Thursday, 25, April 2019
Elevate your summer shoe game... literally!
Thursday, 14, March 2019
A fan favorite gets a streamlined look.
Thursday, 07, March 2019
Scribbled vandal running goodness!
Thursday, 28, February 2019
One for the kids
Thursday, 31, January 2019
So sweet, you can almost taste it.
Thursday, 10, January 2019
More bite and style to paralyze the competition!
Thursday, December 13, 2018
A better look at a masterpiece
Tuesday, 25, September, 2018
Beautiful by itself and even more stunning when worn
Thursday, 06, September, 2018
We cant even decide what to rock first
Thursday, 09, August, 2018
Foam pastel chunky goodness
Thursday, 26, July, 2018
Back in black
Thursday, 12, July, 2018
A definite must cop in our books
Thursday, 05, July, 2018
The shoe genuinely accents superior quality that makes its price worth it.
Thursday, 31, May, 2018
A 3 way split of awesomeness. Simple yet oozing with sneaker class.
Thursday, 24, April, 2018
Festive, colorful and never short on style and comfort, what among the three is your pick?
Wednesday, 02, May, 2018
Still can't make up your mind? Then this may be the deal breaker!
Thursday, 26, April, 2018
Chunky and pink. The 90's is back with a pastel vengeance.
Thursday, 03, August, 2017
adidas has orchestrated the perfect combination.
Thursday, 27, July, 2017
The barriers between streetwear and luxe brands are finally being broken down. Skate? Luxe? It can't be stereotyped no more.
Tuesday, 18, April 2017
This may be the strongest most visually arresting shoe we've ever laid eyes on
Wednesday, 8, February 2017
Fresh from the Streets of NYC, PONY drops a new colorway of their iconic City Wings.
Thursday, 01, December 2016
This pair, dubbed as the "FBT" is a favorite among those who know that there is a bigger world out there than just sport specific sneakers.
Friday, 16, September, 2016
This one brought the band Slayer to the hypebeast map and has caused a frenzy among sneakerheads and metal/rock archivists alike.
Tuesday, 06, September, 2016
The black and red classic, now in its remastered form, up close.
Friday, 02, September, 2016
Rumored to be in sync with the 2016 Rio Olympics, this shoe celebrates winning and taking home the prize.
Tuesday, 28, July 2016
Just when you thought the Boost can’t get any better, these pairs came along. 360 degrees of butter softness, we give these babies an easy 10.
Thursday, 30, June, 2016
Premium marble on runners? Count us in.
Thursday, 26, May 2016
This one is a future classic- a part of the NMD Runner City Pack, this one represents Tokyo- hard.
Thursday, 19, May, 2016
Truly there is nothing more timeless than the battle between The Swoosh and the Three Stripes... with the current trend of runners dropping week after week, one has to make decisions and that ain't easy.
Thursday, 05, May, 2016
Looking prim and proper in an all white colorway, this shoe may just be the perfect go-to shoe to cap off the summer season.
Thursday, 21 April 2016
A part of the Puma by Alexander by McQueen collection, the Leap Lo is a wedge that has avant garde written all over it.
Thursday, 14, April, 2016
Whether you pledge allegiance to Kanye West or you like Slayer like a ladyboss, this shoe doesn't care if you're a hypebeast or not.
Thursday, 31, March, 2016
Call it hype or whatever you want to label it, but there will always be pairs that will catch the fancy of everyone.
Thursday, 04, February 2016
Grab one for history's sake and not the hype, behind all the hoopla is one stylish shoe that still stands as one of the best.
Friday, 18, December, 2015
When it comes to concepts and material choices, Nike SB's got it on lock especially during their early years. Take for example this classic shoe we are about to get into...
Friday, 04, December, 2015
With a wild array of colors that's gallery-worthy, this is bound to turn heads everywhere.
Friday, 20, February, 2015
Streetwear and sneakers have always been partners in crime. Both have been parts of a creative subculture, a mishmash of pop culture influences plus underground and mainstream ingredients make for an awesome melting pot.
Thursday, 4, December, 2014
Hype or no hype, this shoe should be in your rotation if you're into Jordans, even if you're not, maybe this pair ought to get you started!
April 4, 2014
There is nothing like the Jordan 3, all the colorways, re-retro or new colorups will always grab you, no matter what sneaker diet you may be in. Just when we thought we are over our Jordan phase, here comes another breathtaking pair... The Jordan 5Lab3.
April 1, 2014
Jordan 1’s are practically immortal. They stand the test of time, they are practically indestructible, they are timeless. And when the opportunity arises, we can’t help but cop one of the most recognizable pairs in Jordan-dom... the Royal Blue Jordan 1’s- the SAMPLE version!
March 5, 2014
Art and music are indeed powerful. Both of them in fact are the strongest mediums out there and when they are immortalized onto sneakers, we get a natural high from it. The Kobe 9 Maestros in our opinion are one of the most tasteful releases as of recent.
January 15, 2014
Streetwear will never be the same without Supreme, here’s a peek of their teamup with Vans for (GASP!) the Bruce Lee Collection. It includes a lethal dose of Vans Classics made to destroy and kick ass.
January 7, 2014
The Nike Air Max Lunar90 in the Infrared colorway is done tastefully with the Infrared treatment, the black laces also gives the shoe that extra flavor, and did we mention the lunar technology makes this shoe lighter than ever?
November 05, 2013
Right now, Nike SB safe to say has stepped their shoe game up. The collaborations are tighter, the designs are dare I say going back to the "good ol' days" and if there's a Dunk Hi that I'm stoked on it's the Civilist Dunk.
September 25, 2013
Fresh from the Air Max Terra 180 in two killer colors recently, Sneaker giant Nike will release another killer colorway that goes for the Black / Pink Foil / Gridiron treatment.
Friday, 20, September 2013
High tops are basically nice because they are made for ankle support especially when you move around a lot but when you add a quilted section that look like a punk rock dude customized it and threw a nice black on black treatment, you get the Civilist Nike SB Dunk Hi.