Wednesday, 9, January 2019
The Pigeon Dunk soars for the third time!
Wednesday, 26, December 2018
Flying off the coop soon!
Friday, 10, September, 2017
The pigeon once again lands on November 11.
Monday, 07, August, 2017
The Staple Pigeon Brand and PUMA are back off the coop once again!
Thursday, 01, September, 2016
Just last week, the PH exclusive Staple X The Sneakpeek Air Max Zero was launched off the coop. Had a talk with Mr. Staple as well.
Wednesday, 24, August, 2016
We here in the Philippines are definitely blessed as history repeats all over again through the Nike Air Max Zero X Staple.
Monday, 22, August 2016
Jeff Staple, designer extraordinaire and tastemaker, the man behind the legendary Nike Dunk SB Pigeon will be visiting our shores this August 25-26, 2016