Thursday, 27, December 2018
A serious shoe with a killer price and a fun concept!
Thursday, 20, December 2018
Dubbed as the almighty Infra-Bred! You down?
Thursday, December 13, 2018
A better look at a masterpiece
Friday, December 7, 2018
Ever wondered why? Here’s how the Concords got its grail status...
Monday, November 19, 2018
If there’s one hype Jordan 1 out there to cop, then this is it!
Monday, 29, October, 2018
Just in time for Halloween
Monday, 03, September, 2018
The newest Jordan 1... is not a basketball shoe!
Wednesday, 18, July, 2018
Justin Timberlake and Jordan brand seem to be on the same page once again
Monday, 18, June, 2018
Videogame freaks and Jordan fans will be happy to know that there's a special release in the form of the “Xbox” Air Jordan 1.
Monday, 07, May 2018
Be shoephoric for life with pairs that never go out of style!
Wednesday, 02, May, 2018
Still can't make up your mind? Then this may be the deal breaker!
Friday, 13, April 2018
It's no longer a rumour. Better mark your calendar for the holidays...
Thursday, 12, April 2018
Jordan Brand’s women’s Summer 2018 collection debuts their rendition of the Shattered Backboard, Top 3 and more..
Thursday, 12, April, 2018
OFF–WHITE is once again dropping a limited number of the much grailed Nike Air Jordan 1 “Chicago” collaboration via an Instagram raffle.
Tuesday, 10, April, 2018
Just in case the blue denim just isn't your cup of tea.
Wednesday, 21, March, 2018
Such a wild idea. It deserves to be mass produced! What do you think?
Wedenesday, 28, February, 2018
Craving for the all white masterpiece by Virgil Abloh? Find out where they will drop!
Tuesday, 27, February, 2018
Much to the surprise of the sneaker community, the Air Jordan 4 "Bred" Black Cement release has been moved for 2019 instead of this year. But yet, we choose to wait.
Tuesday, 13, February, 2018
One of Tinker Hatfield's finest moments in design, the shoe is a mid cut masterpiece that transcends time and tide.
Monday, 29, January, 2018
Do you think this will outdo the Chicagos or is it there just for the completists and shoe nerds?
Wednesday, 10, January, 2018
Taking the red, black and white colorway to a whole new level.
Wednesday, 03, January, 2018
History repeats itself once again with the return of a legendary pair.
Tuesday, 02, January 2018
Pure Stone Island bliss made for the rapper.
Thursday, 14, December 2017
Eminem Air Jordan 4's May Soon Drop Again
Monday, 4, December 2017
No one can deny Michael Jordan's legacy and we can't get over his kicks as well.
Tuesday, 21, November 2017
Virgil Abloh x Nike “The Ten
Monday, 13, November 2017
Air Jordan 1 "Rust Pink" a closer look.
Wednesday, 8, November 2017
Worthy of a queen, the Air Jordan 11 “Heiress
Thursday, 28, September, 2017
"If you're to put a twist on a classic, best do it right."
Wednesday, 16, August, 2017
The Jordan 1 Bred gets the Flyknit treatment!
Friday, 11, August, 2017
If you're into basketball memorabilia, then you'd freak out on these.
Friday, 04, August, 2017
If you can't decide which colorway to rock. then by all means indulge.
Monday, 31, July 2017
The Jordan 1 Chicago is dropping with an OFF-WHITE twist.
Monday, 10, July 2017
The proceeds from this one of a kind auction will go to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.
Friday, 16, June 2017
Are you this shoe crazy? This is definitely pushing the envelope.
Tuesday, 13, June 2017
A double brand release for the G.O.A.T. himself
Tuesday, 06, June 2017
One can never have enough Jordan 1's.
Wednesday, 24, May 2017
Skittles-flavored Jordans anyone?
Wednesday, 17, May 2017
The collab is a neat twist on on Michael Jordan’s iconic 1985 “Chicago
Friday, 31, March 2017
Tomorrow, hypebeasts and high end street art fanatics will be going crazy for the coveted KAWS x Jordan collaboration. Are you down?
Tuesday, 14, March 2017
Will you go Cookie Monster crazy this April 1 for a pair?
Friday, 10, March 2017
If you're a KAWS fan, then you're in for a treat.
Tuesday, 21, February 2017
Here's something to look forward to if you want your Royals with a lux twist.
Monday, 6, February 2017
Thinking of celebrating the month of romance with couple kicks? The Jordan brand will be releasing just the right pair for the special Shoephoric in your life.
Wednesday, 01, February 2017
The Jordan IV is a forever iconic sneaker, and that fact is only strengthened once more on the the Jordan IV "Royalty."
Tuesday, 24, January 2017
The Jordan Brands drops their CNY collection in U.S. this January 28.
Monday, 09, January 2017
Are you feeling these customs? We are! One for a prosperous year!
Tuesday, 13, December, 2016
Does it live up to the historic hype? We've got a closer look on these babies. MJ and Bugs Bunny would be proud!
Friday, 02, December, 2016
Dropping this December 10th in a full size run to select Jordan Brand stores at $220 USD, it's going to be total pandemonium for these.
Tuesday, 29, November, 2016
For us, this shoe is a celebration of the Jordan 1 as the ultimate culture unifier.
Thursday, 24, November, 2016
The Jordan 1 is timeless. What better way to celebrate its legacy with a shoe that carries the most iconic colorways.
Monday, 24, October 2016
Staying true to their tradition of greatness, Jordan Brand churns out the awesomeness by turning up the ante on the Jordan 4 Retro.
Monday, 17, October, 2016
This time, we've got a full look at the to be released classic.
Friday, 23, September 2016
Nike finally dropped the official images of Drake’s OVO x Air Jordan 12, does this mean they’ll be dropping soon?
Monday, 12, September, 2016
The ever iconic Jordan 4 will be released in another spin off and will cost you a pretty penny.
Tuesday, 06, September, 2016
The black and red classic, now in its remastered form, up close.
Monday, 5, September 2016
Fresh from the heels of the Banned Jordan Breds, the Air Jordan 12 Retro is back with a brand spanking new version - and it's waterproof!
Friday, 02, September, 2016
Rumored to be in sync with the 2016 Rio Olympics, this shoe celebrates winning and taking home the prize.
Friday, 02, September, 2016
The Air Jordan 1 "Bred" 2016 will be dropping tomorrow, September 3, 2016.
Monday, 29, August, 2016
True to the Pinnacle tradition, The Air Jordan 4 Premium "Obsidian" is finally getting a release date.
Friday, 26, August 2016
For luxury and comfort, the Shoe Surgeon crafted his version of the AJ 1 Banned by swapping the midsole with adidas Boost!
Tuesday, 16, August 2016
To honor the athletes and champions of the Olympics, the Jordan brand will be dropping the AJ V Gold Medal this weekend.
Tuesday, 9, August 2016
Train like the legend. The Jordan brand just launched the Breakfast Club Training Collection to honor MJ.
Thursday, 04, August, 2016
This a very historic pair that transcends generations. No matter what the trends are, this shoe will always be iconic in the eyes of basketball historians, musicians, skaters and every shoephoric out there.
Friday, 22, July 2016
The latest sneaker in Michael Jordan’s line is now here! Get a closer look of the Air Jordan 31 “Banned
Monday, 18, July 2016
Weighing over 100 pounds and true to the details of the original, this one is definitely for the books.
Tuesday, 05, July, 2016
We visited the 32 South Street Store in Chicago and there it was, the Chicago exclusive Air Jordan XX3 "Chi City" in the last size available. We had to cop.
Thursday, 23, June, 2016
Good thing Jordan Brand always have their ears peeled. Enter the low version of the Air Jordan 9 in the Carolina colorway.
Monday, 20, June 2016
Are you feeling this Barney vibed iteration of the 12's? We definitely can add a lil' purp to the mix!
Monday, 06 June 2016
From skateboarding to music, and of course basketball, from your oldschool uncle to your bandmate, the Jordan 1 Bred reigns supreme.
Monday, 30, May, 2016
It's definitely back to the 90's once again and we're feeling it!
Monday, 30, May, 2016
Who says luxury is expensive? Jordan Brand has released something nice and scaly in the form of the Air Jordan 1 High Nouveau.
Monday, 16, May 2016
Jordan Brand always feeds the retro hungry this time with a throwback to MJ's playing legacy.
Tuesday, 10, May, 2016
Referred to as the "Hot 100s" will either be exclusive to him or will be set as a limited edition release, time will tell.
Monday, 25, April, 2016
Truly, there is no shortage of releases for the Jordan Brand faithful as they release another banger in the form of the Air Jordan 10 LA "Los Angeles"
Tuesday, 19, April, 2016
This shoe is being heralded by some as one of the greatest performance shoes of its kind.
Monday, 11, April, 2016
Last weekend, the Air Jordan 17+ Retro has made a triumphant return since its release in 2002.
Monday, 11, April, 2016
Dropping April 30. Predicted to be priced at $160, you still have a few days shy of deciding if it's a go or a no.
Tuesday, 22, March 2016
This one sticks to total OG goodness with the Nike Air branding that is more faithful to the 90's version.
Friday, 11, March 2016
The much awaited Air Jordan 5 Retro Low makes its debut this March 12.
Friday, 04, March 2016
Another pair of Air Jordans? Yes! And this time it's as OG as OG can get.
Monday, 29, February, 2016
If you're into a dash of luxury when it comes to your sneakers, then here's a Jordan shoe to tickle your fancy.
Friday, 26, February, 2016
Black Friday will see the return of the Air Jordan 3 “True Blue
Friday, 19, February, 2016
There are those who are deep in the sneaker game- but this one requires deep pockets.
Wednesday, 17, February, 2016
Legends never die, and this shoe is legendary.
Monday, 15, January 2016
Fresh from the OG Chicago hightops, we are offered a new streamlined look. It's old with a new twist and definitely fresh!
Monday, 15, October, 2016
Sold Out? The good news is that you can still cop the collection by way of shirts, beanies and hoodies via titan22.com.
Monday, 18, January, 2016
The canvas uppers, the all black approach is bound to appeal more to Goth and Rock fans than the Bred addicted set.
Wednesday, 30, December, 2015
There's so much history and craziness surrounding this pair that it defied naysayers who say that Jordans are dead.
Monday, 21, December, 2015
Paying homage to the past to create a killer sneaker, this one stays faithful to the original, only this time applied onto a P-Rrod 9 silhouette.
Monday, 30, November, 2015
The Jordan Brand has just dropped one of its most iconic and nostalgia-infused releases in the form of the Air Jordan 8 Retro "Aqua"
Monday, 23, November 2015
The Air Jordan 1.5 hits retail shops with another spin off. Taking notes from the iconic shoe that Michael Jordan wore during his early NBA years, these shoes are worthy to the discerning eyes.
Monday, 28, September, 2015
Known as the ‘Referee’ XI's, this pair is definitely for those who want a stealth treatment in their Jordans.
Friday, 18, September, 2015
We've got an influx of Jordans lately and this time it's another spin on the Jordan 6 Low.
Thursday, 17, September, 2015
Running only at 240 pairs, this shoe was really a chore to get or even come by.
Monday, September 14, 2015
Just this weekend, a special release just dropped in the form of a lighter colored Jordan 1 Pinnacle.
Tuesday, 1, September, 2015
Customization has been a staple in the shoe game but to see this one is just amazing.
Thursday, 23, July, 2015
This time it's another killer remastered version in the form of the “Bordeaux
Monday, 6, July, 2015
An orange, black and orange retro masterpiece. The Shattered Backboard 1's is a refreshing retro treat in line with the breds and the blues laden Jordan affair.
Thursday, 19, June, 2015
If you appreciate craftsmanship and aesthetics on a shoe regardless of hype, then this pair ranks up there.
Monday, 15, June, 2015
Originally from the Air Jordan 3, the cement print is in stealth mode thanks to the mesh uppers which give the shoe a nice classy look to them.
Thursday, 11, June, 2015
You can leave the line but you will always fiend for at least one pair that the Jumpman comes up with.
Monday, 08, June 2015
Jordan heads should definitely be on the lookout for the latest version of the Air Jordan 13 Retro Low.
Monday, 01, June, 2015
Retro Jordans are on fire! The Nike Air Jordan 4 OG '89 "White Cement" is slated to get a retro as a part of the Jordan release roster for 2016.
Monday, 25, May, 2015
Fans refer to this shoe as 'An iconic pair' and who are we to argue?
Tuesday, 5, April, 2015
To celebrate the shoe's 30 year reign, the Jordan Brand celebrates it with a synthetic snakeskin with real 24K gold accents throughout.
Monday, 30, March, 2015
A favorite in any self respecting Jordan fan's closet. the Air Jordan 5 “White/Metallic
Thursday, 26, March, 2015
This shoe is a work of art that can be displayed in a glass case, but it can also be showcased outside in all its on feet glory! Your choice! These joints should be worn if you ask us!
Tuesday, 10, February, 2015
We can't all get enough of Jordans! The brand has quite a wallop of releases for the weekend.
January 22, 2015
Just the right pop of color to make them serious eye candy for our sneaker gals!
Monday, 5, January, 2014
What better way it is to start 2015 with a closer look at the recently released Ultimate Gift of Flight Pack from the Jordan Brand? Much coveted and highly collectible!
December 30, 2014
When it comes to the best kicks and heels for this year, we at Shoephoric have decided to create our own list! Be it for the hype or the inherent history and beauty of the shoe, we've assembled over the holidays to make this list! Enjoy!
Monday, 29, December, 2014
Dubbed as the "Legend Blues", these never fail to disappoint as they are an exact replica of the Columbias that sold way back in 1995.
Wednesday, 10, December, 2014
The geniuses over at NikeLab have unveiled something really awesome by way of the much awaited fragment design X Air Jordan 1 collaboration sneaker.
Thursday, 4, December, 2014
Hype or no hype, this shoe should be in your rotation if you're into Jordans, even if you're not, maybe this pair ought to get you started!
Tuesday, 26, November, 2014
The Air Jordan 6 Black Infrared is set to drop this Friday, November 28!
Friday, 14, November, 2014
Whatever line we may be into collecting and rocking now, we will always go back to Jordans. For 2014, we've had a lot of killer releases and the Air Jordan 13 is destined to have a spot in any self-respecting Jordan-Head's collection.
Thursday, October 2, 2014
Shoes and Cars... perfect combination right? Especially when it comes in the form of the Air Jordan 14.
Tuesday, Saptember 9, 2014
The Air Jordan 6 has been a favorite among retro-heads and the young at heart. From all the colorways and re colors, these remain as the best there is and the best there will be, crumbling soles or not.
Thursday, September 4, 2014
Sad news indeed that the Air Jordan 3 is being halted from production.Do you think the iconic shoe deserves the sudden stop?
Monday, August 11, 2014
These special “Drake VS Lil Wayne
Friday, August 1, 2014
Hot on the heels of the OG Jordan Spizike is another twist on the classic Jordan 6.
Wednesday, July 30, 2014
Will it sell out? Just by the news alone with no product in hand? Time will tell.
Friday, 25, August, 2014
Although less sought after compared to the other OG Jordan 1's, these remain as a staple in any self respecting Jordan head's collection.
Wednesday, July 23, 2014
The classic shoe has resurfaced once again with “Powder Blue
Friday, July 18, 2014
Soon to drop from Public School with New York-based designers Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osborne is a classy Air Jordan 1 collab.
Monday, June 30, 2014
This will bring you in a state of panic! Jordan fans might need to dig a bit deeper come Black Friday!
May 27, 2014, Tuesday
The Jordan 6 Carmines have always remained a staple favorite among Jordan fans worldwide.
May 27, 2014, Tuesday
Having the Concords and Breds before we all had a pair, he steps it up with this laser engraved Concord Lows done by Mark Smith.
May 21, 2014
Finally we're seeing some actual photos of these bad boys and they look really good!
May 19, 2014
Capitalizing on the 'Nightshade' colorway as the main base, he added a metallic blue snakeskin touch to the shoe, changed the color of the Jumpman logo with black midsoles. If this were released we would have lined up for a pair.
May 16, 2014
This pair is set to drop on May 24, 2014 so get your wallets ready!
May 12, 2014
Recognizable at once with the Jordan XI midsole, mixed with the woven uppers and the luxurious aglets can make even the most cynical of Jordan heads take a second look.
May 6, 2014
Probably, the most coveted release of the year, the Jordan 11 Concord Lows definitely are the shoes worth every hard earned peso spent.
April 29, 2014
Classics are classics and when Nike decides to make one with a more casual twist, we can't help but get ecstatic over the sight of them.
April 21, 2014
After the first Jordan 1 X Nike SB installment, here comes another one and they're looking really good!
Friday, March 21, 2014
The Air Jordan 3Lab5 has another addition to the family. This colorway goes for the ultimate blackout with some silver flourishes. Reminiscent of the previous 5s with the metallic treatment, this shoe is right up any lover of the 5's!
March 18, 2014
The weird bronze-green colorway, the hand scribbles on the heel portion of the shoe by skate legend Craig Stecyk, the "IMAGINE" tongue tag all contribute to this monster of a release.
March 5, 2014
The Nike Air Jordan 1 was nothing short of iconic within skate circles. The Bones Brigade were see on videos rocking the same shoes because of practicality. (Jordan 1's were practically found on clearance racks for very cheap) and they were infact very skate-able.