Jerry Shu
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Christian Paul Julian
Is streetwear synonymous with luxury? Why?
From my point of view i think streetwear and luxury are still 2 different things, but when you combine them it becomes a higher end of streetwear or highstreet.
Its like 2 diverse elements, but when combined, it becomes another new abstract concept.

For me as a Fashion Photographer who gets invited to such VIP or exclusive only invites pop-ups/events, I see different kinds of elements on how people dress up. I'm definitely here for the coalition of both streetwear and luxury because it makes people get into the higher end of fashion. Thus, i dont think the community, including me could generalize everything into streetwear and luxury, because there are other belts or areas of it too.

I just feel that high-street does help the fashion community of the youth/everyone to be more accessible to these things so there isnt a big bump into it.

Therefore i do think that both streetwear and luxury are not synonymous.
Andrew Baler
Would you sacrifice practicality sometimes for a lit fit?
Yeah, sometimes it's the most satisfying way to dress up rather than wearing hype brands and end up feeling uncomfortable with it. For me, looking lit or good doesn't necessarily mean you have to wear branded or expensive stuff- it's all about good taste and common sense.
Kiwi John Genesis
Why are you deep into this culture? What keeps you coming back?
For me, it's a purpose. I love shooting photos, and I love rockin' streetwear. I grew up in the streets, been with the street people and in my circle, thats the most convenient type of photography.

Its easy for me to work on my photos coz i’m surrounded by streetwear resellers and sneaker business men. As long as designers create fire pieces, streetwear photography will remain in my DNA.
David Matriano
Knowing that your love for sneaker has turned into your full time grind, what insights have you gained so far?
When your passion overflows for "that thing you do", the possibilities are endless.

My love for shoes and selling stuff finally paved the way for my freedom - doing what i want and expresssing myself.

It opened new doors of opportunities not just in the sneaker community but also the business world.

As we grow bigger on this field, we are able to help the sneaker community grow by opening windows for people who don't know how to start their sneaker journey and guide them as well.

We gained loyal customers who always ask us to hunt for sneakers that they love.
We are able to bridge sneaker collectors and other resellers to sell their extras to new groups of people who don't have access (or the time) to join sneaker groups and the marketplaces on Facebook.

We are able to create jobs for people who are already in the sneaker community and get paid for doing what they love.

Once your roots grow deep in this community, you begin to think of ideas on how to give back and help other people that will eventually help you back even when you don't ask for it.

The sneaker community is growing and you can either choose to stay unnoticed or step up and make a difference.
Jayson G. Baquilar
How would you define your style? Tell us how you pick your #SHOUTFIT
I have 5 words to define my style:

Simple, Minimal, Clean, Essential, Adaptable.

Most of the time, I wear plain tees mixed up with some sweats/cargo pants. With a hyped/solid pair of sneakers to match them with.

It's a must for us men to always look clean, to look presentable not just to attract women but also to boost our confidence and self esteem.

And as far as brands, Supreme and Nike has always been there by my side eversince to pump up my style.

Sneakers, has always been 'wear what you like' for me. Always just been into Nike too, never adidas. You feel me cuh?

In terms of influencers, i look up to ASAP Rocky, Luka Sabbat, Ian Connor and my friend @Jlnrdgz aka NuNi, for inspiration. Very clean, sometimes hard to pull off outfits but still, depends on who's wearing what and how you bring it. Hope this sums up everything!

How i choose my #shoutfit is based on the comfiness level, comfortability is king! Clean and keen! If you know what i mean?
Jenny King
Where is streetwear headed? Is it where it's supposed to be?
Streetwear is more popular today than ever. It's been a choice feature of fashion shows in New York, Paris & London....among other fashion capitals of the world.

It has been evolving continuously. I am into streetwear fashion myself.
Carlo Tisbe
What would you prefer? Unlimited clothing or unlimited sneakers? How does that relate to your #SHOUTFIT?
Sneakers have turned into this crucial fashion trend and craze.

Even luxury designer brands love sneakers now and choose to team up with the brands under that category.

Men are more willing to wear sneakers in bright colors that they won't dare wear when applied to clothing.

Some choose to wear them in formal settings. For me, unlimited kicks are more important because they really stick out even if you have a nice outfit and will also boost the ego. It's an extension of your personality and will be a part of who you are.
Ryan Ramirez
If there is a dream pair that you can own? What would it be and why?
For my Dream pair, it's definitely the Nike Air Yeezy 2 Red Octobers! I've been following Kanye West's fashion and street wear fits and creations since day 1 other than his music. To me, this is the dopest pair he's ever collaborated on and worn.

Some of my grails include the adidas Yeezy Turtle Dove, Nike Air Yeezy 2 NRG "Pure Platinum", Off White x Air Jordan 1 UNC, adidas x Bape NMD R1 and Off White x Nike Presto but having Red Octobers is a like a dream for every sneakerhead out there. And unquestionably, it's gonna be my holy grail.

It will never be released again since he's already with Adidas and Nike would never this re-release this model ever. Plus, the market price of this pair is out of this world!

Other than Kanye West, I'm also a huge fan of Vivian Frank. I've been checking his IG posts from time to time for his latest contributions to the street fashion trend. From his typical Bape, Yeezys, Jordans, Nikes and Supreme posts to some dope collaborations like the Supreme x Louis Vuitton, Adidas x Bape and Off White x Nikes.

This photo is very memorable for me, because I bought these Supreme x The North Face Arc Logo Mountain Parka Red jacket way back in 2019 before he(Vivian Frank) posted that he's rockin' the same jacket that I just got. Meaning, I got this dope jacket before he even posted it. This jacket is really dope, I've used it last winter here in NZ and it's pretty light, that's why I've used it for snowboarding too!

I kinda felt that he followed me(only this time) rather than me following him. LOL. Some people say that great minds think alike. I've also attached photos of our IG posts to show some similarities.
Unyx Sta. Ana
What is your vision for Unyx in the next few years? Is it possible to go global?
When we started Zapateria, we know that a part of our mission is to be able to nurture the new generation footwear makers and designers who put creative practices and innovative thinking in what they do.

Our foundation is deeply rooted in our city's heritage of shoemaking. We hope to be part of keeping the craft alive and be able to pass it on.

A lot of what we have done from the previous years was to connect with the various stakeholders of our community and collaborate on what we can possibly do together to make sure the young ones or those interested to jump into the world of footwear and be welcomed and supported as well by the industry.

We had that period of getting the word out there, developing a community of sharing.

Last December, we had the first ever gathering of creative catalysts with the support of different members of the local shoe industry exchanging ideas about the creative sector of the footwear industry and how its backbone has been ever supportive. It was made possible by our co-presenters, Marikina City Government and the Philippines Footwear Federation, Inc. (PFFI). This was one of the many community programs we have co-organized.

As we welcome 2020, we have realized more how fortunate we are having a thriving shoe industry that's strongly supported by different stakeholders.

We have the heritage, infrastructure, supply chain and great talents that strongly show how much of what we have can scale locally and internationally.

Now, we can see better that our vision as the country's first ever creative hub on footwear design and development is to partake to make our country a destination for shoemaking known for globally competitive design craft and workmanship.

It's definitely a bold statement but we're optimistic that it can guide us with our mission in fostering footwear-based creatives and most especially independent shoemakers of today and the future.

Aside from the need to fill in the industry talent gaps or requirements, we hope to see more mindful homegrown footwear brands and entrepreneurs succeeding in the market.

It's also important to to never forget the need to discover ourselves, be more creative and ingenious in how our shoemaking can stand out and defined here and abroad.

We started here but we can scale regionally and reach out via international partnerships.

It's all about collaboration and establishing strong ties with like-minded individuals or organizations who have kindred souls for footwear making and the enterprises as well.
Derrick Narciso
Why are you into shoes? What's so exciting about it?
"If I had been asked this question 25 years ago, I would've gladly and immediately said each sneaker I got brought me closer to my basketball heroes.

They literally made me feel like I had a tangible piece of their talent which (in my youthful mind) made me run faster and jump higher.

Nowadays, it's mostly for nostalgia. I mostly collect retro kicks I had or missed out on when I was younger. We were just an average income family back then, so it was really a very special moment whenever I would receive a pair of sneakers from my parents or grandparents.

My very first Jordans were the WC4's that came from my dear lola.

Since there were no proper Nike stores or athletic stores back then in the Philippines, my lola had to pull a lot to strings to get them from the United States.

I cherished those 4s. Everytime I lace them up, not only does it remind me of the time I discovered Michael Jordan but it also helps remind me of my lola's memory and our special bond.

These days it's no longer the new shiny hyperstrike teched-out collab sneaker that gets me hyped up. But more of being a witness to how much our community has grown globally and how much of a positive impact we're having on society as a whole. We are currently experiencing one of our worse bushfire season.

There were tons of devastation to lives, properties, animals and the environment. The local sneaker communities and personalities here in Australia did not waste any time at all raising funds and lending a helping hand to the cause. This is what gets me excited."
Above The Ankle
Can you share with us an experience that made you totally inspired on continuing Rabi's legacy and vision for ATA?
Rab always said, 'Small things turn into big pieces' He has always believed that there are no shortcuts to success.

'Baby steps' is his favorite thing to say.

Rabi and I has started ATA from scratch. He started ATA by making 1 pair of pants supposedly for his own only, to hundreds of pairs per design now being sold worldwide.

This will not be possible without our loyal supporters, friends, family and our creator.

Our supporters and the people who love us are the reason why we continue Rab's legacy and vision.

The ATA crew believes that he is still guiding us to strive to be the best local brand in the philippines even he's now ABOVE THE CLOUDS.
Reymar Causing
Any words for those starting out in the sneaker/streetwear game? Got words of wisdom to guide them?
Honestly, i don't think I'm the right person to answer these questions hahah. I don't have the largest or dopest sneakers & streetwear collection, but if I have an advice for the people who are new to the game is that 'buy and wear what you like' don't let the the hype or the community decide what you are going to wear because at the end of the day we have our own preferences, and know how to balance your collection. It's not all about the hype, you should have your everyday shoes- the sneakers you'll use till they tear apart, then your grails (the hype sneakers)

Well, the great thing about them is most of them appreciate their value as time goes by so you'll have a 'return of investment' if you decide to sell them or trade them.

Lastly for all of you who are starting in the game, 'rock them don't stock them.'
Rachelle Ruth C Capalungan
How would you define your #SHOUTFIT style? Your photos are always lit. Do you feel any pressure?
I would define my SHOUTFIT style by wearing what I'm most comfortable in.

I always have the motto:

"Comfort over style, but never forget style."

Your style will never stand out if you ain't comfortable or confident with what you are wearing.

Talking about pressure, I feel it because you have to always bring something new since a lot of people are into the streetwear and sneaker scene right now. I just always remind myself to stay updated on today's trends while remaining true to classic styles.
Alfred Shinobi
Is there that one elusive pair that has avoided you for the long time? Tell us about it.
That One Elusive pair:

The Air Force 1 Craig Sager is a tribute pair for the Legendary NBA courtside reporter Craig Sager.

With a loud and eye catching design and just 100 pairs of the pair made and auctioned off, I still can't find a pair in my size.
Jonas Adriel
How do you keep your episodes interesting? Do you think vlogging is essential to the scene? Why?
How do you keep your content interesting

-To be honest I'm not really sure if my episodes were interesting enough, because people want to be entertained. They were probably interesting to some but not for the masses.

Most of the time I do research, read complex blogs, and listening to podcasts about sneakers and streetwear.

I want my content to be different. I rarely do unboxing on my channel and I think that's what makes my channel interesting. I focus on practical topics that my viewers learn from. I want to share my knowledge about sneakers based on my experiences and my research.

Do you think vlogging is important and why?

- Definitely, Vlogging is a thing nowadays and its like the google for sneakerheads if they want know something about a certain sneaker. It's what people do, instead of going to google they will go to youtube search for Carlo Ople and Jacques Slade for unboxing Richie Le Complex News, Nicekicks for info and leaks, shoephoric for local news.

Educating and informing the people is important, and currently, vlogging and social media posting seem to be the appropriate forms of communication/media.

I can say that because of this digital platform it is much easier for us to know anything about the scene, we have thousands of vloggers here in the Philippines alone but we are all unique in a certain way.

Before, we use and you need to read a very long thread just to be updated and to check if your pair is legit but now it's just a click and a watch away.
Rusli Budiyanto
How do you celebrate a newly bought pair?
First, I observe every detail of my new pair up close and then take an "on feet" photo
Carlo Bunag
Care to share how you dress around your sneakers?
I pick my sneakers first and foremost before I decide what to wear. The choice of outfit highly depends on my mood for the day.

Some days when I feel empathic with nature, I'd go for my earth tones.

Sometimes, I'd go as loud as the music I play to get me hyped up.

For tougher days, this is when I take out the neons.

Some days, I go dark, some days I go bright.

The most important thing is that I don't make a chore out of it, I keep it quick and simple and go about my day.
Joshua Dionela
Drop your top 3 shoe brands and share why.
"1. Nike, especially Jordan brand is one on my top list. Owning a pair of Jordans feels like you're a part of the history. It also feels good to acquire Jordans especially if you worked hard for it.

2. New Balance has been my recent favorites, especially the 990 series. You don't usually see sneakers that boast of comfort and quality at the same time. New Balance stays in their lane and does what they do best. They let the sneakers speak for themselves.

3. Puma has been making big plays especially now that they've reentered the basketball arena.

Being a small player in the basketball market is quite a risk, but that's how they've achieved bigger rewards. They're not afraid to push and to try new things, and that what I like about them. "
Gavin Marcial
When it comes to content, how do you make it more engaging for your audience? Is it a challenge or you just treat it spontaneously?
I engage my audience and gain followers through my love for Sneakers and Streetwear, both have always been my passion. These are the best mediums to express myself through sense of style, which I believe goes for the most of us. Collecting shoes, dressing up and accessorizing are just a few of the things I love. It's definitely not a challenge, this keen interest draws engagement and brings us together.

Sharing one common interest which leads to meeting new people, building friendships and establishing brands. There's nothing more exciting than that!
Ryan Icatar
Is it a challenge to stay true to just one brand? Why? Doesn't it affect your video content?
In my earlier years of sneaker collecting, it was somewhat challenging because there were so many dope sneakers from different brands being released. I've practiced self-control and eventually, made it my first nature to just buy sneakers and apparels from Reebok. Also in a way, I took pride with the idea that people already associated me as someone who represents the brand (Disclaimer: I was never paid by the brand to do so) I just told myself, it's still better that I already have a sort of recall to others as 'the guy who wears Reeboks'.

Now about the content creation that I started doing late 2019, on the contrary it actually helped me out as I already have something to put out that I somehow already have a mastery of. Of course, now I'm in the process of learning stuff about other brands too. I won't let myself be tied with just one brand in terms of my content creation. I'm even thinking of moving away from making just sneaker-related content eventually just to widen my horizon.
Kim Yumol
How would you define street culture? Is it still underground?
"Street culture is where individuals who have passion in anything such as music, fashion, and art come together as a community and share and grow their interests with one another.

When I think of street culture, I think of how it allows people from different walks of life to expand what they know into something bigger. Like example, people who have love for sneakers become entrepreneurs themselves. I also see young artists expand their craft through street culture by mastering their skills on photography or even creating their own brand and style.

Times have changed. Street culture will keep on evolving when people start giving it their own touch. Just like any other culture, street culture is subjective. It's definitely not underground anymore and not concentrated on the same group of people."
What propelled you to advance your obsession from limited sneakers to gallery worthy art pieces?
In 2015, a good friend "Bigboy Cheng" (DJ, sneaker collector, gallerist and toy collector) introduced me to the "Bearbrick" one of the most insane subcultures I've entered in the world of art toys.

He also inspired me in appreciating Hajime Sorayama’s sexy robot. I was so amazed with the artist's craftsmanship. Then I began to collect some of his works, watch some of his solo exhibits and finally, meet the artist and his gallerist personally.

My obsession in art was inspired by family and friends. Being with people with similar tastes and interests propelled my interest from collecting sneakers to being involved in the art culture.
Joel Layno
Why streetwear? What draws you in it.
Why Streetwear?

- Because it suits my personality.

What drew me to it?

- In my teenage years, I was a part of a dance group, hence this period greatly influenced me to be into streetwear.

I was also into longboarding and sneakers which also contributed more to my streetwear passion."
Paolo Santos
@paolosantos_ @sole.series
Based on today's scene, sneaker businessmen are getting younger and younger. What drew you to it?
What drew me into the business aspect of the sneaker-game was simply the thought of enjoying income while doing something you love.

Acquiring a rare pair was the goal, letting it go with additional profit was just a bonus. It was never about the money, the money always came second. But obviously, it escalated way beyond that in every positive way you could think of.

Some people just see sneakers as one of their daily essentials and thats about it. But no, they are much more than a piece of rubber, plastic, and glue.

Sneakers are very similar to stocks, they are income earning assets that increase their value over time. The sneaker game is something you can turn into a business with multiple income streams. Its called the Sneaker GAME for a reason. You win some, you lose some. It all comes down to the amount of trust you are willing to invest to take the risk- Higher risk, higher reward. Like anything, it starts off as a hobby which leads to becoming your passion. Always try to turn your passion into your profession. Strive for excellence, success will follow. Lastly, if anyone wants to buy some pairs from me, you can go check out @sole.series on instagram.
Marcus Munsayac
Cite your most revered brands. Local and foreign.
Local: Goons
I love repping and supporting my friend's (Jed Oblenida) brand.

I see him as a role model and as an inspiration as well. The brand also speaks and stands for something which I truly respect. The aesthetics of every release they make is very unique as well. Goons is my favorite local brand.

Foreign: Fear Of God
What this brand speaks of is why I chose this as my favorite foreign brand.

The owner, Jerry Lorenzo, truly made a huge impact and is very much influential in the streetwear game. His "Essentials" clothing line is specifically the best.
Jio Sta.Maria
@jiostamaria TheChummiTV (YouTube)
Share us a crazy story from your shoephoric life.
A crazy story about my shoephoric life.

Before high school, I used to be one of those people that would constantly comment "sana all" on every sneaker picture posted on social media, but of course the phrase "sana all" didn't exist yet back then. I just really enjoyed how different sneakers looked on certain people - seeing them being worn by my classmates, celebrities, etc., hoping I could afford one for myself too.

Now that I'm in the position I'm in, sharing vlogs / sneaker fits through Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook platforms, I hope that I'm able to inspire people that used to be like me back then.

Here's letting people know that anything is possible if you continue doing what you love. In this case, doing productive things around sneakers.

Sneakers have also taught me to develop my interpersonal skills, it gained me a lot of business opportunities, and have given me friends along the way.

To me, sneakers is more than just a fashion statement, it's a lifestyle. And this is my shoephoric life.

Jio Sta.Maria
JohnD Santos
Everyone had to start somewhere. What pair set it all off?
I think the pair that set it all off for me was my New Balance 574 "Mojito."
Kristian Paulino
What's your take on keeping pieces and making profit out of them? How do they relate to shoe culture?
It has a relation about time. As an archivist, I study how the market moves based on hype, exclusivity, influence, history and such factors to determine what's going to matter in due time.

For example, Nike SB's and Jordan 1's from early 90's to 2000's are being retroed by Virgil Abloh and Kim Jones. Owning a piece could most probably lead to profitable investments especially now that these designers have great relevance in the culture.

It has to do with their legacy as creatives shape how we look into fashion.

As the trends always come and go, it's always going to be appreciated again in some other time. This creates a market for certain pieces. Now in the sneaker culture, sneakerheads would have the satisfaction to see again the memories they had with these pieces and would definitely cop again.