Six Reasons Why Sneakers Won’t Go Out of Style
Friday, 07, September, 2018

They've called it out as a passing phase. Critics have dissed it time and time again. Some even go to lengths to call it "teenage shoes." Well, times have changed and sneakers will always be a staple in one's wardrobe. What the naysayers spill don't and won't matter- whether it be basketball, skate or the tried and true casuals. Let us break it down why sneakers will always be the king of the shoe kingdom!

They are comfortable

Who would want sore feet at the end of the day? They feel so damn good on feet. Some even feel like clouds and add you some dose of energy to go about your hectic day whether for work or play.

They match perfectly with anything

You won't even have to overthink it. Get a shirt, your ratty pair of jeans and just rock it. Those especially in black with midsoles will match anything you got on and that's an awesome thing!


Fits any age group

Whether you're a youngster or young at heart, no one will judge you for rocking a cool pair. It's just the way it is!


They are easy to maintain

As long as you keep them clean with the right products, sneakers will last a long time especially the ones with solid rubber soles.


Unlimited styles to choose from

Designers will always churn out new products, retroes will come back over and over again, so rest assured- you will never run out of dream pairs to rock for your next ensemble!


They are iconic in pop culture.

From movies, to sports, to music, sneaker relevance will never be off the radar. Just take a look at the IG feeds of celebrities, athletes and musicians- they will always be a part of modern culture and entertainment. We rule the world!

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