Wednesday, 01, May 2019
Totally going for retro vibes this time.
Friday, 08, February 2019
The response to the HyperAdapt is here.
Wednesday, 30, October 2018
For the toy and shoe geeks out there!
Tuesday, 11, September, 2018
A tribute to the Planet Mars
Tuesday, 19, June 2018
It’s a perfect medley of athletic performance and whimsical aesthetics.
Monday, 07, May 2018
Be shoephoric for life with pairs that never go out of style!
Wednesday, 07, March, 2018
Creepers from RiRi with a noble cause. Nothing more punk rock than that!
Monday, 22, January 2018
Urban Toy/Designer Legend Michael Lau fires all cylinders to give us a deconstructed take on a PUMA classic. Self Exclusive shoes? You bet.
Wednesday, 15, November, 2017
The Weeknd and PUMA are back with their new collection for FW17.
Friday, 13, October, 2017
Rihanna is back with a brand new pointed version of her hit Puma Creepers.
Thursday, 05, October, 2017
Influential London streetwear label Trapstar have given the classic Puma Basket a flavor of its own.
Monday, 21, August, 2017
PUMA along with The Weeknd have just created a new variation of the Tsugi Shinsei Nido in two new colorways.
Monday, 07, August, 2017
The Staple Pigeon Brand and PUMA are back off the coop once again!
Thursday, 08, June 2017
Ladies, try not to freak out. But there’ll be a Sophia Webster X PUMA Fall 2017!
Friday, 12, May 2017
Featured in the latest 2017 Spring campaign is the rapper's clean aesthetic.
Tuesday, 25, April 2017
Friday, 07, April 2017
PUMA ambassador and model Cara Delevingne has her own signature model... the collection looks amazing!
Monday, 6, March 2017
Wednesday, 25, January 2017
Unleash your prima ballerina in PUMA Swan Pack Collection.
Thursday, 08, December, 2016
Relying more on the simple side of design application, Diamond Supply and Puma have blessed us with a sneaker that oozes with pure sexy power.
Tuesday, 22, November 2016
Diamonds are forever, the same goes for their collaborations this time shining on with PUMA.
Monday, 07, September, 2016
Coming from left field is the Rihanna Creeper shoe getting the honors as the "Shoe of the Year" by Footwear News.
Tuesday, 18, October 2016
Sneakpeek proudly unlocks their 9th shop at Robinson Place Manila.
Thursday, 15, September 2016
Streetwear brand Pink Dolphin just announced their next hit collab with PUMA called “Wave of Glory
Tuesday, 30, September, 2016
Got a bad day? Nothing a pack of Oreos can't fix especially when it's all packaged in a nice Puma runner.
Friday, 17, June 2016
Sneakpeek is back with another exclusive collaboration release featuring the PUMA X Alexander McQ.
Wednesday, 18, May 2016
The new PUMA x Rihanna Creeper colorways are expected to drop at select retailers on May 26. So best have those hookups ready.
Thursday, 21 April 2016
A part of the Puma by Alexander by McQueen collection, the Leap Lo is a wedge that has avant garde written all over it.
Thursday, 07, April, 2016
A fellow Shoephoric from Santiago, Chile, Nicola C. Robbiano went ahead and emailed us with these awesome looking PUMA X BAPE Samples.
Friday, April 1, March 2016
Kylie Jenner’s “Puma Fierce
Wednesday, 17, February 2016
Last Saturday, February 13 saw the launch of 9 awesome PUMA Sneakers enough to get any runner fanatic excited at The Sneakpeek!
Tuesday, 09, February, 2016
This Saturday, all roads lead to The Sneakpeek, Eastwood as they drop 9 killer Puma releases for the runner fiend in you.
Thursday, 21, January 2016
The Puma Blaze Of Glory X ALIFE is an exceptional piece of work. Relying more on the shoe's overall look than branding.
Friday, 04, December, 2015
With a wild array of colors that's gallery-worthy, this is bound to turn heads everywhere.
Wednesday, 2, September 2015
An eye candy treat for all, covetable pieces from notable Shoephorics were featured in the exhibit of “Help! I'm a Shoe Addict
Thursday, 27, August 2015
A fusion of Puma’s athletic innovation and McQueen’s notes for high fashion, the Leap wedge is a jolt of shoephoria!
Tuesday, 07, 2015, April
The staying power of Puma can never be denied. When it comes to the runners department, their choice of materials can attest to the brand's heritage of quality.
Thursday, 19 March 2015
Created specifically for KITH’s Sakura Project, Ronnie Fieg gives us a taste of a cherry blossom inspired runner.
Tuesday, August 13, 2014
The Climb Low is a very simple, yet commanding low-top that puts emphasis on materials and quality than hype.
Wednesday, May 28, 2014
The result is as refreshing as cool buko juice on a hot day!
BAPE- the brand that has been known for their camo and cartoon imagery are now going for a different direction, choosing to collaborate with Adidas' closest rival, PUMA.