Why the Saucony GRID 9000 X Yo Hood X 3NITY Collab is 3 Times The Fun
Thursday, 31, May, 2018

In this current wave of sneaker after sneaker, collab after collab, there is always a reason to get jaded and tired of the whole thing. Be it the oversaturation of the same old thing again and again or it just might be your outlook. here at the shoephoric camp, we refuse and we choose to get excited over the new stuff and teamups that seem to challenge and add to the charm of this subculture. 

As we were looking at the Saucony website, we were surprised to find this gem listed casually along with the other offerings. Only, this one stands our on its own. Looking unique with its colorblocking, we went ahead and got them... 

They arrived and we were amazed. We've come to learn that it is a three way collaboration with Saucony Originals, Yo Hood- a streetwear event in China, and 3NITY, a streetwear store/retailer in China as well. Fair enough, these aren't as hyped as the other Saucony collabs but these are straight fire. Dubbed as the "Gentle Revolution" the chosen shoe for this one is the GRID 9000 which boasts of a certain chunkiness and presence without overdoing it. It's fat but not super heavy fat, it's just enough chunk on the barbecue. 

The color white dominates it with some fine leather material going on. While the main star of the show is the wool material they chose for the gray parts. it then adds excitement to the black sections with pinstripes leading to the purple details that bears the shoe's namesake. It's an intricate looking pair without the bells and whistles, it's rockable anytime anywhere because of the neutral color choices but with enough details to keep it interesting and yes, cop worthy. 

Want a better look? Check out our on-feet video at youtube.com/shoephoric.

This shoe is still available at www.saucony.com.ph and you best check out the other releases as well. 

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