The Air Binay: The Shoe With a Heart
Wednesday, 31, January 2018

"Dude, what are those?"

Have you ever heard of sneakers released by a Public Official? Maybe the concept is pretty hard to grasp but there is one that actually exists. One that challenges the norm and is bound for the history books in the local scene.

We lovingly dub these as the Air Binays. 

Said to be issued for the Makati residents as a form of Binay's humble way of giving back, this sneaker comes in white and blue with enough detailing to rival those new hype releases... to sweeten the deal it even comes in its own dustbag for added limited edition effect.

When photos of this shoe leaked in social media, we just had to hunt down for one and boy, was it a task. Knowing us, we were bound to track a deadstock pair one way or another. 

A Makati resident exclusive, the shoe is predominantly white with blue accents along with a Makati City stamp logo on the shoe's lateral side. Simple, yet effective.

The midsoles aren't exactly Yeezy Boost material but they sure are comfy and rockable for Physical Education activities and daily walks. Overall, a shoe that serves its purpose. 

Definitely a one-of-a-kind release that has its heart under its sleeve, this shoe knows no boundaries. It's a collectible sneaker and a pair that sets standards. They may be ridiculed by some but for the most part, this pair serves its purpose as "The People's Shoe."

Hype or heart? The public knows what's up. Let's leave it at that.

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