Shoephoric Top 6 Must Own Kicks In Your Rotation
Monday, 07, May 2018

Nowadays, sneakers are becoming more and more expensive and it pays to cop the best ones out there, and yes contrary to popular belief, you can do that without giving up an arm, a leg or kidney. Here’s a simple list to get you help you out... Some may be a bit steep but it's worth it, we promise. Eternal style is yours! 

1. The adidas Superstar

Photo: Sneakernews 

You can never go wrong with this pair. Rocked by everyone who’s got the coolness factor, from rappers, to celebrities, this pair is a definite must have.

2. The Nike Cortez

Photo: Kicks Links 

From the shape, to its feel down to its streetwise cred. Heralded as Compton’s very own, you can call it your very own as well with Kendrick Lamar and N.W.A. as your co-signees.

3. The Air Jordan 1

Photo: City Blue Shop

If you had to cop one Air Jordan 1, then get the ones in the Black/Red colorway. For a shoe that is dubbed as Michael Jordan’s first, that says a lot.
The fact that the OG’s haven’t crumbled to this day says a lot about it’s durability, not to mention its eternal style and looks.

4. The Converse Chuck Taylor

Photo: Huh

From punks to wallstreet cats, to your fave Hollywood A-Listers, the chucks never go out of style. Rock them with anything and it’s a wrap!

5. The Puma Clyde

Photo: The Idle Man 

The ultimate B-Boy Dancer favorite because of its sleek and easy to wear orientation, the Puma Clyde is one cat to battle them all. Get them in any colorway and you’re sure to look at your best without breaking the bank.

6. The Vans Old Skool 

Photo: Sneaker District 

Totally iconic with that sexy stripe on the side, coupled with waffle soles and canvas and suede uppers, how can you go wrong with a pair? 

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We are sure there are many more pairs that are ultimate essentials but these are from the top of the dome. How about you? What are your favorite pairs that you can recommend? Feel free to share!