Thursday, 09, May 2019
Dropping the same day with his new album.
Monday, 18, March 2019
Punk’s not dead with this wicked Converse collab!
Wednesday, 20, February 2019
Two legends are back at it again!
Friday, November 16, 2018
A nice deviation from the Skittles kind!
Wednesday, November 14, 2018
It’s all fresh and flowery for Tyler, The Creator
Thursday, 11, October, 2018
Hardcore goodness in a shoe
Wednesday, 19, September, 2018
Workwear vibes and rugged aesthetics
Thursday, 06, August, 2018
History in the making indeed
Thursday, 23, August, 2018
A combination of cuteness and grunge in one shoe
Monday, 14, May, 2018
As simple as the shoe is, it's of legendary proportions and a must if you are a fan of Virgil Abloh and OFF-WHITE.
Monday, 07, May 2018
Be shoephoric for life with pairs that never go out of style!
Tuesday, 1, May 2018
Don’t sleep on it! The much-awaited collab will drop soon.
Tuesday, 24, April, 2018
Tyler, the Creator gets all mono on us with this new one!
Monday, 9, April 2018
The much awaited pair by Virgil Abloh x Nike is finally here! Or is it?
Tuesday, 30, January 2018
The Converse One Star is a classic that spans generations. There's something about the Converse One Star that gives it a lasting and immortal appeal that can resonate with both your uncle and your IG-active younger brother.
Tuesday, 08, August, 2017
Reconstruct, the Dutch fashion collective has recently created headlines by reimagining the Chuck Taylor All Star low-top.
Tuesday, 11, July 2017
Tyler, the Creator fans rejoice!
Thursday, 06, July 2017
The classic basketball shoe has returned!
Tuesday, 13, June 2017
A double brand release for the G.O.A.T. himself
Friday, 09, June 2017
Converse and premiere Italian company Missoni have teamed up for these woven beauties.
Thursday, 10, May 2017
Another win for the streetwear icon and the skate shoe legend.
Wednesday, 08, February 2017
The classic Chuck Taylor gets the high end leather treatment.
Monday, 23, January 2017
If you want some punk rock kicks in your life, then the new Converse X Mastermind Japan collab is your best bet.
Monday, 02, January, 2017
Dropping January 3 release at Converse’s online store, this one is a must have if you're into the "New Year, New Shoes" mindset.
Wednesday, 09, November, 2016
When a shoe looks good in white with the proper icon placement, then it's a pure win.
Thursday, 15, September, 2016
All the way from '76, there weren't air bubbles yet or tech in these but they were built for a purpose... to win.
Tuesday, 12, July 2016
These shoes inspire us to be our most authentic self.
Friday, 26, February 2016
Celebrate the upcoming holiday with the Converse Easter Pack. Hop to it and take a closer look..
February 11, 2016
Fun kicks for the Valentines that won’t break your pockets or your heart!
Friday, 22, January, 2016
This time, with more tech laced on them, Converse has one upped the One Stars via the Converse CONS One Star Pro.
Thursday, 08, October, 2015
Whether you're into old school punk rock or hardcore or metal, you know that this is THE shoe.
Wednesday, 26, August, 2015
Fresh form their initial Andy Warhol collab last season. Converse once again is dropping another iconic Andy Warhol collab.
Monday, 27, July, 2015
The legendary Chuck Taylor, a staple on legends like the Ramones, Kurt Cobain from Nirvana and every punk on the street is getting an awesome upgrade!
Friday, 15, May, 2015
The new All Star release from Convese is not the Chuck Taylor but is definitely full of star potential!
October 7, 2014
Dance in the rain with the 'Rubber Chuck'
Friday, September 12, 2014
Who doesn't love The Simpsons? To celebrate their 25th year in the business, Converse has dropped The Simpsons collection.
Monday, September 1, 2014
To commemorate their 40th year in the biz, Converse Japan is slated to drop the new incarnation of the iconic One Star shoe.
Monday, July 7, 2014
Just when you thought Converse was all Chucks? Think again!
Friday, May 30, 2014
The Converse Weapon, originally just a Basketball shoe, is getting the skate treatment this year.
May 21, 2014
Surely a breath of fresh air from all the dunks and Jordans in your collection...