A Modern Take on a Classic: The FILA Disruptor
Thursday, 26, April, 2018

The 90’s is such an awesome era for urban fashion that we just can’t get enough of it. The extra baggy clothes, bulky shoes and all that contribute to the whole vibe. Even rap music contributed greatly to the memories of that period.

Imagine how hyped we were when we found a pair of FILA Disruptors in this cool pink colorway. The shape, make and build of this shoe is a treat already, but the pink colorway brings it up notches higher.

The sawtooth midsoles, the chunky orientation, the fine materials all caught our attention. As old school as these are, it feels like it will level with the Raf Simons and the Triple S Balenciagas with little effort. Looking very imposing and loud for the right reasons, the FILA Disruptors take home the cake easily as one of the pairs to watch out for in more exciting colorways.

It’s pairs like this that challenge the norm which add color to the scene so they should never be counted out whether they are today’s flavor of the month or not.

Another classic with a new take is the dynamic duo of Medicom and Nike SB. Check out the collection here!