Thursday, 11, April 2019
An epic shoe for an epic show!
Wednesday, 20, February 2019
Weird is good.
Thursday, 07, February 2019
Geeks and nerds unite!
Tuesday, 18, December 2018
Because dreams do take flight...
Tuesday, 16, October, 2018
A celebration of different cultures and pursuits in one social setting
Wednesday, 19, September, 2018
Workwear vibes and rugged aesthetics
Thursday, 13, September, 2018
A classic is making a comeback
Tuesday, 11, September, 2018
A tribute to the Planet Mars
Thursday, 04, July, 2018
Kanye West has always envisioned the YEEZY Boost to be widely available, and it seems to be coming true.
Tuesday, 24, April, 2018
Tyler, the Creator gets all mono on us with this new one!
Wednesday, 07, March, 2018
Creepers from RiRi with a noble cause. Nothing more punk rock than that!
Tuesday, 30, January 2018
The Converse One Star is a classic that spans generations. There's something about the Converse One Star that gives it a lasting and immortal appeal that can resonate with both your uncle and your IG-active younger brother.
Tuesday, 02, January 2018
Pure Stone Island bliss made for the rapper.
Tuesday, 11, July 2017
Tyler, the Creator fans rejoice!
Tuesday, 27, June 2017
Wild Thoughts goes with Rihanna’s final collection with Manolo Blahnik.
Monday, 26, June 2017
Another VLONE AF 1 hits the market... this time with straps!
Thursday, 10, May 2017
Another win for the streetwear icon and the skate shoe legend.
Friday, 31, March 2017
Tomorrow, hypebeasts and high end street art fanatics will be going crazy for the coveted KAWS x Jordan collaboration. Are you down?
Tuesday, 07, February 2017
Decked out in a strong black/orange colorway, this one pays tribute to Harlem's basketball legacy.
Friday, 06, January 2017
Here's a women's exclusive Binary Blue version that exudes toughness and functionality.
Tuesday, 3, January 2017
Finally, it's out of the box... The one to set off our 2017! The Shoephoric Book is now a Magazine and it's available globally via the App Store.
Tuesday, 20, December, 2016
Dubbed as the "Emoji" Forces, this pair has garnered both acclaim and hatred among streetwear fans.
Wednesday, 19, October 2016
This time Nike has something up for those youngsters who want to Trick or Treat in style.
Thursday, 15, September, 2016
All the way from '76, there weren't air bubbles yet or tech in these but they were built for a purpose... to win.
Thursday, 23, June, 2016
Good thing Jordan Brand always have their ears peeled. Enter the low version of the Air Jordan 9 in the Carolina colorway.
Tuesday, 16, February 2016
Our favourite shoe brands just released their latest collection and we’ve summed up the cream of the crop for you!
Friday, 22, January, 2016
This time, with more tech laced on them, Converse has one upped the One Stars via the Converse CONS One Star Pro.
Wednesday, 16 December, 2015
Last Saturday, was quite a trip. The Shoephoric crew drove all the way down south to witness the opening of the Archived Store.
Friday, 10, December, 2015
Last Sunday was smokin'! A breath of fresh air if you will from the usual sneaker event set up. Heat was everywhere!
Wednesday, 02 , December 2015
Proven time and time again that Baguio Shoephorics hold it down!
Thursday, 08, October, 2015
Whether you're into old school punk rock or hardcore or metal, you know that this is THE shoe.
Tuesday, 22, September 2015
Fresh from their Kushwacker and Epitome collabs come this nicely executed pair in the form of the Saucony Shadow 5000 "Wasabi"
Wednesday, 10, June 2015
Taking cues from our national gems which display strength of character and beauty. Every pair from the The Wayfairy Collection is made to make your fantasies come alive!
Friday, 5, June, 2015
A unique collab with Epitome for the Shadow 5000 silhouette, their Saucony Originals team up is quite a sight to behold.
Thursday, 28, May 2015
If you’re Shoephoric, we’re shoephoric! Congratulations to our winners!
Tuesday, 28, April 2015
Chunky clunky heels are taking over Pre Fall 2015. What do you think of the comeback?
Wednesday, 22, April 2015
The Gypsy Dream by One Town One Shoe is a culmination of creativity at its best laced with the desire to help others as its main foundation. Projects of this magnitude are bound for greatness, one that takes inspiration from its roots with the aim to give back at every available way it can.
Thursday, 19, March, 2015
If there is one rare pair that can unite both sneakerheads and rock fans and drive them nuts, it should be this pair. The Deftones Dunk High.
Tuesday, 9, December, 2014
The shape looks unique, the structure looks high end enough, but looks rugged enough to last a day of traversing the metro on foot. This shoe holds up as one of our best bets before the year ends.
Tuesday, 28, October, 2014
It all started with the love for shoes... and now we're a community! Last night was a blast here at the Shoephoric camp! Dubbed as 'All Soles Day', there wasn't a dull moment, the minute we've set up everything, guests came pouring in.
Monday, September 1, 2014
To commemorate their 40th year in the biz, Converse Japan is slated to drop the new incarnation of the iconic One Star shoe.
July 25, 2014
Tal de Guzman, the designer of Risqué and fellow Shoephoric, launches her biggest collection yet with GLORIFICADA!
May 9, 2014
Iloilo's Sneaker Summer Slam wishes to give their very own sneakerheads a taste of the sneaker/street culture.
April 24, 2014
If florals are your thing, then by all means go for these...
March 26, 2014
Iconic. Shape-wise, comfort-wise. Celebrated by sneakerheads worldwide. Today, we celebrate the 27th year of the Nike's top running sneaker "Air Max One".
March 5, 2014
One Town One Shoe is a long term project giving skilled individuals a chance to make a sustainable income and elevate their status as artists in their own right.
January 1, 2014
2013 was a blast! We had contests, giveaways, events and parties all for the love of shoes! Here are the highlights of our year.