The Jordan 1 Pinnacle: A Closer Look
Thursday, 19, June, 2015

Before we get into it... we were so hyped on the shoe that we posted it up here http://shoephoric.com/news-509-24K-Gold-Lux-30-Years-of-Air-Jordan-1- just in case you want to know what the background of the shoe is. 

Now on to the details, you know the feeling when you purchase a shoe and remember the experience it is? Well, this release spells a 'shoephoric high' for all of us at the HQ. Upon opening the deluxe box and seeing how it was packaged with all the fancy stuff. (dustbag and commemorative card) The packaging alone spells quality all over them. Now onto the shoes...

Of course the classic shape is there. The ever iconic Jordan 1 here is given the deluxe twist. From the scaly black material that shows off sheen and luster with the right amount of light down to the gold plated lacelocks, waxed laces and the medallion parts, this one even goes to lengths of justifying the hefty price tag. 

The midsole and the bottoms are decked out in all white making it quite a chore to rock for daily use. We can imagine this shoe on a celebrity at a grand opening or an awards night. This demands attention even in black and screams baller status all over them. Definitely not for everyday use, leave that to your other sneakers. This one even deserves its own display case. 

Overall quality is 100 for this one. Yet, it's still too early if this shoe will stand its ground as a "Holy Grail" shoe for collectors. We will see, but if you appreciate craftsmanship and aesthetics on a shoe regardless of hype, then this pair ranks up there.