Tuesday, 14, May 2019
Eleven is a charm for our POTM!
Monday, 01, April 2019
Who shoots... posts... wins!
Tuesday, 17, April 2018
We’ve seen a lot and loved a lot of great pictures, but this one gave a story beyond the shoes.
Friday, 6, April 2018
The winning shot brings out the deconstructive beauty of the Off-White x Air Jordan 1. Congrats to our POTM!
Friday, 23, February 2018
Let's roll it out! Meet the first Pick Of The Month for this year!
Monday, 15, January 2018
Many come and go in the sneaker game. But there are those whose love for it is unwavering. Meet our Pick of The Month!
Monday, 11, December2017
Friday, 10, November 2017
Thursday, 12, October 2017
Basketball joints, particularly the Jordan 1s have been immortalized for its epic history and strong appeal.
Friday, 15, September 2017
Maximum visual impact succeeded! Meet our shoephoric Pick Of The Month
Wednesday, 9, August 2017
Monday, 17, June 2017
Wednesday, 14, June 2017
We hunt, we rock, we celebrate.
Monday, 22, May 2017
Pick of The Month (April 2017)
Tuesday, 18, April 2017
Wednesday, 15, March 2017
Our culture is what brings us together. We all support one another and cheer on those who truly live #shoephoric lifestyle. For February, props to our Pick of The Month for spreading the love!
Tuesday, 14, February 2017
Through all the amazing pictures we see in Shoephoric, these two shots stand out with style!
Thursday, 5, January 2017
These two pros hyped up our Shoephoric community with their limited edition kicks, both set on a highly picturesque scale.
Thursday, 22, December 2016
Everything from the choice of shoe, caption, down to the quality and the creativity of the shot reflects much about the wearer. That’s why we all admire those who choose to be no less than amazing.
Monday, 14, November 2016
Here is it, the first pictures to be part our next Shoephoric Book! Huge cheers to our Pick of The Month!
Thursday, 6, October 2016
Our feed is flooded with awesome pictures, with some gaining a lot of attention.. Meet our Pick of The Month!
Friday, 9, September 2016
Saving the best for last for Friday! Our POTM goes to a pair of clean shots that seem to come alive!
Wednesday, 24, August 2016
Beyond the amazing shoes, is the sheer passion to give our fellow shoe lovers a glimpse of what it means to be Shoephoric. High cheers to our two Featured Shoephorics!
Wednesday, 27, July 2016
Pick of The Month is carefully selected because there’s more to it than just an honorable mention... We have a surprise for you guys.
Friday, 10, June 2016
2 out of the hundreds, let’s give it up to our Pick of The Month for May!
Thursday, 12, May 2016
The votes are out and we have another set of winners to join our top 24 Shoephoric pictures of the year!
Thursday, 21, April 2016
With all the exciting things happenig we haven't forgotten our Pick of The Month! Due to your numerous submissions, we are catchingup so bear with us! High salutes to our elite ontly reps! You guys and gals will forever be in our hall of fame!
Tuesday, 8, March 2016
Shoetography brings out the best of what we love the most. Let’s give it up to the 2 shots that proudly represents our Shoephoric community!
Monday, 15, February 2016
Starting the year with a lot of LOVE! From our January Pick of the Week selection here’s the top 2 shots that perfectly represent our community.
Monday, 11, January 2016
#Shoephoric wouldn’t be as awesome without the amazing shots that you share with us. Known for their fierce shots, let’s give it up for our two winners!
Thursday, 03, December 2015
These ladies have epitomized the Shoephoric spirit for this month! Congratulations to our 2 winners!
Thursday, 5, November 2015
Sick shoe photos that inspire us to cop more and more! But yes, we need to pick one from the awesome lot!
Wednesday, 7, October 2015
With every batch of submissions, there is that one pair and photo that grabs us and make us go WOW!
Wednesday, 2, September 2015
"Sneaker Head" by Oscar Toledano. Our Pick of the Month for August!
Wednesday, 5, August 2015
Congratulations to Johnd Santos! You’ve turned your love for shoes to an awesome art form!
Tuesday, 30, June 2015
Standing out is definitely a sign of being Shoephoric! The colors, the concept, and of course the shoe! Your shot takes the cake!
Wednesday, 03, June 2015
Give your kicks a SNAP and be The Month's Official Shoephoric Pick!