The Dior Homme Runner is a Chunky New Contender
Thursday, 21, June 2018

The chunky sneaker trend is not showing signs of slowing down in any way. It has become a category of its own and fans have come to accept it with open arms... and feet that is!

Giving the Triple S and, of course, the Yeezy Boost 700 Wave Runner a very healthy competion to step up, the Dior Homme Runner in blue and black is such a beauty. It’s stealth-like and subtle without leaving out the wonderful details. The uppers are black and blue with just the perfect amount of white to add depth.

That perfect pearly white color then extends to the star of the show... the shockingly chunky midsole. The shiny “Dior Homme” badge is masterfull placed on the side of the shoe for added flair.

We are totally lost for words when it comes to sneakers we love and can we dare say this is an instant fave? It really keeps us hyped that our favorite lux brands are entering the street arena that will give the other brands a run for their money. Serious competition indeed.

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