The adidas YEEZY Desert Rat Super Moon Yellow
Thursday, 02, August 2018

Kanye West is never subtle, and so are the kicks under his name. Obnoxious and always fun, fans are in for a treat. 

Definitely not taking the slow road is the three stripes and Mr. Kanye West. This time taking a bolder move with a “Super Moon” colorway, the bright look brings out the details of the said shoe which was eclipsed from the previous blacked out colorway. 

This one pulls out all the stops. Loud in color, detail and overall orientation. What was downplayed from the first version is now highlighted and more. 

Looking very loud and stylish, the shoe is given a push that sends off a simple, yet stylish vibe. Fat and chunky much like the shoes of the early 2000’s we are given an awesome throwback of a shoe that gives off that high fashion/skate vibe. If we were to pick between the first one and this offering, we’d gladly pick this up in a heartbeat. 

If you happen to be tired of all the thin sneakers in the market and would want something loud and classy with a nod to the 90’s then this would be it!

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