Nowadays, being a sneakerhead on a budget gets so frustrating! From apps to failed hookups, one needs a life support system or better yet a psychologist.

Here are a few brief, yet effective ways on how one can move on from a particular shoe release and muster a better mindset and even a strong chance at getting their most coveted new release soon!

Accept It

You just can’t win them all. They may have the latest drop now, but it all boils down to accept it. It’s “The One That Got Away.” It may be hard to get over with at first but you may be able to cop something better and suddenly, losing that sneaker ain’t that bad anymore.

Be Positive

Luck comes in different timelines. There will always be something better to cop. Three months from now, your mind will be on a different plane, or sneakerbox for that matter.

Dont Overpay If You Can

The temptation is there. Ask yourself “Is it really worth the resale price?” Before going all out, think deep. Sleep over it. Try YouTube shoe reviews or just don’t obsess over it. If you just can’t live without it, give it a go. Otherwise cop something more grail worthy.

Appreciate What You Have

Sure, they may have won the sneaker
to have this week, but look at the bigger picture. Look at what you already have. Get a pair from the shelf, try it on, stare at it, appreciate your rotation. Do you really need that pair bad? You may change your mind after you do a little unboxing or unshelving of your own.

Be More Vigilant

Keep your eyes peeled. If you want a pair that bad, read up! Don’t wait for release day. Follow us and a whole lot of sneaker sites. Knowledge and research is king.

Broaden Your Network

It pays to help each other. Friends who got the connects? Hit ‘em up! Got a friend who wants a sneaker you got access to? Pass it on. In the future he or she may be that point person for your next planned cop!