The Gucci Rhyton Gets Right On the Retro Train
Thursday, 05, July, 2018

Gucci has become a household name in the world of streetwear. From rappers, to skaters down to the hip, trendy and hyped. It encompasses and covers everyone.

As Gucci unveils their Cruise 2018 collection, The Gucci Rhyton Leather sneaker makes another debut. The retro Gucci logo branding featured on the side also gives it more character, making it look more classic. Its chunky design exhibits homage to “dad sneakers” that are becoming a trend nowadays, especially with luxury brands such as Balenciaga and Chanel. Deviating from the typical white colorway, Gucci releases the vintage-inspired sneaker in ivory white.

The shoe’s upper sports an athletic design, and although it appears to be bulky, its cushioning on the sock liner and tongue maintains comfort. Contrary to other generally released pairs, no glue marks can be spotted on the sneaker as the leather parts are carefully stitched together, as if to guarantee that you will be getting your money’s worth. It also features a Gucci logo tag on the tongue, a debossed branding on its heel counter, sole, and another one hidden away in its removable leather insole.

Wearing the shoe also gives you a little boost in height at about half an inch. You don’t even have to worry about wearing down the shoe as Gucci also features the same silhouette in a distressed look, so it’s almost as if you got two designs in one pair! Being priced at $820, the shoe genuinely accents superior quality that makes its price worth it.

The verdict: Go for it. The chunk train is in trend so should you!

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