Thursday, 14, March 2019
A fan favorite gets a streamlined look.
Wednesday, 19, December 2018
Total retro feels in this classic reissue!
Wednesday, 24, October 2018
The more the merrier!
Monday, 27, August, 2018
Last Friday was a one of a kind treat for Saucony fans of all forms and ages
Wednesday, 22, August, 2018
Running and lifestyle brand Saucony celebrates its 120th anniversary with the Run Your World launch this Friday
Thursday, 31, May, 2018
A 3 way split of awesomeness. Simple yet oozing with sneaker class.
Wednesday, 09, May, 2018
What you get is an awesome hybrid shoe that combines form and function.
Thursday, 02, November, 2017
Actual VHS player not included.
Tuesday, 10, October, 2017
Dropping at The Sneakpeek Trinoma this Saturday!
Wednesday, 30, August, 2017
Taking design cues from both the Grid 8000 and Grid 9000, this silhouette continues the premium look that was achieved in the Grid SD.
Monday, 19, June 2017
Starts amazing, stays amazing with Saucony's most technologically advanced shoe ever created.
Wednesday, 08, May 2017
Nothing comes close to chocolate and nice sneakers. Saucony brings a chocolate-y twist to their iconic runner, the Shadow 5000.
Tuesday, 4, April 2017
Meet the “Jazz O Cozyâ€
Wednesday, 29, March 2017
The trio pays tribute to the record-setting snowfall. Beat the heat with these!
Friday, 24, February 2017
Nothing sweeter than getting a sneaker you love that contributes to something worthwhile.
Friday, 13, January 2017
It's a pretty clean collaboration that deserves a spot in any three dot collector's closet.
Thursday, 22, December, 2016
Perfect for the holiday season comes this sweet looking sneaker in the form of the Saucony Originals "Pumpkin Spice" Grid SD.
Monday, 19, December 2016
We joined our first Music Run in our first Saucony Kineta Relay...Running never sounded this good!
Wednesday, 12, December 2016
A neat remake of a classic, the retro shoe features the same traits you'd love in a Jazz with a more high end twist.
Wednesday, 30, December 2016
Last November 24, was a first for local Saucony Originals fans as they converged for the first time.
Friday, 18, November 2016
Dubbed as the Saucony Shadow 6000 "Fresh Water" from West NYC, this shoe offers an on feet experience like no other as it pays homage to outdoor pursuits: hiking and fishing.
Thursday, 03, November 2016
Inspired by the restrained palette of a desert's unforgiving landscape.
Monday, 10, October, 2016
If you have a huge appetite for food-inspired sneakers then this one should be on your shoe menu.
Wednesday, 03, August 2016
Speeding up the heartbeats of runner collectors worldwide is a brand new spankin' pack of Saucony Grid SD's.
Monday, 04, July, 2016
From the very first teaser photos online, everyone was waiting for this killer release... and that day came indeed at The Sneakpeek.
Wednesday, 15, June 2016
Hey ladies! We have something cooking for you! Satisfy your shoe cravings with latest release from Saucony Originals.
Monday, 13, June 2016
If you're looking for a pair that will send you off to a zen-line vibe, then you should set aside your Friday obligations and line up for this sneaker at The Sneakpeek.
Thursday, 02, June 2016
Using the GRID 9000 as the main canvas for this loud masterpiece, we are brought to an era where Maui and Sons, Body Glove and neon is all the rage.
Tuesday, 17, May, 2016
Drawing inspiration from the iconic Caribbean Sea, this one is a sign that bright color season ain't over... at least in the mind of the sneakerhead.
Monday, 9, May 2016
The hunt is over! The Easter Egg Hunt pack is exclusively available at the Sneakpeek.
Thursday, 28, April, 2016
The black neoprene, the 3M sections, the graphic insoles, everything just hits the spot.
Monday, 25, April 2016
Saucony unveils EVERUN, their game-changing technology that delivers remarkable cushioning to runners.
Wednesday, 13, April, 2016
Easter may be over but the hunt ain't!
Tuesday, 05, April, 2016
Held at The Sneakpeek Shangri-La, we were impressed not only with the shoe, but with the energetic atmosphere present during the event.
Wednesday, 30, March 2016
Limited pairs of the Tokyo Pack DXN Trainer and Kinvara 7 are set for an online release on www.complexlifestylestore.com April 1, 12MN and at the Saucony Retail Store, Level 2 of Glorietta 3 (Kinvara 7 only) on April 1, 2016.
Monday, 28, March 2016
Coming off as one of the most anticipated releases from the 3 dots, this is your chance to own a pair that is sure to match the summer vibe.
Tuesday, 15 March 2016
Tastemaker/Brand/Boutique Progress has a treat in store for those into runners as they are now having an ongoing sale from their NB / Saucony stash!
Thursday, 18, February, 2016
Drawing inspiration from the Stealth Bomber Plane, collaborator shop Offspring has translated the Darth Vader onto a sexy three dot shoe.
Tuesday, 16, February, 2016
Limited to only 18 pairs ,this shoe totally carries the boldness of the beach with a neat dose of black thrown in- a summer must have!
Wednesday, 03, February, 2016
This time Saucony is giving you the coffee kick via their new collection with the Saucony Shadow 6000 Irish Coffee Pack.
Thursday, 31, December 2015
This neat twist on the GRID SD is definitely one of our best cops to end the year.
Monday, 14, December
Happening on the 17th of December, everyone is invited to party with them as they celebrate this alliance.
Thursday, 26, November, 2015
This may not be a collab or a special numbered pair but we highly recommend this shoe to anyone adventurous enough to rock something that's out of the ordinary.
Monday, 09, November 2015
Watch out ladies, Saucony “Rainbowâ€
Friday, 9, October 2015
Southside Sneakerheads have a reason to rejoice. Finally, the Sole Slam Store in Alabang Town Center have opened their doors. Held last Wednesday, everyone was all smiles and in their full sneaker fanatic mode.
Tuesday, 22, September 2015
Fresh from their Kushwacker and Epitome collabs come this nicely executed pair in the form of the Saucony Shadow 5000 "Wasabi"
Thursday, 27, August 2015
A sly take on the iconic jacket. Wu-Tang fans are in for a trip down memory lane.
Friday, 15, August, 2015
Coming from Sneaker Freaker, the ultimate sneaker publication even before all the hype...
Tuesday, 4, August 2015
Last Saturday was a tribute to a something old and new for everyone in the form of videogames and nostalgia as we witnessed the unlocking of the Saucony GRID SD "Games Pack" at The Sneakpeek Bluebay Walk.
Friday, 30, July, 2015
Releasing this Saturday at The Sneakpeek Blue Bay Walk, these bad boys are finally out for the copping.
Thursday, 16, July 2015
Dubbed as the Mint Choco Chip from the Scoops Pack, this shoe is a sweet treat for those looking for a quality release from the Three Dots.
Wednesday, 15, July 2015
On August 1, all roads lead to The Sneakpeek in Blue Wave Pasay as they launch the Saucony Originals "Games Pack" in two awesome colorways.
Friday, 26, June, 2015
Inspired by the luxurious nature of Las Vegas, this shoe is a High Roller indeed!
Friday, 5, June, 2015
A unique collab with Epitome for the Shadow 5000 silhouette, their Saucony Originals team up is quite a sight to behold.
Thursday, 30, April, 2015
Saucony once again ties up with Boston's Bodega for a pack of color coordinated kicks. For this new offering, it's the Saucony G9 Shadow 6 Hybrid.
Friday, 17, April, 2015
Last Wednesday was a legendary night for running shoe freaks of the three dotted kind. Saucony Originals: The Story of Running was held at the Black Market, Makati much to the delight of everyone who believes in the brand’s power.
Wednesday, 15, April 2015
Happening at The Black Market tonight, the brand aims to showcase the brand's heritage through an exhibit of their most iconic releases from 1898 to present.
Thursday, 9, April, 2015
Definitely one of the best collabs from Saucony, it's testament that you need not go loud or crayola crazy to come up with a smashing hit.
Friday, 13, March 2015
After a month long contest the much awaited lucky winner of Saucony Originals was revealed!
Wednesday, 11, March, 2015
The pair depicts the beauty and the glory of being a hunter of the sea. Tedious and definitely demanding, the essence of the said profession is paid tribute by way of this neat sneaker.
Wednesday, 28, January, 2015
Drawing inspiration from our favorite Hamburger, the END. x Saucony Shadow 5000 “Burgerâ€
Friday, 7, November, 2014
What is it that hypes a sneaker? The colorway? the shape? The only thing that gets this shoe away from grail status is that it's a general release.
August 4, 2014
The ultimate get together of the most obsessed and the craziest bunch of Filipino footwear folk from all over. Soleslam 2014 was indeed the biggest and the best shoe/sneaker event so far!
Wednesday, July 8, 2014
Saucony Originals is set to drop another nice new themed pack in the form of The "Cavity" Pack