Top 10 Dad Sneakers: The Good, The Bad, The Chunky
Tuesday, 22, May 2018

The Spice Girls, your uncle, your dad, your fresh from Saudi relative, they are the individuals we often saw with fat orthopedic shoes back in the day... who would even think of this category as the next big thing?

The rise of the ugly sneaker is here and is bigger than ever. When they first made their debut in the fashion scene, many were shocked to see the Britney Spears-like shoes to be on the European runway and on the feet on the most influential style icons. But if you take a step back, these massive shoes were inevitable.

New trends are the opposite of what’s present. Meaning, what’s the counterpart of the long trending minimalistic white knitted-fit trainers? Ugly fat sneakers of course!

Some are embracing the chunky trend, while others are a bit hesitant. But whatever side you’re on right now, this news will work for you. We’ve talked about the history of the thick soled sneakers in yesterday’s article, now we’ll give you our top 10 chunky sneakers.


10. Gucci Rhyton

Named and inspired from the prehistoric “Rhyton”, a ceremonial drinking vessel usually in the shape of a horn or an animal’s head. Fancy as it sounds, Gucci’s latest pair is an Italian made deluxe dad sneaker.  It boasts a smooth yet thick silhouette made of premium leather and ultrafine stitching. To highlight its luxury status, they come in varied bold prints of the brand’s logo or colors. It’s by far the classiest chunky sneaker we’ve seen.


9. Dior Homme B22

Also an Italian made dad sneaker, the B22 is a unique fusion of tailored craftsmanship and sports tech. On a detailed look, its multilayered upper is a mix of welded leather and breathable mesh knit. A number of celebrities such as A$AP Rocky, Big Sean, and Bella Hadid took a liking to this Dior sneaker. Well, who wouldn’t? It’s one stylish sneaker.


8. Nike M2K Tekno

The latest iteration of the Air Monarch IV, Nike’s best selling sneaker in 2013. M2K Tekno checks everything on what an iconic dad sneaker should be. It has the heavy built, thick sock liner, massive white soles, and the bluntly sport themed construction. Best part is this dad sneaker also comes in women specific sizing.


7. adidas Originals YEEZY 500 

AKA the Desert Rat, the Kanye West creation gives a distinctively different look compared to its fellow top 10 chunky sneakers. Another added plus is that its subdue colors make it an easy pair to style with. Comfort wise, everyone was a bit wary knowing it didn’t feature the expected BOOST tech. Instead, it was replaced with adiPRENE outsole. If you haven’t tried them, don’t worry. Wearability was also given top priority in designing this YEEZY. Its signature voluptuous outsoles were matched with orthopedic insoles for optimum comfort.


6. Raf Simons X adidas Ozweego

Designer Raf Simons would be the godfather of the “ugly is the new beautiful” concept. His adidas Ozweego collab would be the first chunky sneaker to kick-start this trend. It wasn’t an instant hit though, but he did get the ball rolling. Now there’s version II & III of the Ozweego.


5. Vetements x Reebok Genetically Modified Pumps

Nothing encapsulates the ugly sneaker trend better than this collab pair. This monstrous sneaker looks like it came from the set of Mad Max. It takes on the pre-distressed trend and pumps up (literally and figuratively) the big sole look. You’ll make a shoephoric statement with 0 effort.   


4. Balenciaga Triple S

The Raf Simons X adidas Ozweego may be the first chunky sneakers to make headlines, but it was Balenciaga’s Triple S that catapulted the trend. If you’re looking for a 2017-18 iconic dad sneaker, this would be it.


3. Skechers D'Lites

Skechers are the OG in massive soled kicks. They began their signature design in early 90’s and received their worldwide fame with Britney Spears. But fast forward to today, the D'Lites are now a must-have pair in streetwear. They’re said to be the design inspo of the Balenciaga Triple S. With a pocket friendly price of USD 65, a solid history and perfected construction of comfortable lightweight chunky sneakers, the D’Lites make a top ranking pair for us and for a lot of people.  


2. FILA Disruptor II

Another classic that we all love. On a personal note, every time we rock the Disruptor, we get held up with onlookers giving compliments or asking where we copped them. More often than we wear our other dad sneakers. Since its first drop in 1998, the saw-tooth soled FILA has been an instant fave among sneakerheads. Its legacy continues with new colorways including a dust pink Disruptor II and collaboration releases such as the FILA X Patta Disruptor Low.


1. adidas Yeezy BOOST 700

Finally, our number 1 dad sneaker is another Kanye West design. Dubbed as the “Wave Runner”, the shoe was first launched last August 2017 for USD 300 and as expected as sold out in a flash. But let’s disregard its hype and let us walk you through on why the Yeezy 700 is our number 1 chunky sneaker.

The Yeezy 700 featured a sleek modern sole that blends seamlessly with its bullet-like construction. Its detailed colors aren’t overwhelming. It’s a fresh take on the nostalgic runners back in the 90’s. Trendy yet unique, this gives the shoe a foolproof advantage to go with anything you wear.

We road test our Yeezy 700 and it does live up as a runner. The enclosed BOOST are magnified with its extra thick soles. It’s flexible with a more compact feel compared to the Yeezy 350. All in all, we name the Yeezy BOOST 700 the King of Chunk.

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