The Skechers Resurgence
Tuesday, 26, June, 2018

Love it or not, Skechers have always been a debate of acquired taste. Laughed at and scoffed upon by the tough guys, they are now fast getting a resurgence, a ressurection if you will by way of the D' Lites.

They first hit the market in 2007 and was a lightweight take on the Skechers’ Energy and Premium sneakers.They remain popular in China and Korea with top Korean boy band EXO as the main ambassadors.

The D'Lites can be categorized shape-wise as obnoxious, loud and very taste-driven, a challenge for the most conservative types and a joy to those who want more spunk and attention to their wardrobe. Question it but respect their hustle. Who knew sneakerheads would give them a second glance?

To this day, Skechers remain as the third largest athletic shoe brand in the U.S. with earnings of up to $4.16 billion last year.

To say that the D'Lites are up there in bringing the chunky sneaker out in the open is arguable but one thing is true... Skechers have done a lot of wrong moves in the past by using famed shoe models from other brands which drew a lot of flack. This may be the start of the brand getting its name out there without being ridiculed.

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Source: Highsnobiety