The Nike Dunk SB Freddy Krueger X RG Skills Project
Thursday, 16, August, 2018

The Nike Dunk SB Freddy Krueger is a favorite here at the shoephoric camp. It's looks and story may be the stuff of legend and its appeal may be timeless but as soon as time catches up with any shoe, soles get brittle and slippery and we can't do anything about that... or can we? 

Enter our friend and fellow shoephoric member RG Skills, an esteemed shoe restoration guy. Definitely the name we had to trust for this endeavor. Here's the lowdown on how the project went.

First RG looked at the shoes and told us there's no way he can work with the midsoles anymore. The order was clear, we had to look for a donor sole. Good thing we found an Atom Dunk SB which had the same off white shade as the Kruegers. We believe they dropped around the same year, the bad thing was we had to wait for it to ship as the shoes came from the States. 

As soon as we got ahold of the donor soles, RG began his magic. Deconstructing the whole thing from the shoes to restitching it back. Boy, does he have skills. This isn't something you learn overnight as you learn from actual pairs you restore- RG definitely did his homework on this one. 

As you can see, the stitching and the way the shoes were glued is that of factory quality, the way he did it is beyond our explanation. He also cleaned the pair and gave it a sheen that only he can do to a shoe. 

Overall, the restoration exceeded our expectations and more. 

This shoe will be treasured and rocked for years to come. If you have a treasured pair that needs new life get in touch with RG here