Monday, 30, April, 2018

Photo: Complex / Eric Koston

Sneakers. Ah, the word is enough to get us hyped and all. For sure we’ve got our romantic memories with our prized possessions- yet it’s not all bells and whistles in sneaker land. We’ve bravely compiled stuff that we know and we don’t like because we are just like you.

1. Creasing

Ah, nothing beats the look of pristine grails but upon the first minute of wearing, you notice wrinkles and creasing. Don’t get us wrong, we love creasing on the leather but it’s the out of place creases that look weird and in turn ruin the looks of a newly broken in pair.

2. Sole Separation

So, you’ve finally copped a favorite from years ago and decide on rocking them. Then suddenly the glue gives out and you have a nice opening in your shoe. Minor, but still annoying especially for a top tier shoe.


3. Midsole Crumbling

Ah, the persistence of time catching up with your fave sneaker. What was a masterpiece is now powdered and crumbled. Don’t stock them for too long especially the air bubbled kind and the runners too.

4. Taking L’s -

You did all that you could and still ended up empty handed. No fun at all especially if the next option is getting them for higher prices.

Photo: theshoegame.com 

5. The Limited Run

Sometimes we just can’t tell. How limited? How come your friend has 7 pairs of them and you can’t get one to rock. Maybe it’s luck or your friend did his homework. Better luck next time!

We’re sure there’s a lot more but these came from top of the dome. Make sure you comment what your sneaker pet peeves are. After all it’s a love / hate relationship yet we choose to stay for the love!

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