Monday, 20, May 2019
Epic shoes and even more epic stories behind them.
Monday, 13, May 2019
Every pair tells an interesting story!
Monday, 06, May 2019
Every photo tells an awesome story!
Monday, 29, April 2019
Shoe shots to set off the week!
Monday, 22, April 2019
Fresh from Holy Week... the illest submissions.
Monday, 15, April 2019
Your hot submissions rival the summer heat!
Monday, 08, April 2019
Shoes and creativity, the best POTW ingredients
Tuesday, 02, April 2019
It’s all more than meets the eye within the shoephoric zone!
Monday, 25, March 2019
Because the shoes don’t lie. It’s all in there!
Tuesday, 19, March 2019
Creative, timeless and epic.
Tuesday, 12, March 2019
Every week is a treat!
Monday, 04, March 2019
Not just the shoes, it’s the essence behind each image.
Tuesday, 26, February 2019
This week’s batch like all others never fail to impress.
Tuesday, 19, February 2019
It’s all about the love for the artform!
Monday, 11, February 2019
Keep on tagging #POTW and keeping the tradition alive and kickin’!
Monday, 04, February 2019
Starting the week with the right amount of footwork!
Monday, 28, January 2019
For those rockin’ and about to rock... we salute you!
Monday, 21, January 2019
Variety is king week after week.
Monday, 14, January 2019
What a fresh batch of shots to kick off the week!
Monday, 7, January 2019
Celebrating the start of 2019 with a bang!
Monday, 17, December 2018
This week is heat magnified!
Monday, December 10, 2018
Help yourself to a generous serving of appetizing shoe images!
Tuesday, December 4, 2018
Serving the obsessed with awesome visuals
Monday, November 26, 2018
This week is a total collage of colors and shapes by way of shoes
Monday, November 19, 2018
Creativity and hype is at an all time high!
Monday, 15, October, 2018
From the tried and true classics to modern awesomeness
Tuesday, 09, October, 2018
Much love for keeping at it with heat week after week
Tuesday, 02, October, 2018
Every submission goes for the fine details in what the perfect shoe shot should be
Monday, 24, September, 2018
Every shoe tells a story that defines the collector and the collected
Monday, 17, September, 2018
This week's batch spans different eras of sneakerdom
Monday, 10, Sept, 2018
Each captured image is consistent in terms of impact, graphic power and hype.
Monday, 03, September, 2016
On point from classic basketball joints to modern day runners
Tuesday, 28, August, 2018
Appreciation and realization... the true POTW essence
Monday, 20, August 2018
This week is a shoe visual buffet
Monday, 13, August, 2018
What better way to motivate the week with resolute images that tickle the senses
Monday, 06, August, 2018
This weeks POTW batch ranges from the old school to the new school icons of sneakerdom
Monday, 30, July, 2018
Week after week you bring the heat that amaze and inspire us all
Monday, 23, July 2018
This week is totally lit and off the charts
Monday, 16, July, 2018
Mondays will never be as predictable because of our regular influx of entries from the best of the best.
Monday, 09, July, 2018
There is no substitiute for good taste and our members know that for a fact.
Tuesday, 03, July, 2018
We have our own language yet we are welcoming in all aspects since shoes are meant to be enjoyed by everyone.
Monday, 26, June, 2018
When shoes imitate art, the results are amazing! Thank you to this week's bunch!
Monday, 18, June 2018
Freshness all the way. This set is guaranteed to give you your shoephoric fix!
Tuesday, 12, June 2018
No frill and fancy filters. Just really good pictures to make you shoephoric!
Friday, 25, May 2018
POTW is our oldest tradition and we can't get enough of it because of pictures like these...
Monday, 7, May 2018
Best of the best! Take a look at these eye candy pics.
Monday, 26, March 2018
Forget the trends. Nothing looks better than when you wear YOU. Shout out to our POTW!
Monday, 12, March 2018
From the most grailed to the GR’s, everyone has their fair share of the game! Props to those who forward the scene with images of their most loved pairs.
Monday, 26, February 2018
Shoe photography seems to be getting hotter with the season! Check out these creative views of the most lit pairs from #shoephoric!
Monday, 19, February 2018
The day of love isn't over yet. #shoephoric is filled with heart throbbing pictures! And we've saved the best for you to enjoy.
Monday, 5, February 2018
From what we see in #shoephoric, there seems to be a comeback for Air Jordan's. See what's trending and check out the best pics from last week!
Sunday, 21, January 2018
We’re back with our weekly feature! Here's the best of the best submissions from your shoephoric fam. Cheers to the following!
Wednesday, 27, December 2017
Thursday, 14, December 2017
Wednesday, 6, December 2016
Wednesday, 22, November 2017
Wednesday, 8, November 2017
Every pair, every shot is a statement in itself that the shoephoric community is getting stronger as time goes by! Cheers to our submissions for this week!
Friday, 3, November 2017
Thursday, 19, October 2017
Pick Of The Week #ShowYourSoles
Friday, 13, October 2017
Cheers to the weekend! Let's end the week strong.
Tuesday, 3, October 2017
Friday, 29, September 2017
Wednesday, (9-27-2017)
Wednesday, 20, September 2017
Tuesday, 12, September 2017
Tuesday, 5, September 2017
This week’s theme celebrates the thrill of the game.
Tuesday, 29, August 2017
Tuesday, 22, August 2017
Tuesday, 15, August 2017
shoephori c pick of the week
Friday, 11, August 2017
Tuesday, 8, Augustt 2017
Tuesday, 1, August 2017
Tuesday, 25, July 2017
Tuesday, 18, July 2017
Tuesday, 11, July 2017
Tuesday, 4, July 2017
Monday, 26, June 2017
Tuesday, 20, June 2017
Tuesday, 13, June 2017
Tuesday, 6, June 2017
Tuesday, 30, May 2017
Tuesday, 23, May 2017
Tuesday, 16, May 2017
Tuesday, 9, May 2017
Thursday, 4, May 2017
Wednesday, 26, April 2017
Tuesday, 18, April 2017
Tuesday, 11, April 2017
Monday, 3, April 2017
Thursday, 23, March 2017
The love for shoes isn’t what the latest trend is, but what truly rocks your #shoephoric sole. S/O to the following for reminding us that diversity and individuality rules!
Friday, 17, March 2017
Thursday, 9, March 2017
Game changers - that’s what you guys are. From the most limited to the hottest pairs at the moment, you guys and gals give us a taste of what awesome shoes are there. Shout out to our loud and proud friends who rock our #shoephoric world.
Wednesday, 1, March 2017
Each picture shared in #shoephoric brightens our day and everyone else in our community. Your shots have our nod of approval, especially to these standout shots that gained a lot of attention.
Thursday, 23, February 2017
It’s true that shoes tell a lot about a person, they are an extension of one’s personality. This week we raise our glasses to these individuals who rocked Shoephoric with their killer pairs. Shout out to the ff:
Thursday, 16, February 2017
Pick of The Week (02-16-2017)
Thursday, 9, February 2017
Each pair will captivate you its awesomeness. High fives and fist bumps to the following who rep #Shoephoric to the fullest.
Friday, 3, February 2017
From crystal clear shots to in-the-moment pictures, our #PickofTheWeek will captivate you in their own unique way. High Cheers to the these awesome Shoephorics!
Friday, 27, January 2017
Great pictures have great impact! Cheers to the best pics from this week!
Wednesday, 18, January 2017
Greatness – the best word to describe this week’s set of pictures.
Tuesday, 10, January 2017
Let’s give it up to our first Pick of The Week for 2017!
Friday, 30, December 2016
For the last week of 2016 we chose the best pictures that summarize this amazing year. Let’s give our biggest cheers and get ready for a bigger and better year ahead!
Wednesday, 21, December 2016
Pick of The Week (12-21-2016)
Tuesday, 13, December 2016
Let’s raise our glasses to our Pick of The Week for inspiring us to put our best foot forward this holiday season!
Tuesday, 6, December 2016
Last few weeks of 2016! We want to celebrate this amazing year with best pictures from our community. Let’s give these guys and gals a huge cheer! Because without all your awesome pics #Shoephoric wouldn’t be what it is today! Cheers!
Wednesday, 30, November 2016
The appreciation of shoes is a commonality that we all share. But there are those who choose to level up this passion to an art form. These individuals boom with character and Shoephoric pride!
Tuesday, 22, November 2016
Among the sea of shoes, we give our high respects to those made everyone take a second look. Let’s give it up to our #Shoephoric Pick Of The Week!
Tuesday, 15, November 2016
Booming with Shoephoric pride, check out these heavy contenders!
Monday, 7, November 2016
This week we're treated with fresh pics that blends with the cool season. Let's give it up to these Shoephorics!
Wednesday, 2, November 2016
We’re on an after party high. Our All Soles Day was surreal and it doesn’t end there.. The party still goes on starting with this Pick of The Week! Read on in News!
Tuesday, 25, October 2016
Our weekly tradition means everything to us. It’s our way to get to know everyone better and highlight our ever growing community.
Monday, 17, October 2016
Start the week Shoephoric with our fresh picks for you to indulge in!
Monday, 10, October 2016
Great pictures deserves to be showcased, but for us we want to give you more..
Monday, 3, October 2016
Wow. Nice. Amazing. Halimaw. Just some of the words that come up every time we open Shoephoric.
Monday, 26, September 2016
The hype is real! Our Shoephoric family is growing by the day and we have these awesome pictures to prove it.
Tuesday, 20, September 2016
When you share in Shoephoric, you don’t just share a picture, you share a whole lot of good vibes! Shout out to our Pick of The Week for the stand out shots!
Tuesday, 13, September 2016
Start the week with these virtual treats from your fellow Shoephoric fam.
Tuesday, 6, September 2016
The Shoephoric community is on an all time high. It's our go to place for great shoes and even greater individuals.
Monday, 29, August 2016
Let's top off the long weekend with a sight full of killer pics for these amazing Shoephoric members!
Monday, 22, August 2016
Lace 'em up! Our Shoephoric community is flooded with amazing pics, but only a handful made the cut. Cheers to our following Pick of The Week!
Monday, 15, August 2016
Our #Shoephoric community is fire all the way. It moves with such passion and strength that nothing can break its flow. Hands down to you guys!
Monday, 8, August 2016
Here are some highlight shots from the past week that you must see! Let's give our cheer to our following Shoephoric fam!
Monday, 1, August 2016
We love shoes – for its culture, history, fashion and most importantly the sheer joy we get from it. But it doesn’t end there..
Wednesday, 27, July 2016
Our Pick of The Week goes to the individuals who went the extra mile to make sure that when we open Shoephoric, it leaves us with a feel good thrill.
Wednesday, 27, July 2016
Pick of The Month is carefully selected because there’s more to it than just an honorable mention... We have a surprise for you guys.
Monday, 18, July 2016
We want to know you. Our community is a melting pot of fellow #Shoephorics a.k.a your Shoe Friends.
Tuesday, 12, July 2016
Let’s give our cheer to our following fam for standing out and being proudly Shoephoric!
Monday, 4, July 2016
As a 4th of July celebration, we dedicate this #POTW to our American brothers. High salutes!
Tuesday, 28, June 2016
Change of season means change of footwear. Check out the game changers in our Shoephoric community!
Monday, 20 ,2016
If you just knew how each simple shoe picture is tied to a huge online community that reaches different Shoephorics from around the world… You would never again consider any of your pictures to be just simple.
Monday, 13, June 2016
Shoephoric has come a long way. To us, each shoe posted shows how proud you are in to be part of the fam.
Monday, 6, 2016
110% stoked with your amazing shots. The pass week gave us a surprise of colorful light hearted pictures. Shout out to our POTW!
Tuesday, 31,May 2016
It’s not just the pairs that you show case, but the immense creativity of each shot.
Monday, 23, May 2016
From killer shots to raw unedited pictures – we want them all! Let's give it up for our POTW!
Monday, 16, May 2016
Trends come and go, unlike the Shoephorics who are passionate beyond all else.
Tuesday, 10, May 2016
You may not notice but each shot you share adds to the current shoe trend. But where ever the shoe game is going to or whatever kicks you fancy, we’re all here to cheer it on! Show us what you love most! Be proudly Shoephoric!
Friday, 6, May 2016
We’re kicking up May with a grand line up of shoes!
Monday, 2, May 2016
This Pick of The Week we are celebrating the amazing shots of our fellow Shoephorics from all over the world!
Tuesday, 19, April 2016
Ranging from the widely loved Ultra boost to daring killer heels, there are no shoe limitations to what our community can offer! The Shoephoric Adventure is real! Join in the fun!
Monday, 11, April 2016
Different shoes, different views. Here are the standout shots from this week’s feed. Congratulations to our following fam…
Monday, 4, April 2016
It’s amazing how we connect with people from all over the world through shoes. The amazing shots you take are not for us but for everyone to enjoy!
Monday, 28, March 2016
Let's start the week right with this eye candy treat! High fives to our following fam, for making our day extra special with their amazing shots.
Monday, 21, March 2016
The following were picked for their amazing obsession with footwear and documenting it for all to see.
Monday, 14, March 2016
Well diverse from Jordans, runners, to heels, you guys nailed it with your killer shots!
Tuesday, 8, March 2016
We’re kick-starting March with a bang! Thank you for sharing your work of art with us.
Monday, 29, February 2016
We love to put you guys in the leap year spotlight for your awesome #Shoephoric submissions!
Tuesday, 23, February 2016
Is it us or is the feed in our #Shoephoric community better than ever? As our feed gets hotter our work for Pick of the Week gets harder. So here it is...
Monday, 15, February 2016
The shoe game is crazy right now, it takes a lot to decide what to purchase next! Your photos of killer pairs do help us and your fellow Shoephorics to decide on what to cop!
Monday, 8, February 2016
Call it a double celebration! Cheers to our POTW for making this festive day even better.
Monday, 1, February 2016
Fresh on the eyes, our Pick of The Week captured the essence of shoe appreciation with its simplicity.
Monday, 25, January 2016
Ditch the hype! Our #Shoephoric feed is giving us a taste of pure sole appreciation of what we really fancy.
Friday, 15, January 2016
We just love Fridays! It can be as busy as hell but it’s all good cause the weekend is just down the corner. To make today even better, we’re SHOEPHORIC to announce our Pick of the Week!
Saturday, 9, January 2016
This is it! The first Pick of The Week for 2016. Our Buena Mano for the year! Let’s give it up for our following fam for their stand out shots!
Friday, 1, January 2016
A perfect way to end a year and to celebrate a new chapter. 2015 has been amazing up to the very last week. Shout out to our following friends!
Friday, 25, December 2015
Tis’ the season to be jolly... So to make your Christmas Day even better we’re thrilled to be announcing our Pick of The Week. Thank you for making us part of your holidays.
Friday, 18, December 2015
It’s a shoe fest! You can’t imagine the thrill we get going through all your shots, discovering the different shoes out there and meeting new members. A strong salute to all your amazing shots. Let’s give it up to our following friends!
Friday, 11, December 2015
Diversity rules! Every time we check out the #shoephoric feed we’re treated to a virtual museum of classics, rarities, good old beaters to shoes that we have never seen before – it’s all awesome!
Wednesday, 8, December 2015
We'd rather put on some good music, kick back and stare at your submissions all day. Thank you for keeping our feed fun and awesome. Much credits to the everyone and additional fistbumps to our picks...
Friday, 24, November 2015
Last set for November’s Pick of the Week and we can say your shots made it a grand ending.
Friday, 20, November 2015
From the feet up is the rule of the game and we understand your passion. Much credit goes out to the most creative and the most unique pairs out there. We may have picks but all of you are winners.
Friday, 13, November 2015
Nothing but good vibes here. Even on Friday the 13th, your shoes will reign supreme. Smiles and wishes of good luck go out to the following!
Monday, 09, November 2015
Be it for pop culture relevance or just the mere appreciation for the art form, no boxes will be unopened, no pairs unappreciated. You're all of epic proportions this week and we've picked the most notable..
Tuesday, 3, November 2015
We all have different reasons on what gives us that extreme shoe high. Whatever that reason may be, one thing for sure, sharing your love for shoes to those as Shoephoric as you is by far the best!
Saturday, 24, October 2015
No matter what your taste in shoes are, nothing beats the feeling of sharing what you love most.
Saturday, 17, October 2015
Just like music, technology and fashion, shoe styles change with time. But one thing that's constant is the lifestyle we live for.
Friday, 09, October 2015
Today’s Pick of The Week goes to the 20 shoephorics who took the extra mile to make their shot extra awesome for you to enjoy.
Friday, 02, October 2015
Every pair is a manifestation of one's lifestyle and taste. Shout outs to those who keep the shoephoric spirit alive and well!
Monday, 28, September 2015
Here in our family, we appreciate each other for simply sharing the love for shoes! Let's keep it rolling. Big shout outs to the following!
Friday, 18, September 2015
It’s not about the hype, the latest shoes or who wore what, it’s all about the appreciation of shoes and sharing what you love most.
Tuesday, 8, September 2015
We take shoes as an urban art form, one that shows our individuality. We know it, we love it and we share it. We’re a fam who just keeps on showing what makes us happy. Shout outs to the following!
Tuesday, 1, September 2015
The Shoephoric camp welcomes every pair. Every brand, color or lifestyle as in our mind- the love for shoes knows no limits. Greetings to the following!
Tuesday, 25, August 2015
Every week is something to look forward to. We get inspiration from pairs we own and yes, your daily posts. Greetings to the following!
Tuesday, 18, August 2015
Loud screams and high fives to every individual who channel their inner shoephoric with creative shots! Hi res or lo fi, everyone counts!
Tuesday, 11, August 2015
Shoe addiction is an incurable addiction, we can only support you and provide you with a group, a community where everyone understands shoe love like no other. Thank you to everyone who constantly display what they have tirelessly.
Wednesday, 5, August 2015
Congratulations to Johnd Santos! You’ve turned your love for shoes to an awesome art form!
Tuesday, 4, August 2015
If we are to live, we live with extra style and go the extra mile. This week we've got some heavy hitting shoephorics repping us to the fullest! A round of applause to the following...
Tuesday, 28, July 2015
It's not just about buying, rocking and stocking shoes, it's all about appreciating them! Props to the following!
Tuesday, 23, July 2015
Laced up, fresh out of the box or your favorite used up, but well loved pairs, nothing gets left out in the equation. Much love to the following for sharing!
Tuesday, 14, July 2015
Nothing can beat the rush of showing your kicks to the world. Be it a fresh new pair or for daily wear, your presence is awesome.
Wednesday, 8, July 2015
Kicks, sneakers, heels, shoes, whatever we call it, they make the world go 'round for all of us. Greetings to those who rep #Shoephoric!
Wednesday, 01, July 2015
It's not just about the pairs and how they look like, it's how you rock them and display them in a different light.
Tuesday, 23, June 2015
Thank you so much for sharing your on feet and creative shots. Because being shoephoric not only comes from actually owning but appreciating as well.
Tuesday, 16, June 2015
The insatiable love for shoes. Everyday, nothing beats the rush of seeing everyone enjoy their stay within the Shoephoric circle. Cheers to the following!
Wednesday, 10, June 2015
It's not just actually owning the pair but the beauty of sharing them to the world. Shout out to the following shoephorics!
Wednesday, 03, June 2015
Give your kicks a SNAP and be The Month's Official Shoephoric Pick!
Wednesday, 03, June 2015
Through, the Shoephoric POTW, we are able to witness firsthand how much your pairs mean to you. Every post, every photo, every description is a solid testament to your shoe obsessions.
Tuesday, 26, May 2015
Every pair holds its weight in terms of style, design and an awesome backstory to share. From the most limited to the accessible and common, no pair is the same as they all mark our individuality.
Tuesday, 19, May 2015
Every pair that you take photos of are extensions of your personalities, proving further how #shoephoric you are! Big high fives to the following!
Monday, 11, May 2015
Strong photos, concepts and killer pairs. All of you are absolutely heat filled and we love it! S/O to the following!
Tuesday, 21, April 2015
A heat filled with summer? You bet! From the most expensive to the most worn and rocked, your choices are king! Mucho props to you, our shoephoric fam!
Tuesday, 14, April 2015
Last week has been a parade of awesomeness ranging from all sides of shoe-dom! Each pair is unique with a story to tell! Did you make the cut?
Monday, 31, March 2015
Last March 26, we along with the many shoephorics from around the world celebrated Air Max Day. It was an AM delight to all those who shared the love for this runner. S/O to the following awesome individuals!
Tuesday, 24, March 2015
We all have a fetish for shoes and we all have a vision on how we re-appropriate them for the camera, or your cam phone that is!
Tuesday, 17, March 2015
The Shoephoric force is definitely strong on this one! Every pair is a work of art and all of us appreciate art, right?
Tuesday, 10, March 2015
No hype here, just the undying love for shoes! Props to the following!
Monday, 02, March 2015
There's no business like shoe business, and we know that the Shoephoric fam has it on lock!
Monday, 23, February 2015
Whether fresh from the box or the classics, you never fail to represent what #shoephoric is about!
Monday, 16, February 2015
Creative and forward thinking, the community is totally growing in number and in taste! From high end to functional to fashion heavy!
Monday, 9, February 2015
It’s all about representing yourself and what you’re about! High-fives to the following!
Monday, 2, February 2015
Owning shoes is not just a need, it's a statement and a source of pride! Props to all of you!
January 27, 2015
This week, the wide variety makes it a challenge for us to pick a particular favorite. It's really refreshing to see more adventurous choices in patterns and material... and yes, the creativity is overflowing! Shoutouts to our friends who made the cut!
January 21, 2015
Oh yes, shoes! Our obsession, the best invention known to man, and we rock 'em like nobody's business!
January 12, 2015
From Jordans, runners, to even movie memorabilia and shoe-related art... you guys go beyond the call of Shoephoric duty!
January 06, 2015
To cap off 2014 was a great feeling! It's a treat for us here at the Shoephoric HQ is seeing what your 2014 picks of the year are.
December 23, 2014
Christmas entails the spirit of giving! This means sharing your creativity and heat for all the world to see!
December 16. 2014
The Shoephoric Force is definitely growing stronger and stronger, not only in numbers but in culture consciousness as well!
Tuesday, 9, December, 2014
It has been a crazy and rainy start of the week, but that doesn't mean it will dampen our spirits!
Tuesday, 2, December, 2014
Shoephoric love is in the air, and we mean it when we say every shoe gets the same amount of affection here!
Tuesday, 25, November, 2014
Variety is the spice of life, and if the #shoephoric community came in the form of a buffet, then we'd definitely be stuffed.
Tuesday, 18, November, 2014
#Shoephoric is not just a word, it's a lifestyle. It unites us all for the love of shoes.
Tuesday, 11, November, 2014
#Shoephoric via the FB group and IG is going stronger than a pack of bulls out on a rampage! Rapidly posting pair AFTER pair AFTER pair...
Monday, 3, November, 2014
Behind every shoe is a story. But this week, all our pairs tell one story... an event so epic and memorable!
Monday, 27, October, 2014
You are all crazy!! All 83 entries! It all started with a challenge and now we're here!
Tuesday, 20, October, 2014
Passion is not only measured in the pairs one acquires but how the individual rocks them.
Monday, 13, October, 2014
Creativity. Composition and Class. Every shot is a masterpiece for the history books!
Thursday, 9 October 2014
The #Shoephoric fever is spreading like wildfire! Week after week, you never fail to impress us with the best pairs!
Monday, 29, September 2013
We've got a whopping HUGE list for this week featuring heat as scorching as the sun!
Monday, September 15, 2014
Here are notable individuals who spread the love with their best pairs for the world to see for this week!
Monday, September 1, 2014
This week we've got killer photos ranging from music-inspired SB favorites to runners, to Jordans, to skatable goodies!
Tuesday, August 26, 2014
This week it's predominantly the runners leading the game, plus a couple of Jordan favorites and a SF inspired SB dunk!
Monday, August 18, 2014
Consistently amazing. All the #Shoephoric members never seem to run out of heat!
Monday, August 11, 2014
This week we have winners in the form of runners, SB's, Lebrons, classic Converse Joints and even LA Gear Hightops!
Monday, August 4, 2014
Every post is gold and the photos say it all, from hot samples to runners and Jordans and killer heels...
Monday, July 28, 2014
From classic J's, to 3 striped greats, foams to runners to SB's plus a spiky beauty and a painting inspired grail which made our eyes pop!
Monday, July 21, 2014
From customized goodies to exclusives and functional favorites... every pair is absolute eye candy!
Monday, July 14, 2014
From SB classics to Jordan Retros, to runners and even a classic hightop!
Monday, July 7, 2014
Variety is the name! This week, we really had a hard time choosing as all of your photos are awesome!
Monday, June 30, 2014
United colors of passion! Your #Shoephoric tagged photos are definitely on point!
June 23, 2014
From Jordans, SB's, Uptowns, to AM's and Flyknits... it's pretty refreshing to see such a wide variety!
Monday, June 16, 2014
From OG's to AM's, to runners, modern J's and the first SB X Jordan collab, the Shoephoric force is strong on this one!
Monday. June 9, 2014
Red Bottoms, runners, J's, a classic Futura piece and foams round out the list!
June 2, 2014, Monday
We've got a lot of heat for this batch like a radioactive kitchen!
May 26, 2014, Monday
From classic J's to SB's to Air Maxes, Lebrons and Lunars down to the Bruce Lee classics! Here are this week's #shoephorics.