Top Six SHOUTFIT Essentials
Friday, 27, July, 2018


Fashion is life, especially those that involve the most fly of outfits. Immortalizing them through photos is serious business, that's what inspired us to come up with SHOUTFIT. It's more than just for show, it's a part of a shoephoric's routine! 

Ever wonder what our criteria is when we choose our weekly SHOUTFIT winners? Read on and find out. Maybe you could be featured along with our next batch! 

The Combination

Would you wanna be caught dead in clashing patterns? Check if your top would match your bottoms, as well as your shoes. It’s good to be loud and different, but there’s some extent to it. Make sure your pieces work well together so we can possibly feature you on our next article!

The Brands

Just because you’re wearing branded items from your head to your toes doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a good fit. Try to mix and match, regardless of the brands, and see where your fits take you. Don’t wear Nike tops with your adidas shoes just for the clout if it really doesn’t work well together. If it does though, then go for it. And don’t worry, unbranded is okay too!

The Aesthetics

Try to find a good place that matches your fit, or simply any place that would look decent when photographed! Some might even bring out the best in your fit.

The Quality

It’s definitely a plus if your photos are of good quality! We prefer to feature those that are not grainy (unless it’s film, and that’s how it would really come off as), with preferably good lighting, and a nice edit. We wouldn’t wanna feature those that have the painting effect on it, right?

The Editing

Be careful not to overdo your editing. You wouldn’t want an overexposed photo for your fit, would you? Sometimes, the best photos are the balanced ones that are saturated just right.

Of Course, The Shoes

Whether it be Vans, Converse, or some Louis Vuitton Jaspers, we feature those pairs that look good and go well with the whole ensemble. Your shoes are highlighted best with a good fit.

There you have it, the 6 shoutfit essentials we consider when featuring fits. We’ll hopefully have you in our next shoutfit article!

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