Nike Air Max 270
Tuesday, 27, March, 2018

In shoe collecting, there are pairs that demand the glass case status. Those that deserved to be marveled at by a crowd at an event. These are pairs that are treated as works of art.

There are pairs too that call for daily wear. Utilitarian in nature, they demand the scars, bumps and bruises of the urban jungle. They call out for adventure, stories and memories.

The 2 descriptions fit the Nike Air Max 270 perfectly. It’s the perfect shape and orientation giving you more bang for your buck. The star of the show here is the giant air bubble unit which aesthetically delivers the goods but like a pretty or handsome partner who can’t carry on a sensible conversation, this one does not rely on looks alone.

The perfect package. The comfort levels are turned up all the way to 100. The fit is sock like with a heavenly bounce to cushion all the pushin'. The hype is real on these. Recommended. 


The perfect partnership between the Air Max 93 and 180, the slip on construction and the breathable mesh make up for a shoe that calls for daily wear. No, this doesn’t need a glass case yet it’s an amazing sight even for the most skeptical of sneakerheads out there.