A Closer Look: The OFF-WHITE Nike Presto Set
Thursday, 06, September, 2018

Whenever there is an announced OFF-WHITE collab with Nike, we can’t help but feel extra giddy over it. The thrill to actually own it and that rush that they may be a chore to get! Luckily for the team, we get our mitts on most of the releases we’re after and we got these.


The first one off The Ten pack is getting tremendous wear and franky, we need some backups! What awesome backups these are.

Coming in still with the nice deconstructed appeal courtesy of Virgil Abloh, both black and white pairs have their individual charms. The white ones pay attention to the little details with the risk of getting dirt easy, or a customization option ala John Mayer.


The black ones get that stealth treatment for that extra rock concert vibe. Fit-wise, the Prestos will always possess that glove to foot fit that we personally love. Socks or no socks, folded pants or sagging, anything and everything looks good with these.

The appeal, the shape, the story and even the hype does this pair justice.

We have been rocking these everywhere and these are massive headturners. Proves to show that the best shoes need not rely on loud colors but the sly application to a bold and strong silhouette.

Design is an art learned and everytime Virgil Abloh drops something, school is in session. Overall, a set worth getting and rocking alternately for any occasion. Plus, they look like masterpieces on the shelf! Recommended!