years ago I believe) and the iconic Jordan 11 Bred.
Justine Sales
Would you travel far just for a pair? Why?
We always have to remember to live within our means especially when we are on a budget. We all know that some of these pairs are highly coveted and could really break the bank.

But, If the situation permits then yes, by all means. If you are passionate about collecting sneakers or just about anything in this world then traveling for a pair just makes it more valuable for the person and would definitely make a story out of it.
Brianne Gacad
Who made you turn to shoes? Is it a friend, your parents etc.? Share with us your story
"Like most Filos - My love for the game of basketball influenced my love for sneakers.

As a kid growing up, being a massive Michael Jordan and Reggie Miller fan, the thought in my head was if I wore the sneakers they were wearing, I'd be as good as them in the basketball court - I could jump like 'em, shoot like' em, just be as great as 'em!

I remember as a kid, when I received my first EVER signature sneaker which happened to be Kobes, I wanted to sleep in them and literally wear them everywhere and anywhere.

I remember seeing a Jordan commercial where he was wearing Jordan 12s and I immediately fell in love with it.

It's always been about basketball - however through the years i've leared to embrace and appreciate streetwear, different styles and fashion and with that, the different types of sneakers and how and what to wear with them.

It's really amazing how people mix and match nowadays - but again personally it's been deeply rooted in the game I've loved for as long as I remember.

So if I had to point to a ""Who"" it's easily gonna be those two, Kobe and Jordan."
Willard Magcalen
Share with us your first ever shoephoric moment...
My first ever shoephoric moment happened when I was in college. I just bought my first ever pair which is a Stefan Janoski "Tiffany."

It was memorable for me because the second I held that pair in my hands, I knew to myself that from now on collecting sneakers will always be a part of me and that I will never look at sneakers the same way again. That's why Nike Sb's are very close to my heart because its the silhouette that introduced me to the sneaker game."
Jan Michael Bobadilla
What is your best shoe memory as a kid?
To be honest, growing up I didn't have the opportunity to own the coveted pairs at that time like the Jordans or the Airmaxes not even the Shelltoes.

But I remember this one shoe that I had. It was a gift from my parents. The single, most memorable pair of sneakers that I've own as a kid, the Nike Air Flightposite 1 in the Metallic Gold colorway. The one worn by KG. Man, the shoe was definitely ahead of its time! It was flashy, literally and figuratively. Broke the school's dominant-white-rubber-shoes-only-during-PE policy (like Mike) just to flex it and I can tell you it's worth every warning and seldom visits at the office of the Prefect of Discipline. Worn them for four straight years and there was never a time that it didn't caught anyone's attention. They had a good run indeed!
Jerry Shu
What is the budget you set for grails? Is there such a limit?
For my grail wishlist, i usually break them down into 2 tiers.
Tier 1 will be anything from SGD400 to SGD800. If I found a pair of grail that i really like, I usually survey for awhile between Singapore and Malaysia market and compare the price before I pull the trigger. But usually I get all the good deals from the Malaysia's market.

For tier 2, of course is the SGD900 and above. Usually i wont pay too much attention as the resale price do not change too much even after few months. So I will just refresh the wishlist if some steals or auctions come along or during special occasions like anniversary/birthday whereby my wife will sponsor either 1 pair or share 1.
Ryan Icatar
Is it a challenge to stay true to just one brand? Why? Doesn't it affect your video content?
In my earlier years of sneaker collecting, it was somewhat challenging because there were so many dope sneakers from different brands being released. I've practiced self-control and eventually, made it my first nature to just buy sneakers and apparels from Reebok. Also in a way, I took pride with the idea that people already associated me as someone who represents the brand (Disclaimer: I was never paid by the brand to do so) I just told myself, it's still better that I already have a sort of recall to others as 'the guy who wears Reeboks'.

Now about the content creation that I started doing late 2019, on the contrary it actually helped me out as I already have something to put out that I somehow already have a mastery of. Of course, now I'm in the process of learning stuff about other brands too. I won't let myself be tied with just one brand in terms of my content creation. I'm even thinking of moving away from making just sneaker-related content eventually just to widen my horizon.
Kim Yumol
How would you define street culture? Is it still underground?
"Street culture is where individuals who have passion in anything such as music, fashion, and art come together as a community and share and grow their interests with one another.

When I think of street culture, I think of how it allows people from different walks of life to expand what they know into something bigger. Like example, people who have love for sneakers become entrepreneurs themselves. I also see young artists expand their craft through street culture by mastering their skills on photography or even creating their own brand and style.

Times have changed. Street culture will keep on evolving when people start giving it their own touch. Just like any other culture, street culture is subjective. It's definitely not underground anymore and not concentrated on the same group of people."
What propelled you to advance your obsession from limited sneakers to gallery worthy art pieces?
In 2015, a good friend "Bigboy Cheng" (DJ, sneaker collector, gallerist and toy collector) introduced me to the "Bearbrick" one of the most insane subcultures I've entered in the world of art toys.

He also inspired me in appreciating Hajime Sorayama’s sexy robot. I was so amazed with the artist's craftsmanship. Then I began to collect some of his works, watch some of his solo exhibits and finally, meet the artist and his gallerist personally.

My obsession in art was inspired by family and friends. Being with people with similar tastes and interests propelled my interest from collecting sneakers to being involved in the art culture.
Joel Layno
Why streetwear? What draws you in it.
Why Streetwear?

- Because it suits my personality.

What drew me to it?

- In my teenage years, I was a part of a dance group, hence this period greatly influenced me to be into streetwear.

I was also into longboarding and sneakers which also contributed more to my streetwear passion."