Thursday, 14, March 2019
Another Vetements collab is on the way!
Monday, 14, May 2018
The most stylish mules you’ll ever have... and here's proof!
Friday, 26, January 2018
This week's Paris Fashin Week was the talk of the town but it's the Vetements Fall/Winter 2018 shoe that triggered a lot of reactions.
Monday, 15, January 2018
If you missed out on the first one, then this rough and tumble masterpiece is a must!
Monday, 20, November, 2017
Fresh from their flash sale events in Seoul and Los Angeles, Vetements hosted a one-day pop-up event at Hong Kong’s Kai Tak Cruise Terminal this weekend.
Tuesday, 22, August 2017
Monday, 2, June 2017
Wednesday, 25, January 2017
Fresh from their last collaboration with Hanes, Vetements has another one up their sleeve with a Dr. Martens collaboration.