6 shoephoric Ways to Manage Your Sneaker Budget
Friday, 18, May 2018

We all wish for a roomful of heat sneakers if only our bank accounts would allow it. We've got like 4 or 5 versions of the same shoe and we want more. But money is an issue and we all have responsibilities to tend to, this is how to manage your sneaker addiction without going for broke!


1. Stick By Your Favorites

Are they runners? Are they SB's? Are they Luxe sneakers? Whatever they are, you should make them a priority so as to avoid being swayed by too many stuff on the side. Knowing what your favorite sneakers are gives you the proper point of view in making sure you only get what you want.



2. Shop Out Of Season

So they say this shoe and that is out this season because of some mainstream reason? That's when you cop! They say YEEZY's are on their way out and prices are beginning to drop? That's when you cop. When it's on the way up again, you already have your kit prepared for them to drool on.



3. Stop Being Too Trendy

Ask yourself if you are going to rock the same shoe in six month time. Will they go together with the clothes you wear? Do they actually look good on feet or is it just today's flavor of the month? Being in style is not a bad thing, but following everything to the point of bankruptcy will never do you good.


4. Don't Get Carried Away by Sale Prices

Just because it says LOW means it's a GO. There's a reason why they are that cheap. Don't fall for it. Buying 5 pairs for the price of 2 is cool, only if they are still relevant now.


5. Know Yourself

Stop being a sneaker chameleon. Buy what you love, buy what you need. If you know what makes your heart skip a beat, then by all means indulge.



6. Stay true to your Shoe Size Range

It's not a good look to see oversized shoes and lotus feet. Stay true to your range and stick by it, believe us, you will save a lot.

One thing's for sure about this labor of love, it ain't stopping. Last Manila Sneaker Expo was lit to the roof. Here's a video coverage so you'll see what you missed out on!


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