In the realm of merchandising, Kiss are on their A-game!

Their logo and faces are immortalized on a million items. From pinball machines and to mugs, even a Kiss Kasket! The list goes on and on!

But with the aging rockers, comfort is king!  Kiss just teamed up with Crocs for four new pairs of footwear.

The Bayaband Clog features the band’s faces along the sides of the shoe, while the top sports a flame and the famous Kiss logo.


Meanwhile, the Bayaband II Clog is a much more colourful affair, showing a multi-coloured logo and has a patterned side.


The standard Clog is all black, with the logo presented in classic yellow and black on the top, while the Platform Clog does exactly what it says – with a black and silver finish.

All four pairs are now out,
coinciding with the European leg of the KISS End Of The Road tour.

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