How To Make a #shoephoric Wedding Happen, #hereCAMZKARLOsbride

Ah, Valentine's day, romantic and all. Talk about couple shirts, matching watches and hats... And yes, matching shoes for that extra kilig factor!

Love is in the air and since everyone is head over heels for the season, we've picked a shoephoric love story to tide you over.

Ladies and Gents, this is how you make a shoephoric wedding happen! Please welcome Mr. and Mrs. Pineda!

Can you share with us the kilig story behind your matching Docs? Who thought of it?

The first-ever things we bought for our wedding were our Docs. When I saw them, I knew they were "ours." So, in effect, Camz (my wife) said yes to the boots before saying yes to the dress. I kinda made her. Haha! But, seriously. She loved the idea too.

The Docs we wore in our wedding came out two years ago. They were a limited release and have been out of stock ever since. We bought them a few days after they hit the shelves, but we only wore them on our wedding day last February 2.

Not so much a "kilig" story, ey? Perhaps this could help make up for it:

A very unconventional shoe for your big day, why Doc Martens? What drew you guys to them?

I've always been a fan of Doc Martens. Currently, I own four pairs. I know it's a small collection, but I just love the DM brand and what it stands for.

But, basically, the heart design did it for me. As a couple, we've always worn our hearts on our sleeves, so I thought it would be fun to play around and make a statement—as if to say that on casual days, we wear our hearts on our sleeves, but for our big day, we also wore them on our feet.

Also, we wanted our wedding to not be too traditional: she wore a light pink wedding dress instead of white and I chucked the coat for a vest; she walked down the aisle to "Here, There, and Everywhere" (The Beatles) and I to "Everlong" (Foo Fighters); we DIYed most of our stuff (; and, of course, the unconventional choice for our wedding shoes. We kept everything personal and personalized, very distinctly us. We wanted our wedding to have a free-spirited, nonconventional vibe—just like DM.

Are these customs or they actually exist? Either way, they are gorgeous!

They exist! Well, existed. They came out in 2017, and, as far as I know, they're not being sold anymore. The ones I wore are called the Joyce Heart (lows) while hers are the Bentley II Heart (highs).

Who influences who when it comes to shoes?

I'm more of the "shoe person." I mean, I don't own hype pairs, but I like shoes that resonate with my personality. My rotation mostly consists of Vans. I also have Chuck Taylors, Onitsuka Tigers, Palladiums, my trusty Red Wing 875, and the like. I do have a pair of those "Back to the Future" AlphaDunks, though. It was a gift from her. I love that film!

I returned the favor recently and gifted her a pair of yellow Onitsuka Tiger Tai Chi Reb, the same shoes Uma Thurman wore in "Kill Bill" (she loves that movie). I scrawled on the card: "To my BRIDE." I was trying to be punny (Uma Thurman's character in "Kill Bill" was called The Bride). She loved it! She now rotates it with her everyday Sperrys.

Got a word for the shoephoric couples out there for V-Day?

Finding the perfect fit doesn't only apply to shoes; it also applies in love. I know it sounds unbelievably cringy, but there's really no way getting around that. Find the perfect shoe and it'll give you comfort and fond memories full of expression. Pretty much the same when you find the right partner in life. So keep on walking and keep on loving.