A Closer Look: The Jordan 1 "Top 3"
Tuesday, 29, November, 2016

Jordan 1's are basically the main foundation of the sneaker game as we know it. They're the ones who started everything. It's shape, cut and simplicity has resonated with practically everyone. Your uncle who caught the Jordan bug in the 80's, your older brother, your basketball-crazed neighbor and even Dave Mustaine of metal legends Megadeth. It may be the colors that made them icons or it's the shoe that brought Michael Jordan to legendary status. Whatever it is, it changed the face of sneakers, street culture and basketball forever. 

So what do we have here? A combination of the three most iconic 1's ever made: The Breds, the Royals, and the Chicagos. You may see more than the three upon first glance, but it's the aforementioned 3 that have the most historic weight and significance. As loud as and obnoxious as they look, it's high time that they created something like this to crown off any self respecting Jordan 1 collector's shrine. 

Material-wise, we are given better than usual material for the leather. Let's just say it's better than the 2013 Breds and Royals that came out but pale in comparison with the Shattered Backboards and the recently remastered Breds. It's totally an opinion based thing. But in our opinion, it's pretty decent and we can give it a pass. 

The colors are a hodge podge of colorways that it's pretty much a challenge on how the wearer can pull it off. Let's just say it's for the adventurous, the four sets of laces provide the wearer with numerous options on how to call this pair his own. Mismatched? Definitely. Too loud? We beg to differ as we've seen more sneakers that have "loud" stamped on it. 

Released yesterday, it caused some chaos and drama online and some campouts as well. Some fans may easily dismiss it as "clown shoes" but beauty is in the eye of the beholder. For us, it's a celebration of the Jordan 1 as the ultimate culture unifier. Regardless of creed, color, race or gender, this shoe has brought us together in so many ways through the years. Be it fashion or music, or sports, this one takes the cake as one of those pairs that will forever resonate with the old and the young generation, blur divisions and turn it into a cultural milkshake. 

Still at an affordable pricepoint from the secondary market, we suggest you to get a pair. If you can't have all the three colorways, this may be a practical choice.