shoephoric Sneaker Maintenance Tips in Six
Tuesday, 29, May 2018

Sneakers, shoes and kicks- whatever we call them are true pieces of investment. They define your persona and add a little more bounce to your step. With that being said, they should be taken care of and kept pristine just in case you want to flip them in the future or keep them on display. Whatever your reasons are, here are some top shoephoric tips to keep your shoes clean.


1. Clean them strictly after every use.

We can’t stress that out enough. After each wear, we encourage thorough cleaning. There are so many products out there like Clyde, JasonMarkk, Sherkz and Rem’s to name a few. It only takes a few minutes of your time, as your shoes did a great job of carrying you around for hours- return the favor and spot clean with love! Dirt and grime may ruin a nice shoe so don’t let that happen!


2. Kill The Funky Smell

No one wants a smelly pair even if it’s the most limited shoe out there. Place a dyer sheet in each shoe, sleep through it and by the next day, the stink is gone. Sneaker balls also do the trick if you want to really spend for them.


3. Keep Them Sexy and In Shape

Shoe Trees or the traditional crumpled

newspaper or magazine pages will do the trick. They may not remove the creases dramatically but they will maintain the shape and the overall persona of your shoe. No one wants a sloppy looking pair. This trick will keep the shoe display and OOTD worthy.


4. Clean Those Laces

Avoid those annoying in-betweener stains in your shoelaces by washing them regularly. These things accumulate dirt over time and it ain’t a good look when you have a clean pair only to be ruined with dirty shoelaces. Go 100 or don’t do it at all.


5. Maintain Those Midsoles

Magic Erasers are readily available and they are damn effective for dirty midsoles. Rub a dub and keep those ugly stains at bay.


6. Watch The Jean Lay

Those selvedge indigo jeans from Japan may look nice but best watch out by placing masking tape in the inner lining of your pants to avoid the ugliest denim stains known to man. It may be a hassle at first but denim stains on shoes are almost impossible to remove. Better safe than sorry.

So there you go, six of the best tips we can give based on experience. Do share with us too if you got more to add!

By the way, have you seen the latest Be True Collection by Nike? They are ill!