A Closer Look: Air Jordan 11 "Space Jam"
Tuesday, 13, December, 2016

When a pair of sneakers define a magical time in your life when cartoons were king and you were finding a hero to supply you with the inspiration you need, then you go out of your way to get a pair. Not only for stunting it online but simply because it's like a time capsule for you. A portion of your youth uncovered. 

May we skip on the history on this pair as everyone knows what these are. The Space Jam XI's are back! This time featuring neat packaging with some Looney Tunes styled artwork going on in the box. When they've put so much effort in the packaging, the shoes must be that damn good... and we were right! 

Fresh from the box, we are treated to a whole patent leather party. This pair is a neat throwback and a reminder why we got caught up in this whole sneaker shebang. Of course we cannot post visuals of how they smelled, but it's a part of the experience. Everything that made up this sneaker is present. 

The blue Jumpman icon is perfect as it reminds us of what it felt to see these again. It may have ben released years ago, but as with all Jordans, we are bound to see another version sooner or later. Considering that these came by this Christmas season makes the campout much sweeter. 

The icey blue outsoles just catch your attention, the materials used, the cuts and the integrity of a classic is all there. Thee sight of it makes us giddy, similar to how we reacted to the movie way back. 

Dubbed as a "Remastered" release, one of the best features of this release is the number "45" on the heel. Jordan's comeback number. Talk about a major comeback. If you haven't gotten the chance to own one, then by all means make this that one pair for Christmas. It's a must have pair and we know you want them. Bugs Bunny and MJ would be proud.