Friday, November 16, 2018
A nice deviation from the Skittles kind!
Thursday, November 15, 2018
The 63RD ST Lookbook is out!
Thursday, November 15, 2018
A collab is slated for the holidays.
Thursday, November 15, 2018
The last installment of the DBZ collab
Wednesday, November 14, 2018
It’s the maximalist shoe of the season!
Wednesday, November 14, 2018
It’s all fresh and flowery for Tyler, The Creator
Tuesday, November 13, 2018
Virgil Abloh finally reveals his debut collection for LV.
Tuesday, November 13, 2018
The vintage rock shirt god is back with another hot shoe!
Monday, 12, November, 2018
Alexander Wang delves into the avant-garde fusing the past and the present.
Monday, 12, November, 2018
Another ATMOS Air Max drops
Friday, 09, November, 2018
#SHOUTFIT is not just something you attach to an image, it’s a way of life!
Friday, 02, November, 2018
The Diamond makes a much awaited comeback
Wednesday, 31, October, 2018
When a costume dont cut it no more, go for a killer pair!
Wednesday, 30, October 2018
For the toy and shoe geeks out there!
Monday, 29, October, 2018
Just in time for Halloween
Friday, 26, October, 2018
A showcase of the shoephoric community's best shots happens on ASD ON 63RD ST!
Friday, 26, October, 2018
Keeping it extra cozy and cool for ASD ON 63RD ST.
Thursday, 25, October, 2018
Much love to our Media Partners for Saturday!
Thursday, 25, October, 2018
Fashion meets streetwear on Saturday!
Wednesday, 24, October, 2018
From cleaning, customizing and restoring!
Wednesday, 24, October, 2018
Party up and do your shopping with our merchants this Saturday!
Wednesday, 24, October 2018
The more the merrier!
Tuesday, 23, October, 2018
We’ve got a rich list of talents to get the day and evening moving.
Tuesday, 23, October, 2018
Pony Philippines is riding high with us this Saturday!
Tuesday, 23, October, 2018
FILA Philippines is ready to party with us this Saturday!
Monday, 22, October, 2018
Stick 'em up! Available on ASD ON 63RD ST!
Monday, 22, October, 2018
We got an epic raffle sponsor list lined up for Saturday
Friday, 19, October, 2018
Some tips to keep your holy grails fresh.
Thursday, 18 October 2018
The Chinatown Market has taken over our shores. It's about time!
Thursday, 18, October, 2018
He will be rocking heat on and off court
Wednesday, 17, October, 2018
It's all about being fresh and picture perfect.
Wednesday, 17, September, 2018
The man of the hour flosses a special custom Air Max 1
Tuesday, 16, October, 2018
A nice color combo with a cause
Tuesday, 16, October, 2018
A celebration of different cultures and pursuits in one social setting
Monday, 15, October, 2018
From the tried and true classics to modern awesomeness
Monday, 15, Octoer, 2018
A soon to be classic three way collab that you need
Friday, 12, October, 2018
Sneakerlab celebrates the art of sneaker maintenance with Your Kicks Are Under Arrest!
Friday, 12, October, 2018
Skechers and Nadine Lustre make for a lethal combo
Thursday, 11, October, 2018
Hardcore goodness in a shoe
Thursday, 11, October, 2018
We love the mix of cultures and modes of dress week after week.
Wednesday, 10, October, 2018
The three stripes is back once again with the Dragon Ball Z x adidas Prophere “Cell”
Tuesday, 09, October, 2018
Much love for keeping at it with heat week after week
Friday, 05, October 2018
We got the best brands and names for October 27!
Thursday, 04, October 2018
An iconic skate shoe is back
Wednesday, 03, October, 2018
Slated to release in a clean three-pack of colors
Wednesday, 03, October, 2018
SHOUTFIT is the ultimate display in stunting at profiling your kicks with the right fit and attitude.
Tuesday, 02, October, 2018
Every submission goes for the fine details in what the perfect shoe shot should be
Monday, 01, October, 2018
Support Your Friends has just dropped their Fall 2018 collection at Case Study Atelier.
Monday, 01, October, 2018
Last Thursday was a neat celebration of streetwear culture.
Friday, 28, September, 2018
Iconic films need iconic kicks
Thursday, 27, September, 2018
These DBZ Customs are sick
Wednesday, 26, September, 2018
Dressing from the feet up is self expression
Wednesday, 26, September, 2018
A blue and yellow pair is expected with lots of corduroy
Tuesday, 25, September, 2018
We can see it becoming one of the hottest streetwear establishments in town
Tuesday, 25, September, 2018
Beautiful by itself and even more stunning when worn
Monday, 24, September, 2018
Every shoe tells a story that defines the collector and the collected
Monday, 24, September, 2018
A factory mistake or a highly prized collectible
Friday, 20, September, 2018
FILA is definitely back with a lineup of killer releases
Thursday, 20, September, 2018
Globe and New Balance collaborates on a special collection that celebrates your next move
Wednesday, 20, September, 2018
The event was a night of music and style with international DJ Nosaj Thing
Wednesday, 19, September, 2018
Workwear vibes and rugged aesthetics
Tuesday, 18, September, 2018
Persona and character prevails
Tuesday, 18 September, 2018
What goes around comes back around
Monday, 17, September, 2018
It was a great night of music and sneakers
Monday, 17, September, 2018
This week's batch spans different eras of sneakerdom
Friday, 14, September, 2018
From mixing and matching the old school to the new, everything is on point!
Thursday, 13, September, 2018
A classic is making a comeback
Wednesday, 12, September, 2018
Happening this October 27 at the 3rd Floor of CW Home Depot in Chino Roces Makati
Tuesday, 11, September, 2018
A tribute to the Planet Mars
Monday, 10, Sept, 2018
Each captured image is consistent in terms of impact, graphic power and hype.
Monday, 10, September, 2018
Making a comeback this coming September 15
Friday, 07, September, 2018
Headlining this year with a strong lineup and killer aesthetics
Friday, 07, September, 2018
Proven time and time again
Thursday, 06, August, 2018
History in the making indeed
Thursday, 06, September, 2018
We cant even decide what to rock first
Wednesday, 05, September, 2018
Sought after and soon to be legendary
Wednesday, 05, September, 2018
Back in a wicked black and neon colorway
Tuesday, 04, September, 2018
Take a nice pair of shoes, dress around it and give it your personal shot.
Monday, 03, September, 2018
The newest Jordan 1... is not a basketball shoe!
Monday, 03, September, 2016
On point from classic basketball joints to modern day runners
Friday, 31, August, 2018
Top 6 must haves for a well rounded look
Thursday, 30, August, 2018
The most basic colorways reveal the best details
Thursday, 30, August, 2018
From chic to edgy
Wednesday, 29, August, 2018
The newest Nike SB X Supreme collab is a soccer shoe
Wednesday, 29, August, 2018
Forget about those ads you see on how you should dress and match it up. This is the real deal.
Tuesday, 28, August, 2018
Don’t Blame The Kids ventures towards a new direction collaborating with Lynyrd Paras
Tuesday, 28, August, 2018
Appreciation and realization... the true POTW essence
Monday, 27, August, 2018
Last Friday was a one of a kind treat for Saucony fans of all forms and ages
Friday, 24, August, 2018
Be on top of your game by following these accounts
Thursday, 23, August, 2018
A combination of cuteness and grunge in one shoe
Wednesday, 22, August, 2018
Running and lifestyle brand Saucony celebrates its 120th anniversary with the Run Your World launch this Friday
Wednesday, 22, August, 2018
Style and substance cannot live without the other
Tuesday, 21, August, 2018
Previews of two new Off-White x Nike Blazer Mids are out
Monday, 20, August 2018
This week is a shoe visual buffet
Friday, 17, August, 2018
End up owning pairs that you really love
Thursday, 16, August, 2018
If you missed out on the first release of React Element 87s then this may be your chance
Thursday, 16, August, 2018
An epic restoration of an epic shoe documented
Wednesday, 15, August, 2018
Tennis meets high fashion
Wednesday, 14, August, 2018
This week we got the names and images who represent the tag well
Monday, 13, August, 2018
For your vintage streetwear needs and more
Monday, 13, August, 2018
What better way to motivate the week with resolute images that tickle the senses
Friday, 10, August, 2018
If you need more style inspirations
Thursday, 09, August, 2018
Foam pastel chunky goodness
Wednesday, 08, August, 2016
One of the most sought-after brands in luxe streetwear just opened shop in the Philippines
Tuesday, 07, August, 2018
An assembly of the best put together outfits and looks
Tuesday, 07, August, 2018
John Mayer gets on the hype train
Monday, 06, August, 2018
This weeks POTW batch ranges from the old school to the new school icons of sneakerdom
Friday, 03, August, 2018
The most stylish, the most influential and the best pegs for your next SHOUTFIT
Thursday, 02, August 2018
Kanye West is never subtle and so are the kicks under his name
Thursday, 02, August, 2018
Vans releases a new collaboration in partnership with Van Gogh Museum
Thursday, 01, August, 2018
Sneaker and anime fans, this is your must cop shoe
Tuesday, 31, July 2018
A recap of what went down last Saturday
Tuesday, 31, July, 2018
Mixing and matching is what its all about
Monday, 30, July, 2018
A launch party has kicked off the long-awaited release of the FILA Disruptor II last Saturday
Monday, 30, July, 2018
Week after week you bring the heat that amaze and inspire us all
Friday, 27, July, 2018
Find out what makes an awesome SHOUTFIT photo
Thursday, 26, July, 2018
Back in black
Wednesday, 25, July, 2018
Witness the sample stage before they drop
Wednesday, 25, July, 2018
Power dressing with your kicks is a must
Tuesday, 24, July, 2018
Keep your kicks fresh the Rems way
Monday, 23, July 2018
This week is totally lit and off the charts
Friday, 20, July, 2018
Tips to tide you over your sneaker hunger
Thursday, 19, July, 2018
The Louis Vuitton Archlight is definitely pushing the boundaries
Wednesday, 18, July, 2018
Justin Timberlake and Jordan brand seem to be on the same page once again
Wednesday, 18, July, 2018
Because speed matters as much as looks
Tuesday, 18, July, 2018
SHOUTFIT is more than meets the hype hunting eye
Monday, 16, July, 2018
Mondays will never be as predictable because of our regular influx of entries from the best of the best.
Friday, 13, July, 2018
Today we compiled a list of what makes us all truly hyped and shoephoric
Friday, 12, July, 2018
Call it vintage or a throwback but the ever iconic Nike Presto can never be denied
Thursday, 12, July, 2018
A definite must cop in our books
Wednesday, 11, July, 2018
More air bubbled goodness in a triple colorway treatment
Tuesday, July, 2018
It's this certain mastery of combining the new with the traditional, and we recognize those who push the envelope.
Monday, 09, July, 2018
There is no substitiute for good taste and our members know that for a fact.
Monday, 09, July, 2018
SYF and Tenement recently held a collab event dubbed as the “Common Room.”
Friday, 06, July, 2018
Before you take the plunge, read on!
Thursday, 05, July, 2018
The shoe genuinely accents superior quality that makes its price worth it.
Thursday, 04, July, 2018
Kanye West has always envisioned the YEEZY Boost to be widely available, and it seems to be coming true.
Tuesday, 04, July, 2018
If you're into classic film memorabilia, then you're in for something crazy!
Tuesday, 03, July, 2018
Dressing from the feet up is not lived by like a mantra from some book. It comes naturally. It's instinct.
Tuesday, 03, July, 2018
We have our own language yet we are welcoming in all aspects since shoes are meant to be enjoyed by everyone.
Friday, 29, June, 2018
Change in the scene is healthy and here are 6 reasons why...
Thursday, 28, June, 2018
For the most hardcore Kung-Fu Kenny and Cortez fan!
Wednesday, 21, June, 2018
The React Element 87 fast became a sought after pair by sneaker enthusiasts. Are you hyped on them?
Tuesday, 27, June, 2018
It's more than meets the eye. It's about how you represent your inner shoephoric.
Tuesday, 26, June, 2018
Skate shoe freaks, Spice Girls and Britney Spears fans take note!
Monday, 25, June, 2018
Dubbed as “The Atomic Bang,” the name hints double the explosion as Bang releases his multiple collections.
Monday, 26, June, 2018
When shoes imitate art, the results are amazing! Thank you to this week's bunch!
Thursday, 21, June 2018
We are totally lost for words when it comes to sneakers we love and can we dare say this is an instant fave?
Wednesday, 20, June, 2018
State Bicycle Co. recreates the adidas YEEZY Boost 350 V2, into a ride specific shoe.
Monday, 18, June, 2018
Videogame freaks and Jordan fans will be happy to know that there's a special release in the form of the “Xbox” Air Jordan 1.
Thursday, 14, June 2018
shoephoric 2.0 is out! Be a part of it!
Wednesday, 10, June, 2018
Expressing his love for Jordans in the form of a luxury sneaker, Virgil Abloh is making history once again.
Monday, 11, June, 2018
New colorways and retooled, more Balenciaga heat for the rainy days ahead!
Tuesday, 5, June 2018
Our shoephoric collection like you’ve never seen before! Experience the heatwave here!
Monday, 04, June, 2018
LeBron James means business, but sometimes he can have fun even with his kicks!
Thursday, 31, May, 2018
A 3 way split of awesomeness. Simple yet oozing with sneaker class.
Wednesday, 30, May, 2018
Looking into collecting the cream of the crop? Then get those wallets and credit cards ready!
Tuesday, 29, May 2018
Be SHOUTFIT ready and take cues from your fellow shoephorics!
Tuesday, 29, May 2018
Shoes are true pieces of investment. So we summed up our top shoephoric tips to keep your shoes clean.
Monday, 28, May, 2018
Nike reclaims the past and gives us a glimpse of a brighter future through the “Be True” collection, a celebration of the LGBTQ community.
Friday, 25, May 2018
POTW is our oldest tradition and we can't get enough of it because of pictures like these...
Thursday, 24, April, 2018
Festive, colorful and never short on style and comfort, what among the three is your pick?
Tuesday, 22, May 2018
Some are embracing the chunky trend, while others are a bit hesitant. But whatever side you’re on right now, this news will work for you.
Monday, 21, May, 2018
You don't need to wear them all, you just have to understand them.
Friday, 18, May 2018
This is how to manage your sneaker addiction without going for broke!
Wednesday, 16, 2018
It’s the year 2018, and gone are the days when it’s just the shoes that do the talking. It’s about that full swag - on how you put yourself together.
Monday, 14, May, 2018
As simple as the shoe is, it's of legendary proportions and a must if you are a fan of Virgil Abloh and OFF-WHITE.
Friday, 11, May 2018
Dreams do come true with the right ingredients. Of course there's talent, but there's also persistence, luck and right timing. Virgil Abloh is the man.
Thursday, 10, May, 2018
Sneakerheads in all forms showed up to congregate and celebrate the love for sneakers and the culture that spawns it!
Tuesday, 08, May 2018
Kanye West just tweeted about a brand new hybrid YEEZY shoe. Is it too soon?
Monday, 7, May 2018
Best of the best! Take a look at these eye candy pics.
Monday, 07, May 2018
Be shoephoric for life with pairs that never go out of style!
Saturday, 05, May 2018
Wear it with a BANG! A collab for your ultimate SHOUTFIT.
Friday, 4, May 2018
The secret is out! Loud and clear! We're joining MSE with a BANG!
Wednesday, 2, May 2018
Let's welcome the new month with bold styles from our fellow shoephorics!
Wednesday, 02, May, 2018
Still can't make up your mind? Then this may be the deal breaker!
Tuesday, 01, May, 2018
Six Waffle Soled Classics For The Win!
Monday, 30, April, 2018
It's a love/hate relationship yet we choose to stay!
Thursday, 26, April, 2018
Chunky and pink. The 90's is back with a pastel vengeance.
Wednesday, 25, April, 2018
An SB Dunk, a Bearbrick set and a dad cap- all filled with Medicom Japan goodness!
Tuesday, 24, April, 2018
Tyler, the Creator gets all mono on us with this new one!
Monday, 23, April, 2018
Here are some interesting tidbits about Stan Smith and Kanye West's favorite brand.
Friday, 20, April, 2018
Tired of real estate or jaded with the bitcoin craze? Then get yourself some deadstock sneakers to invest in!
Thursday, 19, April, 2018
This may be Nike's subtle way of getting back at Kanye West.
Wednesday, 18, April, 2018
The need for another reigning boost king is becoming more and more evident.
Tuesday, 17, April, 2018
You may never get to visit outer space, but you can at least rock this NASA inspired Old Skool!
Monday, 16, April, 2018
Nike celebrates the "Free Expression" Artist Series with Ton Mak, AKA FLABJACKS with a colorful take on the Nike Free RN.
Thursday, 12, April, 2018
OFF–WHITE is once again dropping a limited number of the much grailed Nike Air Jordan 1 “Chicago” collaboration via an Instagram raffle.
Tuesday, 10, April 2018
SHOUTFIT 4 is out now with a brilliant barrage of colorways to give your fits a burst of flavor!
Tuesday, 10, April, 2018
Just in case the blue denim just isn't your cup of tea.
Friday, 6, April 2018
The winning shot brings out the deconstructive beauty of the Off-White x Air Jordan 1. Congrats to our POTM!
Friday, 06, April, 2018
A bright colored pair to match the scorching summer heat!
Thursday, 05, April, 2018
Each Rems product guarantees to prolong your prized pairs for a long time.
Tuesday, 03, March, 2018
Marking the duo's 10 year anniversary since they first worked together in 2008.
Monday, 02, April, 2018
Another collab. A friends and family exclusive? We will see...
Friday, 30, March, 2018
adidas is definitely on the forefront of everything these days including their skateboarding division with a brand new shoe collection.
Thursday, 29, March, 2018
The hybrid model is seen this time with a more loud and vibrant tone in the red colorway.
Wednesday,28, March 2018
The season is scorching hot and we have the perfect collection to complete your summer SHOUTFITs!
Wednesday, 28, March, 2018
The brand is immortalizing rap legends A Tribe Called Quest's legacy as one of the most iconic groups ever with a killer sneaker lineup!
Tuesday, 27, March, 2018
Giant air bubbled goodness makes this pair extra desirable and definitely wearable!
Monday, 26, March, 2018
These things don't bite, but they do leave a mark in time for the Air Max season!
Friday, 23, March 2018
This week we have a selection of fun and edgy looks, but still perfect for everyday wear. How do you style around your shoes?
Friday, 23, March, 2018
If you still can't get over the "Black Panther" movie, then you should see this!
Thursday, 22, March, 2018
Solebox will be selling the said shoe old school style straight out of a van customized with the design and the colorway of Wotherspoon’s Air Max 97/1.
Wednesday, 21, March, 2018
Such a wild idea. It deserves to be mass produced! What do you think?
Tuesday, 20, March, 2018
Just in time for Air Max Day, Nike just dropped two new colorways for the Air VaporMax Utility and Air VaporMax Moc 2.
Monday, 19, March, 2018
A literally 'lit" pair perfect to match the scorching hot season.
Friday, 16, March, 2018
If you are a Marvel fan, then these design concepts will awaken the kid in you!
Wednesday, 14, March, 2018
A sly combination that brings the hype of BAPE plus the functionality and the streetwise toughness of the SB Dunk.
Friday, 09, March, 2018
Nike continues to bring the Air Max fever with 2 new versions of the classic Air Max 97!
Wednesday, 07, March, 2018
Creepers from RiRi with a noble cause. Nothing more punk rock than that!
Monday, 05, March, 2018
Jordan 1 inspired high tops, here's something off the fashion forward mind of FOG creator Jerry Lorenzo.
Thursday, 01, March 2018
Both boast of glow-in-the-dark Liquid Blue Skulls that are appearing on this season's collection.
Wedenesday, 28, February, 2018
Craving for the all white masterpiece by Virgil Abloh? Find out where they will drop!
Tuesday, 27, February, 2018
Much to the surprise of the sneaker community, the Air Jordan 4 "Bred" Black Cement release has been moved for 2019 instead of this year. But yet, we choose to wait.
Monday, 26, February, 2018
This one goes for a louder and bolder color blocking with the color Magenta dominating the look.
Friday, 23, February, 2018
The classic is making a comeback in the form of the often overlooked 574!
Thursday, 22, February, 2018
Basketball fans have another reason to rejoice and fork over their wallets with the upcoming Supreme Airforce 1 "NBA Logos Edition."
Wednesday, 21, February 2018
It doesn’t have to be your ultimate lit SHOUTFITs or the hottest pair. Even your everyday look can be a style inspo... just like these!
Wednesday, 21, February, 2018
Celebrating this year’s Air Max Day, Nike is slated to drop a colorful twist on the hybrid Air Max 1/97.
Tuesday, 20, February, 2018
If there is a sneaker that successfully combines aesthetics, functionality and history, then you are looking at a shoe so perfect that the guys at Nike doesn’t even have to try.
Monday, 19, February 2018
The day of love isn't over yet. #shoephoric is filled with heart throbbing pictures! And we've saved the best for you to enjoy.
Monday, 19, February, 2018
Balenciaga's Creative head Demna Gvasalia has created something that will inspire us all for the spring season.
Friday, 16, February, 2018
Kung Fu vibes all around. This follows the much more simple first version of the Kendrick Lamar Cortez that dropped last month.
Thursday, 15, February, 2018
Coming off from a collaboration they did a few years ago, the team up needed an updated look for 2018.
Wednesday, 14, February, 2018
Years later, it may not be on the hype list but it's still a reliable damn shoe.
Tuesday, 13, February, 2018
One of Tinker Hatfield's finest moments in design, the shoe is a mid cut masterpiece that transcends time and tide.
Monday, 12, February 2018
shoephoric Magazine celebrates those who change the game constantly with every power move.
Monday, 12, February, 2018
Sneaker design is definitely progressing. Here, we are treated to an exclusive look at a fresh new Reebok shoe.
Friday, 09, February, 2018
Cosigned by A$AP Rocky back in 2017, it's finally out to join the competition.
Thursday, 08, February, 2018
Recently released under the Fila 96 label. In our hearts and minds it will always go by the Grant Hill name.
Wednesday, 7, February 2018
Feeling good is looking good. Get your style inspo right here, from your fellow shoephorics! Shout out to the following!
Tuesday, 06, February 2018
Skateboard P fans rejoice! Pharrell’s upcoming adidas NMD Hu Trail silhouette will be super inspired from the Holi Festival.
Monday, 5, February 2018
From what we see in #shoephoric, there seems to be a comeback for Air Jordan's. See what's trending and check out the best pics from last week!
Friday, 2, February 2018
You heard it right! Famous celebrity stylist and word class fashion designer Bang Pineda is dropping an exclusive line for the stylish kiddos out there.
Thursday, 01, February, 2018
It's all about the details for this latest AF1 reincarnation from CLOT and Nike.
Wednesday, 31, January 2018
shoephoric is our solid ground. It’s our home and you’re part of it. To give you the best, we’ve thoroughly redesigned our site to give you a fresher, more soleful experience.
Tuesday, 30, January 2018
The Converse One Star is a classic that spans generations. There's something about the Converse One Star that gives it a lasting and immortal appeal that can resonate with both your uncle and your IG-active younger brother.
Monday, 29, January, 2018
Do you think this will outdo the Chicagos or is it there just for the completists and shoe nerds?
Friday, 26, January 2018
This week's Paris Fashin Week was the talk of the town but it's the Vetements Fall/Winter 2018 shoe that triggered a lot of reactions.
Thursday, 25, January 2018
The beauty of streetwear is that there are no restrictions. It's your style, your SHOUTFIT! Get a dose of the best looks from the past week!
Thursday, 25, January, 2017
Can this finally be Nike's threat to the almighty BOOST technology from adidas?
Tuesday, 23, January, 2018
If you are a fan of the air soled kind, then you'd be glad to know that there's another one coming in the form of the Nike Air VaporMax Plus.
Monday, 22, January 2018
Urban Toy/Designer Legend Michael Lau fires all cylinders to give us a deconstructed take on a PUMA classic. Self Exclusive shoes? You bet.
Sunday, 21, January 2018
We’re back with our weekly feature! Here's the best of the best submissions from your shoephoric fam. Cheers to the following!
Thursday, 18, January 2018
Let's start the year in style! For our first SHOUTFIT for 2018, we collated our top looks to get you inspired.
Wednesday, 17, January, 2018
If you are into camo and basketball, then you'd be glad to hear that adidas and BAPE are onto a special collab pair for Damian Lillard of the Portland Blazers.
Tuesday, 16, January 2018
We’re all meant to be shoephoric! Beyond the retail therapy and stories, we give it our all to treat everyone with endless giveaways. See if you're part one of our lucky winners!
Tuesday, 16, January, 2018
Once your uncle's favorite sole unit, Vibram has moved on to streetwear thanks to the ever forward thinking individuals of sneakers and streetwear.
Monday, 15, January 2018
Many come and go in the sneaker game. But there are those whose love for it is unwavering. Meet our Pick of The Month!
Monday, 15, January 2018
If you missed out on the first one, then this rough and tumble masterpiece is a must!
Thursday, 11, January 2018
If you're a fan of the cartoons and you think adidas is a name to trust when it comes to putting a spin on them, then you'd be more than pleased! Two sneakers have leaked!
Wednesday, 10, January, 2018
Taking the red, black and white colorway to a whole new level.
Tuesday, 9, January 2018
Bella Hadid Stuns for Giuseppe Zanotti SS 2018
Monday, 8, January 2018
Air Max fans take note!
Friday, 5, January 2018
PONY Top Star 1977
Friday, 05, December, 2018
Barks and bites with waffle soles for 2018!
Wednesday, 03, January, 2018
History repeats itself once again with the return of a legendary pair.
Tuesday, 02, January 2018
Pure Stone Island bliss made for the rapper.
Monday, 1, January 2018
Nike marks the New Year with a luxurious touch with a “Black and Gold
Friday, 29, December, 2017
7 pairs, 7 Dragon Balls!
Thursday, 28, December, 2017
Hooray for the bulk!
Wednesday, 27, December 2017
Tuesday, 26, December, 2017
Did your favorite pair make our list?
Monday, 25, December 2017
Merry Christmas from shoephoric!
Monday, 25, December 2017
SHOUTFIT (12-25-2017)
Monday, 18, December 2017
PONY Topstar Suede Collection
Friday, 15, December 2017
SHOUTFIT (12-15-2017)
Friday, 15, December, 2017
A near realistic design process.
Thursday, 14, December 2017
Thursday, 14, December 2017
Eminem Air Jordan 4's May Soon Drop Again
Wednesday, 13, December, 2017
Luxurious practicality at its best.
Tuesday, 12, December, 2017
Collabs before the general drop? This may be the new normal.
Monday, 11, December2017
Monday, 11, December, 2017
Kitted out in a camouflage pattern exclusively used by the Japan Self-Defense Forces.
Friday, 8, December 2017
Friday, 8, December 2017
Christmas feels all around! This shoe will keep you warm for the holidays!
Wednesday, 6, December 2016
Wednesday, 6, December 2017
Tuesday, 05, December 2017
The chunky sneaker craze is definitely back!
Monday, 4, December 2017
No one can deny Michael Jordan's legacy and we can't get over his kicks as well.
Friday, 1, December 2017
Thursday, 30, November, 2017
The brand's latest collection conveys that they are not just for hiking no more.
Wednesday, 29, November 2017
Tuesday, 28, November, 2017
Now with actual on feet shots, you can now decide if pursuing this pair is worth it.
Monday, 27, November, 2017
"The Ten" may have a second part, but this one can feed your Virgil Abloh obsession for now.
Friday, 24, November 2017
Wednesday, 23, November 2017
Wednesday, 22, November 2017
Wednesday, 22, November, 2017
Times like these it pays to get more out of your sneaker bucks! Freshness guaranteed!
Tuesday, 21, November 2017
Virgil Abloh x Nike “The Ten
Monday, 20, November 2017
Chanel x Pharrell x adidas Originals Hu NMD Drops Nov. 21
Monday, 20, November, 2017
Fresh from their flash sale events in Seoul and Los Angeles, Vetements hosted a one-day pop-up event at Hong Kong’s Kai Tak Cruise Terminal this weekend.
Friday, 17, November 2017
Don’t Blame The Kids X PONY official launch tomorrow November 18 at Dulo Makati!
Friday, 17, November, 2017
Whether you're a LeBron fan or not, the Nike LeBron 15 is one solid pair that epitomizes design and purpose.
Thursday, 16, November, 2017
Kanye West and adidas are up to something new once again for the coming holiday season.
Thursday, 16, November 2017
Wednesday, 15, November, 2017
The Weeknd and PUMA are back with their new collection for FW17.
Tuesday, 14, November, 2017
The collection includes versions of André’s classroom daydream sketches brought to life.
Monday, 13, November 2017
Air Jordan 1 "Rust Pink" a closer look.
Friday, 10, November 2017
From downright street to ultra chill, we’re undeniably strong.
Friday, 10, November 2017
Friday, 10, September, 2017
The pigeon once again lands on November 11.
Thursday, 09, November, 2017
Premium feels all around.
Wednesday, 8, November 2017
Every pair, every shot is a statement in itself that the shoephoric community is getting stronger as time goes by! Cheers to our submissions for this week!
Wednesday, 8, November 2017
Worthy of a queen, the Air Jordan 11 “Heiress
Friday, 3, November 2017
Thursday, 02, November, 2017
Actual VHS player not included.
Monday, 30, October, 2017
Celebrating the 35th anniversary of the 1982 Air Force 1, Nike enlists celebrities and designers from all over.
Wednesday, 25, October 2017
Renan Pacson X shoephoric
Tuesday, 24, October 2017
Tuesday, 24, October, 2017
Last October 15 was a Sunday afternoon to remember as shoe, streetwear, and toy culture were in full force at the RONAC Art Center.
Monday, 23, October, 2017
Key features include Leather and mesh upper, reflective hits and Max Air tooling.
Friday, 20, October 2017
shoephoric Magazine III is out now!
Friday, 20, October, 2017
The Riccardo Tisci x NikeLab Dunk Lux Chukka is a shoe that slyly combines skateboarding and basketball into a creation that speaks for itself.
Thursday, 19, October 2017
Pick Of The Week #ShowYourSoles
Thursday, 19, October, 2017
Fine detailing and simplicity in one solid package.
Wednesday, 18, October, 2017
16 pairs made, inspired by the game.
Tuesday, 17, October, 2017
The Onitsuka Tiger store at Shangri-La Plaza, Mandaluyong have just opened its doors with a neat retro shoe to match!
Monday, 16, October, 2017
Starting off strong is this all red Cortez.
Friday, 13, October 2017
Cheers to the weekend! Let's end the week strong.
Friday, 13, October, 2017
Rihanna is back with a brand new pointed version of her hit Puma Creepers.
Thursday, 12, October 2017
Basketball joints, particularly the Jordan 1s have been immortalized for its epic history and strong appeal.
Thursday, 12, October, 2017
There are pairs that strike an emotional chord of retro youth- this is definitely one of them.
Tuesdday, 11, October 2017
All Soles Day happening this October 26-27, 2017
Wednesday, 11, October, 2017
A collaborative capsule in full black regalia was just confirmed from mastermind's IG account.
Tuesday, 10, October, 2017
Dropping at The Sneakpeek Trinoma this Saturday!
Monday, 9, October 2017
The Third World Where Ends Meet
Monday, 09, October, 2017
If you were too young and missed out on the Danny Supa Dunks in 2002, then you've just got yourself a second chance.
Friday, 06, October, 2017
Although this is a leak from NMD and Pharrell Williams fans, we can safely say that this collaboration can be a possibility
Thursday, 05, October, 2017
Influential London streetwear label Trapstar have given the classic Puma Basket a flavor of its own.
Wednesday, 04, October, 207
Balenciaga puts their designer twist on the Crocs..
Tuesday, 3, October 2017
Tuesday, 03, October, 2017
Holiday 2017 sees the Nike Air Max Goadome redesigned into a women’s sneakerboot.
Monday, 02, October, 2017
It's a celebration and we're all invited!
Friday, 29, September 2017
Friday, 29, September 2017
When shoes and art come together for the urban art scene it becomes a force to be reckoned with.
Friday, 29, September, 2017
Palace Skateboards and adidas unearth a much loved skate classic.
Thursday, 28, September, 2017
"If you're to put a twist on a classic, best do it right."
Wednesday, (9-27-2017)
Wednesday, 27, September, 2017
Finally, Nike SB presents a skate shoe designed specifically for women.
Tuesday, 26, September, 2017
Straight outta China! The iconic Chinese sneaker brand Warrior回力 is finally being seen on a global scale.
Monday, 25, September, 2017
The Vans Old Skool is an icon that is often imitated and never duplicated... but for this one we're making an exception.
Saturday, 23, September 2017
Friday, 22, September, 2017
The extensive and jaw dropping list is a definitive rundown of the most coveted kicks from the late ’90s and early 2000s.
Thursday, 21, September, 2017
24 pairs worldwide. Truly, the next best thing to seeing the Black Mambe in person is seeing this pair up front.
Wednesday, 20, September 2017
Tuesday, 19, September, 2017
Nike is back at it again with brand new knitted technology dubbed as the Flyleather.
Monday, 18, September, 2017
The sneaker industry moves in the most unpredictable ways. This time finding Under Armour in alliance with A$AP Rocky.
Friday, 15, September 2017
Friday, 15, September 2017
Maximum visual impact succeeded! Meet our shoephoric Pick Of The Month
Friday, 15, September, 2017
An obvious nod to an esteemed Italian brand.
Thursday, 14, September, 2017
A rebellious classy touch to one of the best shoe silhouettes of all time- the canvas sneaker.
Wednesday, 13, September 2017
ROYALTY Future Classics Release Party was jammed packed.
Wednesday, 13, September, 2017
Designed as a trail sneaker with a sock-like fit, This release is a neat tribute to nature.
Tuesday, 12, September 2017
Tuesday, 12, September, 2017
There's no better time than now to cop a classic and iconic shoe.
Monday, 11, September 2017
Sneakpeek launches New Balance x Stance MRL247 All Day & All Night at Beta Night PH
Monday, 11, September, 2017
LeBron James fresh from his Manila visit has another one coming up his sleeve.
Friday, 8, September 2017
Friday, 08, September, 2017
If you have an itchy pair of feet raring for a new adventure daily, then the Louis Vuitton World Tour Sneaker is yours to own.
Thursday, 07, September, 2017
Get those cameras in full gear... the only limit is your imagination!
Thursday,7, September 2017
Royalty Future Classics Release Party this Saturday at TOYO Eatery.
Wednesday, 06, September, 2017
The new all white YEEZY Runners makes a fashion debut.
Tuesday, 5, September 2017
This week’s theme celebrates the thrill of the game.
Tuesday, 05, September, 2017
Fresh from the adidas by Raf Simons FW17 Collection is a fresh new twist on the Ozweego III silhouette.
Monday, 4, September 2017
Don’t Blame The Kids “Telefuture - DELIVERY 2
Monday, 04, September, 2017
Pharrell celbrates hi s N*E*R*D legacy with a killer NMD
Friday, 1, September 2017
Be it a chill day or when we’re out and about, we always make it a point to look good from the feet up.
Thursday, 31, August, 2017
Ronnie Fieg chose to throw a party in the form of a shoe. A pair of epic proportions.
Wednesday, 30, August, 2017
Taking design cues from both the Grid 8000 and Grid 9000, this silhouette continues the premium look that was achieved in the Grid SD.
Tuesday, 29, August 2017
Monday, 28, August, 2017
It's official. Kendrick Lamar has left the Reebok Building for the Swoosh.
Friday, 25, August 2017
SHOUTFIT (08-25-2017)
Friday, 25, August 2017
Manila Sneaker Expo 5 Event recap
Thursday, 24, August, 2017
This twist of Gosha Rubchunskiy on the T-1 Mid sneakers deserves a place in your collection.
Wednesday, 23, August 2017
Our #LadiesNight giveaway celebrates our girl friend, our bae, our#ShoephoricMatch!
Wednesday, 23, August 2017
We covered the first custom sneaker workshop by IED Customs, and this is what went down.
Tuesday, 22, August 2017
Tuesday, 22, August, 2017
Footwear design goes another notch higher with Virgil Abloh's New Design Project “The Ten
Monday, 21, August, 2017
PUMA along with The Weeknd have just created a new variation of the Tsugi Shinsei Nido in two new colorways.
Friday, 18, August 2017
SHOUTFIT (8-18-2017)
Thursday, 17, August, 2017
Rock those best fits and kicks and we will be on the lookout, we will snap you up!
Thursday, 17, August, 2017
This OFF WHITE Spray Paint Shoe is a clever mix of clean lines and street vibes.
Wednesday, 16, August, 2017
The Jordan 1 Bred gets the Flyknit treatment!
Tuesday, 15, August 2017
shoephori c pick of the week
Tuesday, 15, August, 2017
Here's a nice detailed, on-foot look on the NEIGHBORHOOD x adidas Originals NMD R1.
Monday, 14, August 2017
Join Now! Sneaker Overhaul by I.E.D Customs
Monday, 14, August, 2017
Yeezy Season ain't dead just yet!
Friday, 11, August 2017
Friday, 11, August, 2017
If you're into basketball memorabilia, then you'd freak out on these.
Thursday, 10, August, 2017
This Sk8-Hi collab with Thrasher may rank in our book as one of the best yet.
Wednesday, 9, August 2017
Thursday, 09, August 2017
August 20 is the date to remember!
Tuesday, 8, Augustt 2017
Tuesday, 08, August, 2017
Reconstruct, the Dutch fashion collective has recently created headlines by reimagining the Chuck Taylor All Star low-top.
Monday, 07, August, 2017
The Staple Pigeon Brand and PUMA are back off the coop once again!
Friday, 4, August 2017
Friday, 04, August, 2017
If you can't decide which colorway to rock. then by all means indulge.
Thursday, 03, August, 2017
adidas has orchestrated the perfect combination.
Wednesday, 02, August, 2017
Here's another COMME des GARCONS creation this time a twist at the constantly hyped Nike Air VaporMax.
Tuesday, 1, August 2017
Tuesday, 01, August, 2017
A peek at the lates t developments from Jerry Lorenzo and co.
Monday, 31, July 2017
The Jordan 1 Chicago is dropping with an OFF-WHITE twist.
Friday,28, July 2017
Friday, 28, July, 2017
Dubbed as the "Tennis Hu," the 4 pair offering sees a youthful seasonal color palette that the artist is known for.
Thursday, 27, July, 2017
The barriers between streetwear and luxe brands are finally being broken down. Skate? Luxe? It can't be stereotyped no more.
Wednesday, 26, July, 2017
What do you think of the shoes, is it sheer genius or is it recipe for a brand war?
Tuesday, 25, July 2017
Tuesday, 25, July, 2017
In support of the Kay Yow Breast Cancer Fund, Nike Basketball has turned the Nike Lebron Soldier 11 into a canvas for a cause.
Monday, 24, July, 2017
A teched out version of the 2005 classic.
Friday, 21, July 2017
Friday, 21, July, 2017
Every pair has a story. What's yours?
Thursday, 20, July 2017
Nike will be releasing a very good looking laceless Air VaporMax.
Thursday, 20, July, 2017
Clean lines, nice materials and a whole lotta attitude.
Wednesday, 19, July 2017
Wednesday, 19, July 2017
It's coming out sooner than you think!
Tuesday, 18, July 2017
Tuesday, 18, July, 2017
Find out if your choices are "key investment" pieces.
Monday, 17, June 2017
Monday, 17, July, 2017
Tennis fans should take dibs on these. Roger is the man.
Friday, 14, July 2017
Friday, 14, July, 2017
One decade after the first release, Nike is bringing back the Air Max 1 "Skulls"
Thursday, 13, July, 2017
A bit grungey maybe, a bit punk, but never subdued.
Wednesday, 12, July 2017
Wednesday, 12, July, 2017
Tattoo art legend Mister Cartoon has another collaboration up with Nike that pays tribute to L.A. culture with the classic Cortez shoe.
Tuesday, 11, July 2017
Tuesday, 11, July 2017
Tuesday, 11, July 2017
Tyler, the Creator fans rejoice!
Monday, 10, July 2017
The proceeds from this one of a kind auction will go to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.
Friday, 7, July 2017
Friday, 7, July 2017
Friday, 07, July 2017
If you're into form and function for intense skateability, then this shoe is for you.
Thursday, 06, July 2017
The classic basketball shoe has returned!
Wednesday, 5, July 2017
Wednesday, 05, July 2017
Ready to rock for some web-slinging fun in time for the movie!
Tuesday, 4, July 2017
Tuesday, 04, July 2017
For rocking, running and chilling. The Macbeth Fischers are a must.
Monday, 03, July 2017
Probably the best shoe to celebrate your December.
Friday, 20, June 2017
Thursday, 29, June 2017
The Secret Fresh Apparel x Daboy launch brought together cinema, streetwear and shoephorics to celebrate a legend's legacy.
Wednesday, 28, June 2017
Comme des Garcons and Nike have revealed a new collaboration fresh from their runway show in Paris last weekend.
Tuesday, 27, June 2017
You can own one, if you're Mark Wahlberg.
Monday, 26, June 2017
Monday, 26, June 2017
Another VLONE AF 1 hits the market... this time with straps!
Friday, 23, June 2017
Friday, 23, June 2017
It's all black and roses this time around.
Thursday, 22, June 2017
Thursday, 22, June 2017
Street Gothic style. Anyone up for them?
Wednesday, 21, June 2017
“The ultimate tool for the versatile basketball player and their requirement of balanced footwork.
Tuesday, 20, June 2017
Tuesday, 20, June 2017
Can you say Punk Rock? Then this is your next target!
Monday, 19, June 2017
Staple Design is celebrating its 20th year of existence with a collaboration with Dr. Martens.
Friday, 16, June 2017
Friday, 16, June 2017
Friday, 16, June 2017
Are you this shoe crazy? This is definitely pushing the envelope.
Thursday, 15, June 2017
Pigalle and Nike are longtime partners when it comes to killer collaborations... here's another one to keep you on your toes.
Wednesday, 14, June 2017
We hunt, we rock, we celebrate.
Wednesday, 14, June 2017
DJ Khaled has a lot to be grateful for, and that includes his Jordan Brand collab.
Tuesday, 13, June 2017
Tuesday, 13, June 2017
A double brand release for the G.O.A.T. himself
Monday, 12, June 2017
Footwear legend Dr. Martens have teamed up with French retailer colette to celebrate the outfit's 20th anniversary.
Friday, 9, June 2017
Finally! Icy pink soles! The adidas Originals Campus gets an ultra pretty update.
Friday, 09, June 2017
Converse and premiere Italian company Missoni have teamed up for these woven beauties.
Thursday, 08, June 2017
Ladies, try not to freak out. But there’ll be a Sophia Webster X PUMA Fall 2017!
Thursday, 08, June 2017
More chunk to your funk. Balenciaga has unveiled a new colorway for the Triple S Trainer.
Wednesday, 7, June 2017
Wednesday, 07, June 2017
From skaters, to Kate Moss, to Korn, to Limp Bizkit, this shoe will bring out your inner 90's kid.
Tuesday, 6, June 2017
Tuesday, 06, June 2017
One can never have enough Jordan 1's.
Monday, 5, May 2017
adidas is making waves to transform marine plastic pollution into high performance sneakers.
Monday, 05, June 2017
The iconic TV series are now immortalized onto the the California footwear label’s Sk8-Hi, Authentic, Old Skool, and Slip-On.
Monday, 2, June 2017
Friday, 02, June 2017
For only $20, this is the best your sneaker protection money can buy.
Wednesday, 31, May 2017
Wood Wood celebrates their 15 year anniversary with a 1960’s electronic inspired ASICS Tiger GEL-DS Trainer.
Wednesday, 31, May 2017
If you thought the Kanye craze stops with the Boosts, then here's another shoe to go totally ballistic on.
Tuesday, 30, May 2017
Tuesday, 30, May 2017
While no confirmed details have been released, it looks like a collab could be on the way.
Friday, 26, May 2017
Patta collaborates once again with Vans for another wild eyed release.
Thursday, 25, May 2017
Wednesday, 24, May 2017
Wednesday, 24, May 2017
Skittles-flavored Jordans anyone?
Tuesday, 23, May 2017
Tuesday, 23, May 2017
Receiving the "Red Carpet" treatment, the black and "Hyper Turquoise
Monday, 22, May 2017
Pick of The Month (April 2017)
Monday, 22, May 2017
This time the tandem has just dropped their 2017 lineup and they are on fire!
Friday, 19, May 2017
I Love Ugly X Onitsuka Tiger “Samsara
Friday, 19, May 2017
If you're a fan of the EQT 93/16 Support , then here's a far more deluxe twist to get your mouth watering.
Thursday, 18, May 2017
Where The Wild Things Are: AQUAZZURA
Thursday, 18, May 2017
Summer ain't over yet! Here's a terry cloth iteration of the classic 574's.
Wednesday, 17, May 2017
Wednesday, 17, May 2017
The collab is a neat twist on on Michael Jordan’s iconic 1985 “Chicago
Tuesday, 16, May 2017
Tuesday, 16, May 2017
The new Stella McCartney collab with adidas is a must have among the adventurous and fashion forward.
Monday, 15, May 2017
Keds celebrates their 100th year anniversary with their “New Court Classics
Monday, 15, May 2017
Anti Social Social Club is taking their name to new heights via its upcoming collab with Dover Street Market and Vans.
Friday, 12, May 2017
Featured in the latest 2017 Spring campaign is the rapper's clean aesthetic.
Thursday, 10, May 2017
Another win for the streetwear icon and the skate shoe legend.
Wednesday, 08, May 2017
Nothing comes close to chocolate and nice sneakers. Saucony brings a chocolate-y twist to their iconic runner, the Shadow 5000.
Tuesday, 9, May 2017
Tuesday, 09, May 2017
adidas has 2 new colorways added to the Climacool shoe roster and they are perfect to cap off the summer heat.
Monday, 8, May 2017
A blush of pink always does the trick.
Monday, 08, May 2017
Seeing the light of day because of the 15th SB Anniversary, the shoe remains faithful to the original.
Thursday, 4, May 2017
Wednesday, 3, May 2017
Wednesday, 03, May 2017
If you're into conquering the outdoors and the streets with style then you'd be glad to see the NikeLab ACG 07 CMTR.
Tuesday, 02, May 2017
The classic adidas Originals Samba shoes is on the comeback tip once again.
Monday, 01, May 2017
Simplicity and quality are evident in the Common Projects X Dover Street Market collab.
Friday, 28, April 2017
You'd be glad to know that the Supreme X Nike Air More Uptempo will be finally seeing the light of day.
Thursday, 27, April 2017
The sneakers that sparked a revolution of roses and pop art patchwork.
Wednesday, 26, April 2017
Wednesday, 26, April 2017
If you are on the prowl for jungle inspired kicks, then look no further!
Tuesday, 25, April 2017
Tuesday, 25, April 2017
Friday, 21, April 2017
Timberland and Pittsburgh-based company Threads, have created a collection that zooms in on the fine art of recycling.
Thursday, 20, April 2017
Have you ever wished for a shoe that can transition in and out of the beach this summer? Then search no more.
Wednesday, 19, April 2017
Wednesday, 19, March 2017
The Air Sock Racer OG will be available for customization via the NIKEid platform this May 4.
Tuesday, 18, April 2017
Tuesday, 18, April 2017
Tuesday, 18, April 2017
This may be the strongest most visually arresting shoe we've ever laid eyes on
Monday, 17, April 2017
Easter Sunday happened and this shoe just came out to match the season.
Thursday, 13, April 2017
OFF-WHITE x Vans "Caution" Pack
Wednesday, 12, April 2017
adidas will be releasing a colorful collection of the Iniki Runners this April 20.
Wednesday, 12, April 2017
Here's your first look at the Dark Green colorway for the YEEZY BOOST 350.
Tuesday, 11, April 2017
Tuesday, 11, April 2017
When we first laid eyes on this pair, we knew we had to have it. A piece of Filipino shoe history with a purpose.
Monday, 10, April 2017
The said shoe is said to "cure' your deepest and most addictive side! Will it help or worsen your obsessions?
Friday, 07, April 2017
PUMA ambassador and model Cara Delevingne has her own signature model... the collection looks amazing!
Thursday, 6, April 2017
Surprise drop! Here’s the latest collaboration from Supreme.
Thursday, 06, April 2017
Gucci has created something fresh and creative with Ace accessories for Pre-Fall 2017.
Wednesday, 5, April 2017
Wednesday, 05, April 2017
The overall look is perfect on and off court.
Tuesday, 4, April 2017
Meet the “Jazz O Cozy
Tuesday, 04, March 2017
Summer may be all about colors and patterns but there will always be individuals who'd want more black in their rack!
Monday, 3, April 2017
Tuesday, 03, April 2017
Philippine sneaker history in the making. Best find a way to cop a pair.
Friday, 31, March 2017
Tomorrow, hypebeasts and high end street art fanatics will be going crazy for the coveted KAWS x Jordan collaboration. Are you down?
Sunday, 26, March 2017
Today commemorates the launch of the original Air Max all the way back from 1987. Here are our top 4 picks!
Friday, 24, March 2017
The latest NMD City Sock maybe unconventional but it’s still a masterpiece in its own right.
Thursday, 23, March 2017
The love for shoes isn’t what the latest trend is, but what truly rocks your #shoephoric sole. S/O to the following for reminding us that diversity and individuality rules!
Thursday, 23, March 2017
From all the stream of Yeezy releases left and right, we never get tired of them don't we?
Wednesday, 22, March 2017
Available in black and white, this may be your go-to shoe for the summer season.
Tuesday, 21, March 2017
Tuesday, 21, March 2017
This new offering dubbed as the EQT Equipment Support RF is ready for urban warfare.
Monday, 20, March 2017
Crafted with style, performance and the love for the Ocean, the latest adidas Parley is out now.
Monday, 20, March 2017
The shoe comes in three options, an off-white one, a bright yellow pair, and a checkered printed one that screams Punk and Ska.
Friday, 17, March 2017
Thursday 18, March 2017
Using the legendary Blazer, this one looks like a future classic.
Wednesday, 15, March 2017
Our culture is what brings us together. We all support one another and cheer on those who truly live #shoephoric lifestyle. For February, props to our Pick of The Month for spreading the love!
Wednesday, 15, March 2017
The star of the show here are the blood red and royal blue splatters.
Tuesday, 14, March 2017
Will you go Cookie Monster crazy this April 1 for a pair?
Monday, 13, March, 2017
Last March 2 saw one of the most fun and filling events this side of sneakerdom via the Soleslam X Heineken "Cheat Day" presented by Fatburger.
Friday, 10, March 2017
Friday, 10, March 2017
If you're a KAWS fan, then you're in for a treat.
Thursday, 9, March 2017
Game changers - that’s what you guys are. From the most limited to the hottest pairs at the moment, you guys and gals give us a taste of what awesome shoes are there. Shout out to our loud and proud friends who rock our #shoephoric world.
Thursday, 09, March 2017
15 years. What can we say? We love the Dunk SB.
Wednesday, 8, March 2017
Make the fashion cut this summer with the new Women Originals Stan Smith and Gazelle.
Tuesday, 7, March 2017
Tuesday, 03, March 2017
David Olivarez gives us a glimpse into the future by imagining the possibilities with his futuristic creation.
Monday, 6, March 2017
Monday, 06, March 2017
Inspired by the soothing vibe of traditional Japanese gardens, this one may be your next cop.
Friday, 3, March 2017
Thursday, 2, March 2017
The first collaboration of NAKED and adidas Consortium takes inspiration from the serene oceans. By far one of the best soft hued shoes we’ve seen so far.
Thursday, 02, March 2017
Rejoice Doraemon fans! Your must cop shoe is here!
Wednesday, 1, March 2017
Each picture shared in #shoephoric brightens our day and everyone else in our community. Your shots have our nod of approval, especially to these standout shots that gained a lot of attention.
Wednesday, 01, March 2017
Animalistic! Supreme and Vans are at it once again with another collaboration.
Tuesday, 28, February 2017
Get a feminine touch of dreamy soft hues with the pastel collection from Keds.
Tuesday, 28, February 2017
The Nike Air Max is definitely on its way back to sneaker supremacy in time for this year's Air Max Day.
Monday, 27, February 2017
Monday, 27, February 2017
If you still haven't decided if it's must cop or not, then maybe these on feet shots can help.
Friday, 24, February 2017
The Three Stripe giant officially announced the global launch of their much teased adidas Iniki Runner. The old school themed runner takes inspo from adidas’ iconic sneakers then fused with their in-the-now Boost technology.
Friday, 24, February 2017
Nothing sweeter than getting a sneaker you love that contributes to something worthwhile.
Thursday, 23, February 2017
It’s true that shoes tell a lot about a person, they are an extension of one’s personality. This week we raise our glasses to these individuals who rocked Shoephoric with their killer pairs. Shout out to the ff:
Tuesday, 22, February 2017
The Air Max Atmos is back! That's all you need to know!
Tuesdaym 21, February 2017
Introducing the CS2, an all new adidas NMD.
Tuesday, 21, February 2017
Here's something to look forward to if you want your Royals with a lux twist.
Monday, 20, February 2017
This cream-colored pair will surely be a conversation fodder among critics and fans alike.
Friday, 17, February 2017
The zebra pattern is a surefire way to bring back the "beast" in "hypebeast."
Thursday, 16, February 2017
Overall, a nice addition to your NMD Collection if you're a completist or you just want a standout runner that boasts of comfortability and a classy look.
Thursday, 16, February 2017
Pick of The Week (02-16-2017)
Wednesday, 15, February 2017
Stuart Weitzman’s latest collection sets the stage for a new generation of fashion essentials.
Tuesday, 14, February 2017
Through all the amazing pictures we see in Shoephoric, these two shots stand out with style!
Tuesday, 14, February 2017
The Our Legacy X Vans collaboration boasts of sneakers that look like they came out off 80's/90's Hardcore Punk album covers.
Monday, 13, February 2017
Pumped Up Kicks opens its doors to a bigger and grander shop.
Saturday, 11, February 2017
Thinking of special Valentines gift? Surprise your special someone with a custom designed Keds!
Friday, 10, February 2017
Nike celebrates half a century of hoops with an ultra lux collection.
Thursday, 9, February 2017
Each pair will captivate you its awesomeness. High fives and fist bumps to the following who rep #Shoephoric to the fullest.
Thursday, 09, January 2017
Anything in red / black will be a standout and this Pharrell Williams X Hu NMD is perfect proof.
Wednesday, 8, February 2017
Fresh from the Streets of NYC, PONY drops a new colorway of their iconic City Wings.
Wednesday, 08, February 2017
The classic Chuck Taylor gets the high end leather treatment.
Tuesday, 07, February 2017
Decked out in a strong black/orange colorway, this one pays tribute to Harlem's basketball legacy.
Monday, 6, February 2017
Thinking of celebrating the month of romance with couple kicks? The Jordan brand will be releasing just the right pair for the special Shoephoric in your life.
Monday, 06, February, 2017
From their much hyped NMD line, adidas Originals have revamped the classic adidas Superstar shelltoes into a full blown Superstar Boost attack.
Friday, 3, February 2017
From crystal clear shots to in-the-moment pictures, our #PickofTheWeek will captivate you in their own unique way. High Cheers to the these awesome Shoephorics!
Friday, 03, February, 2017
Can't go wrong with black tumbled leather and white midsoles right?
Thursday, 02, February 2017
It used to be albums that market music but times have changed and merchandising is key to a band's relevance. Who are we to argue with releases like these?
Wednesday, 1, February 2017
You know she’ll love them. The women's exclusive adidas Ultra Boost 3.0 drops today.
Wednesday, 01, February 2017
The Jordan IV is a forever iconic sneaker, and that fact is only strengthened once more on the the Jordan IV "Royalty."
Tuesday, 31, January 2017
As their 1st anniversary celebration and the opening of their new tattoo shop, Pumped Up Kicks will be raffling off two pairs of Yeezy Boost 350 V2 this February 4.
Tuesday, 31, January 2017
Kanye West and adidas are keeping the fire burning with the latest YEEZY version, the YEEZY 350 V2 "Core Black/Red" dropping this February 11.
Monday, 30, January 2017
Last call to experience the prime of NYC street style. Drop by PONY pop-up store now!
Friday, 27, January 2017
Great pictures have great impact! Cheers to the best pics from this week!
Friday, 27, January 2017
New Balance broadens its 247 line with the all-new 247 Sport.
Friday, 27, January, 2017
Much like Shoephoric, LIOP is an app that goes beyond its digital form, something that creates a deeper connection.
Thursday, 26, January 2017
Thursday, 26, January 2017
Ever seen a K-Swiss done this way? We haven't and this one hits it right on the head.
Wednesday, 25, January 2017
Unleash your prima ballerina in PUMA Swan Pack Collection.
Wednesday, 25, January 2017
Fresh from their last collaboration with Hanes, Vetements has another one up their sleeve with a Dr. Martens collaboration.
Tuesday, 24, January 2017
The Jordan Brands drops their CNY collection in U.S. this January 28.
Tuesday, 24, January 2017
When it comes to the weirdest and strangest silhouettes for shoes, Rick Owens is the master of the artform.
Monday, 23, January 2017
If you want some punk rock kicks in your life, then the new Converse X Mastermind Japan collab is your best bet.
Friday, 20, January 2017
Ever encountered a shoe with Kevlar material? The Ventilator is back in black!
Thursday, 19, January 2017
This creation of Pharrell Williams and adidas Originals is a call to arms for love, peace and unity.
Wednesday, 18, January 2017
Greatness – the best word to describe this week’s set of pictures.
Tuesday, 17, January 2017
Shoes and music have been a tandem since the beginning of time. Graphics artist Patso Dimitrov redesigned six shoes from artwork his favorite music albums.
Tuesday, 17, January 2017
A far more challenging colorway to rock compared to its former versions, will you dare rock 'em?
Monday, 16, January, 2017
A part of a larger capsule in the collaboration's upcoming Spring/Summer 2017 collection, time will tell if it will be a hit among the OFF-WHITE faithful.
Friday, 13, January 2017
Japanese fashion house COMME des GARÇONS gets funky with their collaboration with Nike.
Friday, 13, January 2017
It's a pretty clean collaboration that deserves a spot in any three dot collector's closet.
Thursday, 12, December 2017
Wednesday, 11, January, 2016
The house of Margiela has just put out a Flyknit-like shoe that will drive the fashion conscious fiending for a pair.
Wednesday, 11, January 2017
Looking forward for warmer days? Jimmy Choo is. The luxury brand gives us a lavish taste of summer heels.
Tuesday, 10, January 2017
Let’s give it up to our first Pick of The Week for 2017!
Tuesday, 10, January 2017
If you missed out on these, then you should make some moves now!
Monday, 9, January 2017
2016 was a year of high flying wins! To sum up our collective greatness we singled out the best picture that encapsulates this momentous year.
Monday, 09, January 2017
Are you feeling these customs? We are! One for a prosperous year!
Friday, 6, January 2017
Not easily impressed with heels? Then check out these sexy pairs from Dsquared2!
Friday, 06, January 2017
Here's a women's exclusive Binary Blue version that exudes toughness and functionality.
Thursday, 5, January 2017
These two pros hyped up our Shoephoric community with their limited edition kicks, both set on a highly picturesque scale.
Wednesday, 4, January 2017
Wednesday, 04, January 2017
Would you rock these crochet versions of hypebeast favorites?
Tuesday, 3, January 2017
Finally, it's out of the box... The one to set off our 2017! The Shoephoric Book is now a Magazine and it's available globally via the App Store.
Monday, 02, January, 2017
Dropping January 3 release at Converse’s online store, this one is a must have if you're into the "New Year, New Shoes" mindset.
Friday, 30, December 2016
Fresh from the streets of NYC – PONY Footwear Philippines launches its first ever pop-up store in TriNoma.
Friday, 30, December 2016
For the last week of 2016 we chose the best pictures that summarize this amazing year. Let’s give our biggest cheers and get ready for a bigger and better year ahead!
Thursday, 29, December 2016
Thursday, 29, December, 2016
Truly, hype doesn't mean a thing in the Shoephoric world as we cop and rock what makes our hearts beat faster.
Thursday, 29, December 2016
What do you think of the all-white YEEZY Boost 350 V2? Too white or just right?
Wednesday, 28, December 2016
Brilliantly insane! Fall in love with the unconventional designs of Gucci.
Tuesday, 27, December 2016
Is camo your cup of tea? Then by all means indulge!
Monday, 26, December
Simple, elegant with a generous helping of pop art appeal, this is a perfect shoe for the season and the rest of the coming year!
Friday, 23, December, 2016
Of course, aside from the releases that drove us nuttier than a fruitcake, it's the new friends and family that we've added to the Shoephoric list.
Thursday, 22, December 2016
The country's foremost purveyor of highly coveted street brands is here!
Thursday, 22, December 2016
Everything from the choice of shoe, caption, down to the quality and the creativity of the shot reflects much about the wearer. That’s why we all admire those who choose to be no less than amazing.
Thursday, 22, December, 2016
Perfect for the holiday season comes this sweet looking sneaker in the form of the Saucony Originals "Pumpkin Spice" Grid SD.
Wednesday, 21, December 2016
Pick of The Week (12-21-2016)
Tuesday, 20, December, 2016
Dubbed as the "Emoji" Forces, this pair has garnered both acclaim and hatred among streetwear fans.
Monday, 19, December 2016
We joined our first Music Run in our first Saucony Kineta Relay...Running never sounded this good!
Monday, 19, December 2016
These are perfect for those who hate lacing up their kicks over and over.
Friday, 16, December 2016
Brazilian ledge master releases his first signature DC Shoe.
Friday, 16, December, 2016
Fresh for the holiday season, Ronnie Fieg recently unveiled the new Aspen Timberland collection.
Thursday, 15, December, 2016
Just in case you've been busy, Here's the complete list of stores that will carry the much coveted shoe.
Wednesday, 14, December 2016
Kendall Jenner’s strikes sultry poses for LOVE Advent 2016 in nothing but sheer lingerie and killer boots.
Wednesday, 12, December 2016
A neat remake of a classic, the retro shoe features the same traits you'd love in a Jazz with a more high end twist.
Tuesday, 13, December 2016
Let’s raise our glasses to our Pick of The Week for inspiring us to put our best foot forward this holiday season!
Tuesday, 13, December, 2016
Does it live up to the historic hype? We've got a closer look on these babies. MJ and Bugs Bunny would be proud!
Monday, 12, December 2016
When photography, lifestyle and shoes come together, the result is epic.
Monday, 12, December, 2016
Go ape in your next tennis sesh with this one. It's definitely camo up in this legendary tennis classic!
Thursday, 8, December 2016
Angels walk the Earth in the most stunning heels.
Thursday, 08, December, 2016
Relying more on the simple side of design application, Diamond Supply and Puma have blessed us with a sneaker that oozes with pure sexy power.
Wednesday, 7, December 2016
Shoephoric has always been a movement that aims to blur borders and connect individuals. It has always been our goal to meet others who share the same passion and longing for shoes as well as the camaraderie behind it.
Tuesday, 6, December 2016
Last few weeks of 2016! We want to celebrate this amazing year with best pictures from our community. Let’s give these guys and gals a huge cheer! Because without all your awesome pics #Shoephoric wouldn’t be what it is today! Cheers!
Monday, 5, December2016
Yes on so many levels! Vans released another awesome collection, this time in premium tan vegan leather.
Monday, 05, December, 2016
It's a refreshing sight when this sneaker shines on its own in a simple yet effective colorway.
Friday, 2, December 2016
Manila Sneaker Expo 4 was straight up awesome! We’re already looking forward for the 5th run.
Friday, 02, December, 2016
Dropping this December 10th in a full size run to select Jordan Brand stores at $220 USD, it's going to be total pandemonium for these.
Thursday, 01, December 2016
This pair, dubbed as the "FBT" is a favorite among those who know that there is a bigger world out there than just sport specific sneakers.
Wednesday, 30, November 2016
The appreciation of shoes is a commonality that we all share. But there are those who choose to level up this passion to an art form. These individuals boom with character and Shoephoric pride!
Wednesday, 30, December 2016
Last November 24, was a first for local Saucony Originals fans as they converged for the first time.
Tuesday, 29, November, 2016
For us, this shoe is a celebration of the Jordan 1 as the ultimate culture unifier.
Monday, 28, November 2016
Gigi Hadid has leveled up her status as a super model by co-designing an exclusive collection with Stuart Weitzman.
Monday, 28, November, 2016
Just in time for the Holiday season, the Nike Air Force 1 is getting a festive makeover.
Friday, 25, November 2016
Last week, we were treated to the unlacing of newest store of Urban Athletics.
Thursday, 24, November 2016
You’re not looking at a throwback Spice Girl shoe; you’re looking at Gucci’s latest collection for Fall / Winter 2017.
Thursday, 24, November, 2016
The Jordan 1 is timeless. What better way to celebrate its legacy with a shoe that carries the most iconic colorways.
Wednesday, 23, November, 2016
Slip-Ons are back? Well, they never did. Just like Slayer.
Tuesday, 22, November 2016
Among the sea of shoes, we give our high respects to those made everyone take a second look. Let’s give it up to our #Shoephoric Pick Of The Week!
Tuesday, 22, November 2016
Diamonds are forever, the same goes for their collaborations this time shining on with PUMA.
Monday, 21, November 2016
Dubbed as the Trail version, this one has a more outdoor feel while staying true to the NMD aesthetic.
Friday, 18, November 2016
Dubbed as the Saucony Shadow 6000 "Fresh Water" from West NYC, this shoe offers an on feet experience like no other as it pays homage to outdoor pursuits: hiking and fishing.
Thursday, 17, November 2016
You’ve shown us so much Shoephoric love that we are going there on December 3 to personally thank you!
Thursday, 11, November 2016
If you happen to be finding something more high end as a breather from all the Yeezys and the Jordans then this may be a great shoe to rock.
Tuesday, 15, November 2016
Booming with Shoephoric pride, check out these heavy contenders!
Tuesday, 15, November 2016
Proudly on its 4th year, the Manila Sneaker Expo will be happening this Nov. 20 at SM Aura Premier.
Monday, 14, November 2016
Here is it, the first pictures to be part our next Shoephoric Book! Huge cheers to our Pick of The Month!
Monday, 14, November 2016
It’s official. The three colorways of the YEEZY Boost 350 V2 is out this November 23.
Friday, 11, November 2016
Being the most raved shoe for almost 2 year straight, do you think the adidas Ultra Boost will claim 2017 as well?
Thursday, 10, November 2016
All Soles Day 2016: The Brands We Love
Thursday, 10, November, 2016
If you're into value for money with a high end twist, then look no further
Wednesday, 09, November, 2016
When a shoe looks good in white with the proper icon placement, then it's a pure win.
Tuesday, 8, November 2016
Louboutin adds a new seductive beauty product to his global red sole empire.
Monday, 7, November 2016
This week we're treated with fresh pics that blends with the cool season. Let's give it up to these Shoephorics!
Monday, 07, September, 2016
Coming from left field is the Rihanna Creeper shoe getting the honors as the "Shoe of the Year" by Footwear News.
Friday, 4, November 2016
The minions found a new villain boss, and her name is Ruthie Davis.
Friday, 04, November, 2016
With hip-hop and streetwear heads gravitating to it again like it's the 90's, things are looking bigger for the heritage brand.
Thursday, 03, November, 2016
From the ultimate hypebeast/sneakerhead mag to a full blown hotbed of street culture, Complex Magazine's ComplexCon is just around the corner!
Thursday, 03, November 2016
Inspired by the restrained palette of a desert's unforgiving landscape.
Wednesday, 2, November 2016
We’re on an after party high. Our All Soles Day was surreal and it doesn’t end there.. The party still goes on starting with this Pick of The Week! Read on in News!
Wednesday, 02, November, 2016
Set to release this November 21, your Kobe collection definitely needs room.
Friday, 28, October 2016
Tonight is finally the celebration we've all been waiting for... All Soles Day!
Thursday, 27, October, 2016
“What are you gonna rock for All Soles Day this Friday?
Wednesday, 26, October, 2016
We definitely see boots coming back big time as a breather from all the runners and the basketball shoes that we encounter daily.
Tuesday, 25, October 2016
Our weekly tradition means everything to us. It’s our way to get to know everyone better and highlight our ever growing community.
Tuesday, 25, October 2016
Christened as "The Harden Vol. 1" the shoe looks sleek and sexy with a Primeknit upper with a matching leather toe wrap and a Boost sole unit.
Monday, 24, October 2016
Staying true to their tradition of greatness, Jordan Brand churns out the awesomeness by turning up the ante on the Jordan 4 Retro.